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24.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces shoot, injure Palestinian teacher in Issawiya"
24.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel detains top Waqf officials in East Jerusalem raids"
24.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel releases top Waqf officials, bans them from Al-Aqsa"
23.2.19 Haaretz Amos Harel, "The Palestinian Authority Is in Meltdown – and Israel Won't Escape Unscathed "
21.2.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "A Violent Gang of Young Settlers Haunts a Palestinian Village"
21.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "30 Palestinian students suffocate by Israeli tear-gas in Hebron"
20.2.19 New York Times Reuters, "Palestinian President Rejects Tax Money From Israel"
19.2.19 Guardian Oliver Holmes, "Palestinians patrol Hebron after Israel ejects observer mission"
19.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel confiscates 4000-square-meters of tiles in Nablus"
18.2.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Gazans Aren’t Abandoning Their Children at the Border; They’re Earning a Living"
17.2.19 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Hamas Boots PA Officials From Gaza Crossing, Accuses Them of Collaborating With Israel"
17.2.19 New York Times AP, "Israel to Withhold $138 Million in Palestinian Funds"
16.2.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israel Won't Let Gazan Visit Stroke-victim Father in West Bank. The Reason? He Isn't Sick Enough"
15.2.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Abbas Suspends Salaries, Allowances to Over 5,000 Gazans"
15.2.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Reminder: Israel Is Still Holding a Palestinian Lawmaker as Political Prisoner Indefinitely"
15.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinians injured as Israeli settlers attack West Bank village"
14.2.19 New York Times AP, "Arab Leaders Play Down Palestinian Issue in Leaked Video"
11.2.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "First Israel Suffocates Gazans, Then We Say We're Worried About Their Fate"
9.2.19 Haaretz Shai Simpson-Baikie, "Netherlands Recognizes Gaza, West Bank as Official Birthplaces for Palestinians"
9.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli undercover forces detain Palestinian from inside al-Bireh mosque"
9.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli ministers sign petition to settle 2 million Jews in West Bank"
8.2.19 Haaretz Osnat Nir , "Wiped Off the Map: Railway Plan Skips Arab Towns, Leaves 180,000 Without Transport Solution"
7.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "US blocks UN Security Council's statement on Israel ending TIPH"
6.2.19 Haaretz Haaretz, "Why Israel Is About to Boycott a Nobel-winning Human Rights Group"
6.2.19 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Gaza Health System on Verge of Collapse, Israeli Defense Officials Warn Ministers"
6.2.19 Haaretz Haaretz, Reuters, "U.S. to Purchase Israel's Iron Dome Missile Defense, Citing 'Immediate Need'"
6.2.19 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Jack Khoury, Almog Ben Zikri, "Israel Shells Hamas Target in Response to Gaza Projectile"
6.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel bans members of Fatah's Revolutionary Council entry to West Bank"
6.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers set up new mobile caravans in Jenin"
5.2.19 New York Times Catie Edmondson, "Senate Passes Bill That Rebukes Trump and Opposes Israel Boycott"
3.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "CAF rejects tender for Jerusalem's railway as it traverses '67 border"
3.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "EU: 'Israeli decision to expel TIPH risks deterioration of situation'"
1.2.19 Haaretz Reuters, "U.S. Ends Aid to West Bank, Gaza at Palestinian Authority's Request"
1.2.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Palestinian Teen Hiking With Friends Was Killed in Israeli Army Ambush. He Posed No Danger"
30.1.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Suspends New Social Security Law"
30.1.19 Haaretz Judy Maltz, "Amnesty Slams Travel Firms: Profiting From Israeli War Crimes in West Bank Settlements "
30.1.19 New York Times Reuters, "Palestinians Say Israel Removing Witnesses by Ejecting Hebron Monitors"
29.1.19 Guardian Ben Beaumont-Thomas, "British cultural figures urge BBC to boycott Eurovision in Israel"
29.1.19 Haaretz Anwar Mhajne, "Surveillance, Political Threats, Daily Discrimination: What It’s Like to Be a Palestinian Citizen in Israel "
29.1.19 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "Palestinian Government Resigns, With No Clear Replacement"
29.1.19 New York Times AP, "Palestinians Ask UN to Deploy Observer Force in West Bank"
28.1.19 Haaretz Noa Landau, Yotam Berger, "Israel to Expel International Monitoring Force in Hebron After 20-year Presence"
28.1.19 New York Times AP, "Hamas Says Egypt Will Reopen Gaza Crossing for 3 Days"
27.1.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "In Land of Illegal Outposts and Hate Crimes, Another Palestinian Life Claimed"
27.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers kill Palestinian father, injure 30 others near Ramallah"
27.1.19 New York Times AP, "UN Envoy Condemns Settler Violence After Palestinian Killed"
26.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli police shoot, kill Palestinian in Jerusalem"
25.1.19 New York Times Reuters, "Qatar to Pay Aid Into Gaza, With Hamas Approval"
25.1.19 New York Times AP, "Israel Warns Ireland Over Bill Boycotting Settlement Goods"
24.1.19 Guardian Oliver Holmes, "Israeli teenager charged with manslaughter in stoning of Palestinian car"
23.1.19 Guardian Harriet Sherwood, "Protest closes Israel's 'apartheid road' through West Bank"
23.1.19 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, Yaniv Kubovich, Amos Harel, "Gaza Escalation: Israel Strikes Hamas Targets in Strip, Withholds Qatari Cash"
22.1.19 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, "Israel Won't Allow Qatari Money Into Gaza After Tuesday's Border Escalation, Political Source Says"
22.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinian shot, killed by Israeli forces at Huwwara checkpoint"
22.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Erekat: 'PA informed US to stop sending security aid'"
22.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Italy donates €1.5 million to UNRWA"
22.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "OCHA: Over 250 Palestinians killed, 23,000 injured in Gaza protests"
22.1.19 New York Times AP, "US Aid Cuts Hit Palestinians, Further Dimming Hope for Peace"
19.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Report: Israel killed at least 45 Palestinian children in Gaza"
18.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "USAID to end all Palestinian projects on Jan. 31st"
15.1.19 New York Times AP, "Palestinians Protest, Strike Over New Social Security Law"
11.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinians, Israelis segregated by 'Apartheid Road'"
11.1.19 New York Times AP, "Gaza Officials Say Woman Killed by Israeli Fire at Protest"
11.1.19 New York Times Reuters, "Israeli Gunfire Kills Gaza Woman During Border Protests"
10.1.19 New York Times AP, "Israelis, Palestinians Segregated on New West Bank Highway"
9.1.19 New York Times AP, "Palestinian Authority Cuts Off Hamas Lawmakers' Salaries"
8.1.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "How Israel Usurps Palestinian Land in Calculated Stages"
8.1.19 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israeli Housing Project in West Bank Would Surround Bethlehem With Settlements "
8.1.19 New York Times Reuters, "Egypt Limits Gaza Passage After Palestinian Authority Quits Border Crossing"
7.1.19 Guardian Avi Shlaim, "Ten years after the first war on Gaza, Israel still plans endless brute force"
6.1.19 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Yotam Berger, "Israel Arrests Five Jewish Minors Over Murder of Palestinian Woman"
6.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers attack Palestinian vehicles in Nablus"
4.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli court sentences Palestinian teen to 11 years of prison"