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2.12.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Israeli Army Bars Hundreds From Entering Hebron for Human Rights Tour"
1.12.22 Haaretz Amos Harel, "Netanyahu Exploits Hebron Incident to Tame 'Unruly' Defense Establishment"
30.11.22 Haaretz Nati Yefet, "16-year-old Bedouin Succumbs to Wounds After Being Shot by Police on Election Day"
30.11.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Israeli Court Orders Palestinian Who Filmed Soldier Threatening Activists Away From Home"
29.11.22 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Jack Khoury, "Fourth Palestinian Killed in Clashes With Israeli Army in 24 Hours, Health Ministry Reports"
29.11.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Witnesses Weren’t Questioned, Cases Were Closed: A Year After the Attack, Palestinian Villagers Still Seek Justice"
23.11.22 Haaretz Michael Hauser Tov, "Netanyahu Agrees to Hand Far-right Ally Smotrich Control Over Israel's Administration of the West Bank"
30.11.22 The Guardian Chris McGreal, "Biden urged to threaten Israel weapons halt over far-right concerns"
28.11.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "198 organizations call on ICC to investigate Israeli crimes against Palestinians"
27.11.22 New York Times Raja Abdulrahim, "Amid Israeli Blockade on Gaza, a Fishing Fleet Limps Along"
25.11.22 Haaretz Yael Freidson, "‘Expel the Arabs’: Cars Torched in Arab Towns Near Jerusalem"
25.11.22 Haaretz Michael Hauser Tov, Josh Breiner, "Far-right Lawmaker Itamar Ben-Gvir to Be Named Israel’s ‘National Security Minister’"
24.11.22 Haaretz Haaretz, "Yuval Noah Harari: Israelis Support ‘Three-classes Solution’ to Palestinian Conflict"
24.11.22 New York Times Nick Cumming-Bruce, "Meet the World's New Human Rights Crisis Manager. He Has a Lot to Do."
23.11.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Hagar Shezaf, "16-year-old Palestinian Killed by Israeli Gunfire in Nablus, Health Ministry Says"
23.11.22 The Guardian Bethan McKernan, "Teenager dies and 22 injured in twin rush-hour blasts in Jerusalem"
22.11.22 Haaretz Akiva Eldar, "Good Riddance to the High Court Masking Israel's Moral Decay"
22.11.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Hebron Palestinians 'Never Seen Anything Like' Weekend Violence From Jewish Worshippers"
21.11.22 Haaretz Noa Shpigel, "Israel Must Deal With Human Rights Orgs as an Existential Threat, Netanyahu Ally Says"
21.11.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Man, 17, Killed, Four Wounded in Clashes During Israeli Army Raid in Jenin, Palestinians Say"
20.11.22 Haaretz Yael Freidson, "East Jerusalem Palestinian Families Set to Be Evicted From Homes"
20.11.22 Haaretz Editorial, "Jewish Rioting in Hebron Is Only a Preview"
19.11.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, Jack Khoury, "Palestinian Girl, 17, Wounded in Stone-hurling, IDF Says Soldier Attacked as Thousands of Jews Descend on Hebron"
18.11.22 Haaretz Amos Harel, "From Lions' Den to Lone Wolves: Israel Thought It Had Quelled West Bank Violence. It Was Wrong"
18.11.22 Haaretz Amos Schocken, "The Right’s Goal: Eliminating Israel’s Basic Law on Human Dignity and Liberty"
18.11.22 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "There's Only One Way to Describe This Settler Attack: A Pogrom"
18.11.22 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Two Bystanders Killed, a Dubious 'Bomb Factory': Evidence Casts Doubt on Israeli Account of Nablus Raid"
17.11.22 The Guardian Staff and agencies, "Gaza: at least 21 people die as fire breaks out at party in residential block"
15.11.22 Haaretz Victor Kattan, "Thanks to Putin, the World Is Suddenly Interested in Israel's Occupation"
15.11.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovich, "Three Israelis Killed in West Bank Attack, Palestinian Assailant Shot Dead"
15.11.22 The Guardian Chris McGreal, "Israel will not cooperate with FBI inquiry into killing of Palestinian American journalist"
15.11.22 The Guardian AP, "Palestinian man kills two Israelis in West Bank settlement"
14.11.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Hagar Shezaf, "15-year-old Palestinian Girl Killed by IDF Gunfire Near Ramallah"
14.11.22 Haaretz Josh Breiner, "Israeli Soldier Kills Civilian After Suspecting He Was a Terrorist"
13.11.22 Haaretz Nati Yefet, "Bedouin Kids Are Kept From School for Months. Nobody Is Taking Responsibility"
13.11.22 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, "New Government’s Agenda Puts Israel on Collision Course With the International Court of Justice"
13.11.22 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "Relocation? Threats to Abandon Israel Only Come From One Side of the Political Map"
13.11.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "Settlers hurl stones at Palestinian vehicles near Bethlehem"
12.11.22 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "A Young Palestinian Set a Tire on Fire During a Protest. Israeli Snipers Shot Him Dead"
12.11.22 The Guardian Bethan McKernan, Quique Kierszenbaum, "Hebron’s Jewish settlers take heart from far-right polls surge in Israel"
11.11.22 Haaretz Haaretz, "‘A Business Venture’: Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Has a Plan to Expel Arabs"
11.11.22 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, "UN Votes to Ask International Court's Opinion on 'Legal Status of Israel Occupation'"
11.11.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "UNGA’s Fourth Committee adopts four resolutions in favor of Palestinian"
8.11.22 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israeli Army Commander Approves Right-wing MKs to Attend Election Victory Celebration Near Nablus"
7.11.22 The Guardian Bethan McKernan, "‘I applied for radiotherapy nine times and got no reply’: living with cancer in Gaza"
6.11.22 Haaretz Haaretz, "Hamas Arrests Two Gaza Residents Who Fired Rockets Towards Israel"
5.11.22 New York Times Patrick Kingsley, "Far Right’s Rise in Israel Driven by Anxiety and Fear"
4.11.22 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Israeli Troops Shoot, Wound, Kill and Delay Medical Care for Casualties"
4.11.22 New York Times Patrick Kingsley, Hiba Yazbek, Raja Abdulrahim, "As Israel’s Far Right Nears Power, Palestinians Feel a Pang of Fear"
3.11.22 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israel Lifts All Movement Restrictions on Nablus, Opens Entrances to the City After Three Week Closure"
3.11.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Israeli Army Declares Palestinian Activist's Home Military Zone After Complaints of Settler Attacks"
3.11.22 The Guardian Yara Hawari, "For Palestinians, Netanyahu’s victory is merely a changing of the prison guards"
31.10.22 Haaretz Ben Samuels, "In Rare Move, NGO Asks ICC to Probe Israeli Military Prosecutor for Alleged War Crimes"
28.10.22 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "A 12-year-old Boy Goes Out to Sell Water at an Intersection, and Is Shot Dead"
27.10.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Four 'Lion's Den' Leaders Surrender to Palestinian Authority in Nablus"
27.10.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Guns Instead of Shopping: Israel's Siege Has Turned Nablus Into a Ghost Town"
26.10.22 Haaretz Nati Yefet, "Israel Decided to Recognize Three Bedouin Villages, and Now It Stands in the Way"
26.10.22 The Guardian Patrick Kingsley, "‘You’re Suffocating Us’: Israeli Blockade in West Bank Angers Palestinians"
25.10.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovich, Fadi Amun, Reuters, "Israeli Army Destroys Lion's Den's Bomb Factory in Nablus, Five Palestinians Killed in Shootout"
25.10.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Masked Men Throw Stones at Palestinians, Burn Cars as Israeli Soldiers Stand By"
25.10.22 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "Deadly Israeli Raid Targets New Palestinian Militia"
25.10.22 The Guardian Reuters, AP, "Multiple Palestinians Killed by Israeli Forces in West Bank Raid"
23.10.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovich, "Israel Blamed for Killing Member of Palestinian 'Lion's Den' Militant Group"
22.10.22 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Bloodstains and Destruction at This Palestinian Home Tell the Whole Story"
22.10.22 The Guardian Raja Abdulrahim, "Resisting Israeli Efforts to Displace Them, Palestinians Move Into Caves"
21.10.22 Haaretz Yael Freidson, Yaniv Kubovich, "Israeli Settlers Beat 70-year-old Activist, Threaten to Kill Her"
21.10.22 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Settlers Commit 100 Crimes Against West Bank Palestinians in Last 10 Days"
20.10.22 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israeli Military Hosts Conference in a Palestinian Village – Forcing Its Residents to Leave"
20.10.22 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, "UN Envoy in West Bank Calls for Updated List of Companies Doing Business With Settlements"
18.10.22 New York Times Myra Noveck, Yan Zhuang, "Australia Reverses Recognition of West Jerusalem as Israel's Capital"
16.10.22 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israel Denies Entry Permits for Families of Palestinian ‘Lion’s Den’ Members"
16.10.22 Haaretz AP, "Palestinian Dies From Israeli Gunshot During West Bank Clash"
15.10.22 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "A Palestinian Boy Went Out With Friends. An Israeli Soldier Shot Him in the Head"
14.10.22 Haaretz Ofer Aderet, "‘Place the Material in the Wells’: Docs Point to Israeli Army’s 1948 Biological Warfare"
14.10.22 Haaretz Deiaa Haj Yahia, "'Siege on Shoafat' Has United East Jerusalem in Protest"
14.10.22 New York Times Patrick Kingsley, "Unrest Grows in West Bank in Deadliest Year Since 2015"
14.10.22 The Guardian Raja Shehadeh, "Israel keeps building settlements and Palestinians keep dying. Peace is impossible this way"
13.10.22 Haaretz Josh Breiner, "Israel Braces for Jerusalem Riots to Spread, With All Eyes on Temple Mount"
13.10.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Israel's Closure of Nablus Severely Disrupts Palestinian Residents' Lives"
13.10.22 Haaretz Reuters, "Palestinian Rivals Hamas and Fatah Agree to Hold Elections After Negotiations in Algeria"
13.10.22 The Guardian Bethan McKernan, "Israeli forces use live fire in clashes with Palestinian protesters in Jerusalem"
12.10.22 Haaretz Yael Freidson, "Life in the Palestinian Shoafat Refugee Camp Stopped After Saturday's Shooting"
12.10.22 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Jack Khoury, "Nablus' 'Lion’s Den' Has Become a Major Headache for Israel and the Palestinian Authority"
12.10.22 Haaretz Editorial, "The Settlers March, and Soldiers Die"
9.10.22 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "A Deadly Shooting at an Israeli Checkpoint Sets Jerusalem on Edge"
7.10.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Hagar Shezaf, "14-year-old Among Two Palestinian Teens Killed Within Hours of Each Other by IDF Fire in West Bank"
7.10.22 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Out Shopping, a Palestinian Social Worker Turns Into a 'Terrorist' and Is Killed by Israeli Troops"
4.10.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "Settlers go on a rampage in the northern West Bank, attacking schools and commuters, and closing roads"
29.9.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "After being chased by Israeli soldiers: Ryan, seven years old, dies of fear"
28.9.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Josh Breiner, Yaniv Kubovich, Ben Samuels, "Four Killed, 44 Wounded in Israeli Army West Bank Raid, Palestinians Report"
28.9.22 Haaretz Ben Samuels, "Israel to Open Border Crossing for 24/7 Access in Pilot Program Amid U.S. Pressure"
28.9.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "Four killed, 44 injured, many critical, in an Israeli army raid on Jenin refugee camp"
28.9.22 The Guardian Bethan McKernan, Quique Kierszenbaum, "‘Every day is worse than the one before’: a Palestinian community fights for survival"
24.9.22 Haaretz Ayelett Shani, "'I Don't See a Hunger Strike as a Choice. The Occupation Forced It on Them.'"
23.9.22 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "'You Accuse Us of Being Terrorists. What Do You Expect of Us, When You Come to the Village to Kill?'"
23.9.22 New York Times Shawan Jabarin, "We Document Human Rights Violations. Israel Wants to Silence Us."
22.9.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Israeli Border Police Fire Gas Grenades at a Palestinian Neighborhood for No Apparent Reason, Video Shows"
21.9.22 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Dozens of Soldiers Entered Palestinian Village in Middle of the Night for ‘Selichot Tour’"
21.9.22 The Guardian Bethan McKernan, Sufian Taha, "‘It’s going to explode’: young Palestinians look to the gun amid Israeli offensive"
20.9.22 Haaretz Amos Harel, "Israel Could Be One Attack Away From a Palestinian Intifada"
20.9.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "One Dead, Seven Wounded in Clashes Between Palestinians in Nablus"
16.9.22 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Two Palestinian Boys, Two Eyes Lost to Israeli Army Gunfire"
15.9.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovich, "17-year-old Killed in Clash With Israeli Army in West Bank, Palestinians Say"
15.9.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Guns and Bats on Palestinian Land: Video of W. Bank Brawl Seems to Contradict Israeli Claim"
14.9.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "2022 Already the Deadliest Year for West Bank Palestinians in 7 Years"
14.9.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "A Palestinian Defended Himself Against a Settler Attack, His Family Says. He Was Arrested and Remains Detained"
14.9.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovich, "Israeli Military Officer, Two Palestinians Killed in Clash at West Bank Checkpoint"
14.9.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Palestinian Kids Miss School After Israel Halts Army Escort to Protect Them From Settlers"
14.9.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "Israel has detained over 135,000 Palestinians since Oslo Accords: Advocacy group"
12.9.22 Haaretz Sheren Falah Saab, "Israeli Forces Arrest Chairman of Jenin's Freedom Theatre"
11.9.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Hagar Shezaf, "Second Palestinian Dies From House-demolition Gunfight"
11.9.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "Palestinian youth succumbs to gunshot wounds after Israeli raid in Jenin"
10.9.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "Israeli forces attack Palestinians in occupied Nablus, injure 37"
9.9.22 Haaretz Adam Raz, "Why Israel Secretly Decided to Erase the Green Line"
8.9.22 Haaretz Ofer Aderet, "'Israel's Most Planned War': Historical Mossad File Details Lebanon Policy"
7.9.22 Haaretz Reuters, Jack Khoury, "21-year-old Palestinian Killed by Israeli Forces During Clashes in the West Bank"
7.9.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Israel Loosens West Bank Travel Restrictions Following International Pressure"
7.9.22 New York Times Serge Schmemann, "Israel Can Do More to Prevent Civilian Casualties"
7.9.22 The Guardian Chris McGreal, "US senator rejects Israeli army report on killing of Palestinian American reporter"
6.9.22 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Four Reasons Why Israel Can Even Get Away With This Killing"
6.9.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Fadi Amun, "Palestinian Killed While Live-streaming on TikTok Clashes With Israeli Army Over West Bank Demolition"
6.9.22 Haaretz Ben Samuels, "U.S. to Ask Israel to Reexamine Rules of Engagement in West Bank After Abu Akleh Report"
5.9.22 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Jack Khoury, Ben Samuels, "Israeli Military Admits 'Highly Probable' Soldier Mistakenly Killed Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh"
4.9.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Israel to Require West Bank Visitors to Declare Romantic Relationships With Palestinians"
4.9.22 The Guardian Agencies, "Hamas authorities in Gaza execute five Palestinians"
3.9.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "290 organizations call on US President to stop Israeli government’s attacks on Palestinian civil society"
2.9.22 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "This Palestinian Teen Was Shot Twice, Cuffed and Detained by Israeli Troops – Then Released"
1.9.22 Haaretz Jonathan Shamir, "Human Rights Group Blames Israel for Boy’s Death After He Was Unable to Exit Gaza"
1.9.22 Haaretz B. Michael, "Jewish Knives, Arab Knives"
1.9.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "IOF kill two Palestinians in Nablus & Ramallah"
31.8.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "One Thousand Palestinian Security Prisoners to Join Hunger Strike Over Worsening Conditions, Prisoners' Club Says"
30.8.22 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Families of Palestinian Activists Denied Health Rights Based on Information From Shin Bet"
30.8.22 New York Times Nico Grant, "Google Employee Who Played Key Role in Protest of Contract With Israel Quits"
30.8.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "25 Palestinians wounded as Israeli forces bombard house in Nablus-district village"
30.8.22 The Guardian Ben Lynfield, "Israeli court sentences director of Gaza charity to 12 years in prison"
29.8.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovich, "8 Palestinians Reportedly Wounded by Israeli Army Fire in Jenin"
29.8.22 Haaretz Nir Hasson, Yael Freidson, "Settlement Org Eyes a New Target, and Israeli Authorities Go Out of Their Way to Help"
28.8.22 Haaretz Eitan Nechin, "How Israelis Are Taught to Erase the Palestinians"
26.8.22 New York Times Peter Beinart, "Has the Fight Against Antisemitism Lost Its Way?"
25.8.22 Haaretz Isaac Sasson, "Who Is a Jew? Israel Provides Two Clashing Answers"
24.8.22 Haaretz Or Kashti, "Education Ministry Demands Tel Aviv Municipality to Take Down School Maps That Show 1967 Borders"
24.8.22 Haaretz Chen Maanit, "No Polling Stations for Unrecognized Bedouin Villages, Panel Rules"
24.8.22 Haaretz Zvi Bar'el, "The Puppet Theater of Detentions"
22.8.22 Haaretz Judy Maltz, "‘Biblical Mandate’: The U.S. Evangelicals Behind the Latest West Bank Land Grab"
21.8.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Directors of Palestinian NGOs Say Shin Bet Threatened Them"
21.8.22 Haaretz Amira Hass, "German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, This Is What’s Really Disgusting"
21.8.22 The Guardian Bethan McKernan, "Palestinian flight plan shelved on eve of first scheduled departure"
20.8.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "UN: In 2 weeks, Israel demolished 50 Palestinian-owned structures, displacing 55 people, including 28 children"
19.8.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, Reuters, "58-year-old Palestinian Killed in Israeli Army Raid in West Bank"
19.8.22 Haaretz Amos Harel, "Gaza Flare-up Leaves New Israel-Egypt Tensions in Its Wake"
18.8.22 New York Times Raja Abdulrahim, "Palestinian Rights Groups Raided by Israeli Soldiers"
18.8.22 The Guardian Bethan McKernan, "Israeli forces raid offices of six Palestinian human rights groups"
15.8.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Israeli Court Refuses Release of Islamic Jihad Prisoner on Hunger Strike"
18.8.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Abbas Got It Wrong, but Was Quick to Correct Himself: On Double Standards"
18.8.22 Haaretz AP, "Palestinians: Teenager Killed in Clashes With Israeli Troops"
18.8.22 New York Times Raja Abdulrahim, "Palestinian Rights Groups Raided by Israeli Soldiers"
18.8.22 Reuters Nidal Al-Mughrabi, Henriette Chacar, "For some Gaza children, another round of violence reopens trauma"
16.8.22 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israeli Strike Killed 5 Gaza Children, Officials Admit, After Initially Blaming Islamic Jihad"
15.8.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Israeli Court Refuses Release of Islamic Jihad Prisoner on Hunger Strike"
15.8.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, Yaniv Kubovich, "Israeli Soldier Killed by Friendly Fire in the West Bank"
15.8.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Palestinian Shot Dead by Border Police in East Jerusalem"
15.8.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "Palestinians do not find drinking water: Israel steals most of their groundwater and sells some of it … Watch PNN TV repot"
14.8.22 Haaretz Chen Maanit, "Israel Investigates After Jewish Passengers Force Palestinians Off West Bank Bus"
13.8.22 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Uninvolved: These Are the 36 Palestinian Civilians Killed During Israel’s Gaza Op"
12.8.22 Haaretz Alon Schwarz, "How to Cover Up a Massacre"
12.8.22 The Guardian Bethan McKernan, "Jerusalem shooting: eight wounded as gunman fires at bus near Western Wall"
12.8.22 The Guardian Bethan McKernan, AP, "Lost Banksy piece sprayed in Palestine reappears in Tel Aviv gallery"
11.8.22 Haaretz Judy Maltz, "More U.S. Jews Moved to West Bank Settlements in 2021 Than Any Other Year in Past Decade"
11.8.22 New York Times Raja Abdulrahim, "For Palestinian Prisoners, Hunger Strikes Are a Battle of Stomachs"
10.8.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Israel Demolished a Palestinian's Home in Violation of Court Orders. He Now Lives in a Tent With His Children"
10.8.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, Nir Hasson, "Israeli University Holds Archaeological Dig in West Bank Area Claimed to Be Palestinian"
10.8.22 Haaretz Sheren Falah Saab, "'Strangers in My House': Letters an Expelled Palestinian Sent David Ben-Gurion in 1948, Revealed"
9.8.22 Haaretz Chen Maanit, "Dozens of Palestinian Workers Ordered Off Israeli Bus to Make Room for Jewish Passengers"
9.8.22 Haaretz Akiva Eldar, "Europe Has Given Up on the Palestinians"
9.8.22 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Gazans Are Tired of Pointless Wars and Destruction, and Hamas Listens to Them"
9.8.22 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Increasing Aid to Gaza Kept Hamas Out of Latest Fighting, Israeli Defense Officials Say"
9.8.22 Haaretz Hadar Kane, AP, "Israel Offers West Bank Palestinians International Flights Out of Southern Airport"
9.8.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Josh Breiner, "Two Militants Killed, 30 Palestinians Wounded in Clashes During Army Raid in Nablus"
8.8.22 Haaretz Zvi Bar'el, "Who Cares About a Child Killed in Gaza"
7.8.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "'All We Heard Was the Missile': Gaza Families Lose Their Homes; Six Children Killed"
7.8.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Israel Denies Involvement in Deadly Gaza Strike That Left Five Palestinians Dead"
7.8.22 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "A Continuation of Israel's Policies"
7.8.22 Haaretz verschiedene, "Live Updates: Sirens Sound Near Jerusalem; Israel Arrests 20 Militants in West Bank"
7.8.22 Haaretz Carolina Landsmann, "The Secret of Medjool Dates in the West Bank"
6.8.22 Haaretz Reuters, "Gaza Flare-up: What Is the Palestinian Islamic Jihad?"
6.8.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovich, Josh Breiner, "Hamas Has Not Yet Fired Rockets, and Will Determine Whether Battle Becomes War"
6.8.22 Haaretz Ben Samuels, "U.S. 'Fully Supports' Israel Amid Gaza Escalation, but Urges Calm From Both Sides"
6.8.22 New York Times Raja Abdulrahim, "A 5-year-old Palestinian girl was among those killed in Gaza"
6.8.22 The Guardian Bethan McKernan, Hazem Balousha , "Israel bombs Gaza Strip for second day in ‘pre-emptive operation’"
5.8.22 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Jack Khoury, "Israel Strikes Gaza, Killing Senior Islamic Jihad Official"
5.8.22 New York Times Ronen Bergman, Patrick Kingsley, Raja Abdulrahim, "Israel Hits Gaza, Prompting Rocket Barrage and Ending Relative Calm"
5.8.22 The Guardian Martin Chulov , "Israel strikes Gaza amid tensions following arrest of Palestinian militant"
5.8.22 Haaretz AP, "Banksy Painting Originally Sprayed in West Bank Resurfaces in Tel Aviv"
5.8.22 Haaretz Amos Harel, "Emergency on Israel-Gaza Border, and a Catch"
5.8.22 The Guardian AP, "Israel strikes Gaza amid tensions following arrest of Palestinian militant"
4.8.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Israeli Soldiers Shot Mentally Ill Palestinian, His Body Not Returned to Family"
4.8.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Pressure on Hamas and Islamic Jihad Increases as Power Plant Issues Shutdown Warning"
3.8.22 Haaretz Judy Maltz, "‘It Can Be Different’: When Israeli and Palestinian Kids Spend a Rare Day Together"
3.8.22 Haaretz Nir Gontarz, "Palestinians Could Die of Water Shortage. 'I Can’t Help. I’m Busy'"
1.8.22 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Report: Civil Administration Eases Permits for Palestinians in Exchange for Intel"
1.8.22 The Guardian Bethan McKernan, "‘The power we had was astonishing’: ex-soldiers on Israel’s government in the occupied territories"
31.7.22 Haaretz Carolina Landsmann, "Israel Outrageously Finds 'Good Faith' in Looting Palestinian Land"
31.7.22 Haaretz Tom Segev, "Israeli Soldiers in 1956 Kafr Qasem Massacre Believed They Were Doing the Right Thing"
31.7.22 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "Israel's Top Court Will Go Down in History as the Enabler of Apartheid"
30.7.22 New York Times Raja Abdulrahim, "Palestinian Flags Aren't Illegal in Israel. They Still Get Torn Down."
29.7.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Palestinian Teen Killed by Israeli Military Gunfire in the West Bank, Ramallah Says"
29.7.22 Haaretz Ofer Aderet, "Transcripts of Kafr Qasem Massacre Trial Revealed: ‘The Commander Said Fatalities Were Desirable’"
29.7.22 Haaretz Amos Harel, "West Bank Reality Is Changing Even as Palestinian President Still Sits on His Chair"
28.7.22 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "A Mentally Ill Palestinian Is Held in Isolation in Israeli Prison, With No Release in Sight"
28.7.22 Haaretz Nati Yefet, "Israeli University Summons Student for Supporting Terrorism Over Mahmoud Darwish Quote"
28.7.22 Haaretz Ben Samuels, "Senior U.S. Officials Slam UN Expert's 'Antisemitic' Comments on Israel"
27.7.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, Chen Maanit, "Israel's Top Court Reverses Ruling on West Bank Outpost, Allowing Settlers to Stay"
27.7.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "Five people sustain injuries in a settlers’ attack southwest of Nablus"
27.7.22 The Guardian Manal Massalha, "‘It’s 2022 and we live in caves’: herders besieged by settlers on West Bank but still clinging to hope"
26.7.22 Haaretz Avraham Burg, "Germany Provides a Kosher Stamp for the Israeli Occupation"
24.7.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Two Palestinian Militants Killed in Israeli Raid in Nablus"
22.7.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "Settlers seeking to build a settlement outpost set up tents on Palestinian-owned land east of Hebron"
21.7.22 Haaretz Jonathan Shamir, "Norway Becomes 10th European State to Reject Israel's Blacklisting of Palestinian NGOs"
21.7.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "Israeli occupation, culture of impunity severely undermine Palestinian rights, warns UN special committee"
20.7.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "How a Jewish Settler Group Raised Millions to Set Up Illegal Outposts"
20.7.22 Haaretz AP, "Situation in Jerusalem, West Bank 'More Than Worrying,' Macron Tells Palestinian President Abbas"
19.7.22 Haaretz Ben Samuels, "AIPAC's $6 Million Race in Maryland Sets New Record for pro-Israel Group"
18.7.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "Two Palestinian hunger-striking prisoners in critical condition at Israeli jail"
17.7.22 Haaretz Amir Tibon, "In Israel and Saudi Arabia, Biden Ditched the Legacies of Two Presidents"
17.7.22 Haaretz Editorial, "Biden's Mideast Trip: Saudi Dreams vs. Gaza Reality"
16.7.22 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "In Jerusalem, Biden Signs the Palestinians’ Death Certificate"
16.7.22 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israel to Freeze Extra Gaza Work Permits After Rocket Strike"
16.7.22 Haaretz Ben Samuels, "No Normalization With Israel Until Two-state Solution With Palestinians, Saudi FM Says"
16.7.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "Israeli warplanes attack targets in the besieged Gaza Strip causing damage but no injuries"
15.7.22 New York Times Patrick Kingsley, "Biden's Mideast Message: Good News for Israel, Small Steps for Palestinians"
15.7.22 The Guardian Bethan McKernan, "Joe Biden greeted by protests during brief visit to Palestine"
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24.4.22 Haaretz Sam Sokol, "Israel's Independence Day Air Show to Fly Over Hebron Settlement for First Time "
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20.4.22 Haaretz Nir Hasson, Josh Breiner, Jack Khoury, "Palestinians Skirmish With Israeli Cops Escorting Jews on Temple Mount"
20.4.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "For the fourth day in a row, Jewish fanatics continue to storm Al-Aqsa Mosque under heavy police protection"
19.4.22 Haaretz Nir Hasson, Jack Khoury, "Right-wing Israelis to Press on With March at Jerusalem Flash Points, Defying Police "
19.4.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, Jack Khoury, "Palestinians, Israeli Forces Clash as Thousands March to Evacuated West Bank Outpost"
19.4.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Palestinian High School Student Hit in Jenin Shootout Succumbs to Wounds "
19.4.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "Palestinian girl, 18, succumbs to wounds sustained by IOF gunfire"
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14.4.22 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Extremists' Call for Passover Sacrifice on Temple Mount Is a Provocative Ploy"
14.4.22 Haaretz Shira Kadari-Ovadia, "Israel's Education Ministry Includes anti-Nakba Clause in Tender"
14.4.22 The Guardian AFP, "Palestinian lawyer and teen killed as Israel raids West Bank amid escalating violence"
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10.4.22 Haaretz Nati Yefet, Zafrir Rinat, "Israel to Advance Seven New 'Strategic' Jewish Communities in the Negev"
10.4.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "IOF shoot dead at a Palestinian woman near Bethlehem"
10.4.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "IOF injure six Palestinians, detain 23 others during raids in West Bank"
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9.4.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Palestinian Killed in Israeli Military Raid on Tel Aviv Attacker's Jenin Home"
9.4.22 New York Times Patrick Kingsley, "Wave of Terrorism in Israel Defies a Simple Narrative"
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1.4.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Palestinian Killed by Israeli Military Fire in Hebron, Health Ministry Says"
1.4.22 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Settlers With Firebombs Descend on a Palestinian Village at Night, Torching Cars "
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1.4.22 Haaretz Michael Sfard, "Israelis Cry With Ukraine but Ignore Their West Bank Apartheid "
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27.3.22 Haaretz Michael Hauser Tov, "Israel Approves Four Jewish Desert Communities in Tense Committee Meeting "
27.3.22 Haaretz Editorial, "An Improper Zionist Response "
26.3.22 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "A Teen Leaves for Work. Minutes Later His Body Is Pierced by 12 Bullets"
25.3.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "A Huge Security Force Evacuated Two West Bank Outposts. Settlers Began Rebuilding Them the Next Day"
25.3.22 New York Times Patrick Kingsley, "Israel to Host 3 Arab Foreign Ministers in Historic Meeting"
24.3.22 Haaretz Umm Forat, "Learning the Truth About the Tooth Fairy, Occupation and Freedom"
23.3.22 New York Times Patrick Kingsley, "U.N. Investigator Accuses Israel of Apartheid, Citing Permanence of Occupation"
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19.3.22 The Guardian Moustafa Bayoumi, "Facebook’s solidarity with Ukraine is impressive. Now extend it to others"
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18.3.22 Haaretz Editorial, "How Israel Legalized Theft"
17.3.22 Haaretz Nati Yefet, "Far-right Activist Sets Up Armed Ranger Unit in Israel's Negev With Police Support"
17.3.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "Two teens among 15 Palestinians detained from West Bank, Gaza"
15.3.22 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Israel Seized Land From Arab Citizens Based on Temporary 1948 Cease-fire Line"
15.3.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Israeli Settlers Set Up Outpost on UNESCO World Heritage Site"
15.3.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "European Union Vote to Condition Palestinian Aid on Incitement in Schools"
15.3.22 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Two Killed by Israeli Forces in Separate West Bank Incidents, Palestinian Health Ministry Says"
14.3.22 Haaretz Amira Hass, "After Two Decades, Israel's Top Court to Decide on Fate of Palestinian Hamlets of Masafer Yatta"
12.3.22 Haaretz Noa Shpigel, "Israel Just Re-banned Palestinian Family Unification. What Does This Law Do, and How Can It Be Fought? "
12.3.22 The Guardian Arwa Mahdawi, "Nothing makes liberals abandon their values, or their courage, like mentioning Palestine"
10.3.22 Haaretz Noa Shpigel, Jack Khoury, "In Heated Session, Israel Votes to Re-ban Palestinian Family Unification"
9.3.22 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "'Extremely Arbitrary' Travel Bans Stop Thousands of Palestinians From Going Abroad"
9.3.22 Palestine News Network pnn, "Settlers uproot, steal grape saplings, demolish retaining walls, and raze land in north and south of West Bank"
8.3.22 Haaretz David Rosenberg, "Comparing BDS’s Failure Against Israel to the Stunning Boycott of Russia"
7.3.22 Haaretz Zehava Galon, "Does ‘Never Again’ Only Refer to Jews?"
7.3.22 Haaretz Editorial, "Jewish Settlers in La La Land "
7.3.22 The Guardian Chris McGreal, "US accused of hypocrisy for supporting sanctions against Russia but not Israel"
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