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Agenturmeldungen verschwinden z.B. bei Washington Post und New York Times nach wenigen Wochen. Sie müssen bei den Agenturen gesucht werden.
11.1.19 New York Times Reuters, "Israeli Gunfire Kills Gaza Woman During Border Protests"
10.1.19 New York Times AP, "Israelis, Palestinians Segregated on New West Bank Highway"
9.1.19 New York Times AP, "Palestinian Authority Cuts Off Hamas Lawmakers' Salaries"
8.1.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "How Israel Usurps Palestinian Land in Calculated Stages"
8.1.19 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israeli Housing Project in West Bank Would Surround Bethlehem With Settlements "
8.1.19 New York Times Reuters, "Egypt Limits Gaza Passage After Palestinian Authority Quits Border Crossing"
7.1.19 Guardian Avi Shlaim, "Ten years after the first war on Gaza, Israel still plans endless brute force"
6.1.19 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Yotam Berger, "Israel Arrests Five Jewish Minors Over Murder of Palestinian Woman"
6.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers attack Palestinian vehicles in Nablus"
4.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli court sentences Palestinian teen to 11 years of prison"
31.12.18 New York Times AP, "Palestinian Gets Life Sentence Over Land Sale to Israelis"
30.12.18 New York Times David M. Halbfinger, "A Day, a Life: When a Medic Was Killed in Gaza, Was It an Accident?"
28.12.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Palestinian Authority to Ban Israeli Agricultural Products From West Bank Markets"
21.12.18 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Tomb of the kings Battle Brews Between French and ultra-Orthodox Over Jerusalem Archaeology Site "
21.12.18 Haaretz Adam Raz, "The Secret Letter Detailing Israel's Plan to Expel Arabs, 'Without Unnecessary Brutality' "
19.12.18 Haaretz Amir Tibon, "Sanders, Feinstein Urge Senate to Reject anti-BDS Bill: 'Threat to Free Speech'"
19.12.18 TheIntercept Robert Mackey, "Israel Tampered With Video of Strike That Killed Two Palestinian Boys, Investigators Say"
17.12.18 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "The Disabled Palestinian Slowly Walked Away. Then, Israeli Troops Shot Him in the Back of the Head"
17.12.18 Haaretz Uri Böau, "Confidential Report Based on 20 Years of Monitoring Claims: Israel Regularly Breaks International Law in Hebron"
16.12.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "As Israel Steps Up West Bank Response, Palestinian Authority Takes a Blow"
16.12.18 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israeli Soldiers Fight Border Police Over Settlers Arrested for Throwing Stones at Palestinians "
15.12.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "OCHA: 'Increase in Israeli demolitions, vandalism against Palestinians'"
13.12.18 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "Two Shootings in Israel and Palestine, Equally Criminal"
12.12.18 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "In the Dead of Night, By Brute Force IDF Raids in West Bank Show How Occupation Becomes Routine "
9.12.18 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovich, "Israel Said a Palestinian Was Killed in Clashes. A Video Shows He Was Shot in the Back"
9.12.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinian patients at Ramallah hospital suffocate by tear-gas"
7.12.18 Guardian Donald Macintyre, "'We need more food, not less': US cuts leave Palestinian refugees in crisis"
7.12.18 Haaretz Amir Tibon, Noa Landau, "In Blow to U.S. Administration and Israel, UN Fails to Pass anti-Hamas Resolution"
7.12.18 New York Times Reuters, "Qatar Steps In to Pay Civil Servants Wages in Gaza"
6.12.18 Haaretz Haaretz, "Israeli Force 'Resided in Gaza for Weeks' Prior to Botched Operation"
5.12.18 Haaretz Noa Landau , "ICC Prosecutor: Significant Progress Toward Decision About Investigating Israeli Actions in Gaza, West Bank"
5.12.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel demolishes Palestinian school in southern Hebron"
4.12.18 Haaretz Haaretz, "Rashida Tlaib to Head Congressional Delegation to West Bank, Endorses BDS"
3.12.18 Haaretz Haaretz, Jack Khoury, "Report: Israeli Special Forces' Cover Was Blown in Botched Gaza Op Because of Their Accents"
3.12.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "9 Palestinians injured as Israel suppresses 18th naval march"
3.12.18 New York Times AP, "Hamas Sentences 6 to Death for Collaborating With Israel"
2.12.18 Haaretz Amir Tibon, "Trump Administration Scrambling to Save U.S. Support for Palestinian Security Forces"
30.11.18 New York Times AP, "In a Twist, Trump Fights to Keep Some Palestinian Aid Alive"
29.11.18 Haaretz Noa Landau, "Israel's President to CNN: Fighting anti-Semitism Alongside Neo-fascists Is 'Absolutely Impossible'"
26.11.18 New York Times AP, "Israel: Palestinian Killed After Ramming Car Into Soldiers"
26.11.18 New York Times AP, "After Rescue, Gaza's Only Grand Piano Makes Public Comeback"
25.11.18 Haaretz Anonymous, "Israeli Capriciousness as I Witnessed It at the Bethlehem Checkpoint "
25.11.18 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Israel Arrests Palestinian Governor of Jerusalem for Suspected Collaboration With PA's Security Forces"
25.11.18 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Weekend of Hate Crimes: Anti-Arab Slogans Scrawled in Palestinian Village in Latest Act of Vandalism"
25.11.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Botched Israeli Operation in Gaza Endangers Human Rights Groups"
24.11.18 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "USAID to Lay Off Half Its Employees, Close Doors of West Bank and Gaza Operation by 2019 "
21.11.18 Haaretz Yotam Berger , "Hate Crime Suspected: Cars Vandalized, Star of David Graffiti Sprayed in West Bank"
19.11.18 Guardian Oliver Holmes, "Airbnb to take rentals in Israeli West Bank settlements off website"
19.11.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers attack Palestinian homes near Nablus"
19.11.18 Guardian Oliver Holmes, "Airbnb to take rentals in Israeli West Bank settlements off website"
19.11.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers attack Palestinian homes near Nablus"
18.11.18 Haaretz Amos Harel , "Netanyahu and IDF vs. Israeli Ministers: How Gaza War Was Avoided at Last Minute"
18.11.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Hamas and Netanyahu Meet at the Crossroads of Common Interests: Hamas Rule in Gaza Only"
15.11.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel expands fishing zone in Gaza"
15.11.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Gaza fisherman shot, killed by Israeli navy"
15.11.18 New York Times Reuters, "U.N. Palestinian Aid Agency Narrows Funding Gap After Trump Exit"
14.11.18 Haaretz Chaim Levinson, "Defense Chief to Announce Resignation, Throwing Israel Into Election Turmoil "
13.11.18 Guardian Oliver Holmes, Hazem Balousha, "Israel and Hamas agree to Gaza ceasefire after intense violence"
13.11.18 Haaretz Almog Ben Zikri, Yaniv Kubovich, Or Kashti, Jack Khoury, Noa Landau, "One Killed as 370 Rockets Launched From Gaza Hit Israel's South; IDF Strikes Strip"
12.11.18 Guardian Oliver Holmes, Hazem Balousha, "Botched Israeli raid in Gaza sparks violent exchanges"
12.11.18 Haaretz Amos Harel, Yaniv Kubovich, Jack Khoury, Almog Ben Zikri, Noa Landau, "Senior Israeli Officer Killed During Special Forces Op in Gaza"
11.11.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Rising Terrorism in West Bank Overshadows Optimism Around Gaza-Israel Deal "
11.11.18 Haaretz Danna Harman, "Banksy's Latest pro-Palestine Stunt Sparks Spat With Top Israeli Art Collector "
11.11.18 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "A Custodian of a Jerusalem Holy Site Sold His House to Palestinians. Now People Want Him Dead "
9.11.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers vandalize vehicles, spray racist graffiti near Salfit"
9.11.18 New York Times David M. Halbfinger, "Tensions Ease in Gaza, Allowing Money and Fuel to Roll In"
9.11.18 New York Times AP, "Hamas Gets Funds From Qatar to Pay Civil Servants' Salaries"
8.11.18 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Abbas Reportedly Agrees to Cooperate in Gaza Deal Talks"
8.11.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Knesset members, dozens of Israeli settlers storm Al-Aqsa"
5.11.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Everyone Knows Settlers Cut Down Palestinian Olive Trees. But Israel Doesn't Care "
5.11.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Netanyahu approves death penalty targeting Palestinian prisoners"
2.11.18 New York Times Reuters, "Gaza Border Protest More Subdued as Egypt Pushes for Calm"
29.10.18 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israeli Army Opens Criminal Investigation Into Killing of Gaza Medic"
29.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "In video - Israeli settlers seize Palestinian homes in Hebron"
29.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel levels 33 dunams, uproots 550 trees in Hebron"
29.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinian killed, dozens injured during Gaza's 14th naval march"
29.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "In video - Israeli settlers prevent entry of goods into Gaza"
28.10.18 Guardian AP, "Gaza: three boys killed in Israeli airstrike, say Palestinian medics"
28.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel approves 20,000 settlement units in Maale Adumim"
27.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Schools suspended in Gaza due to Israeli airstrikes"
27.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Nearly 100 airstrikes - Islamic Jihad declares ceasefire with Israel"
27.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli airstrikes damage buildings, including hospital in Gaza"
26.10.18 New York Times AP, "After Deadly Gaza Protests, Rockets Hit Southern Israel"
26.10.18 New York Times AP, "Israel Renews Detention of Palestinian Lawmaker"
25.10.18 Haaretz Haaretz, "Israel Strikes Eight Hamas Targets After Gaza Rocket Lands in South"
24.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel resumes supplies of fuel into Gaza"
23.10.18 Guardian Oliver Holmes, "Palestinian security forces routinely torture critics, rights group says"
22.10.18 Haaretz Yotam Berger , "Israeli Soldiers Filmed Standing by in West Bank as Settlers Throw Rocks at Palestinians"
22.10.18 Haaretz Hagai El-Ad, "Why Speak of the Israeli Occupation Abroad? So That This Disgrace Will End"
22.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers puncture, vandalize Palestinian vehicles in Salfit"
21.10.18 Haaretz Jack Khoury and Noa Landau, "Jordan Canceling Annexes of Peace Treaty With Israel, King Abdullah Says"
21.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel to postpone Khan al-Ahmar demolition"
21.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel issues 40 administrative detention orders"
20.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces detain youth for wearing shirt of Palestinian flag"
18.10.18 Guardian Oliver Holmes, "US downgrades consulate for Palestinians into Israel embassy unit"
18.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Euro-Med: 'At least one Gazan is killed every single day'"
18.10.18 New York Times AP, "Egyptian Mediators Step Up Truce Efforts With Israel, Hamas"
17.10.18 Haaretz Yotam Berger , "Palestinian Cars Vandalized, Sprayed With Hebrew Graffiti in West Bank"
16.10.18 Haaretz Jost Breiner, "Israeli Border Policewoman Arrested on Suspicion of Shooting Palestinian for Fun"
16.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Mayor Salman: Stop using Christians as a tool to whitewash occupation"
13.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinian woman killed as Israeli settlers attack vehicle in Nablus"
11.10.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israel Bars Two Members of U.S. Medical Delegation From Entering Gaza Because They're Jewish"
11.10.18 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Hasidic Jews Attack Palestinian Teens in Jerusalem; Police Arrest Arab Who Called for Help"
10.10.18 Haaretz Itay Stern, "Israel's Interior Minister Cancels Book Launch of Palestinian Security Prisoner"
10.10.18 New York Times Bret Stephens, Bari Weiss, "Why Is Israel Scared of This Young American?"
9.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces detain Palestinian family in Aida camp"
9.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces demolish Palestinian-owned housing structures in Hebron"
9.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Qatari-funded fuel enters Gaza"
8.10.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "A Rational Hamas"
7.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "WHO: Israeli restrictions major obstacle to health access for Gazans"
7.10.18 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "Palestinian Kills 2 Israelis in West Bank Attack"
6.10.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "'Traitor? Who, Me?' Talia Sasson Sums Up Her Term as New Israel Fund President"
5.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel to remove UNRWA to 'end lie of Palestinian refugee problem'"
5.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli airstrike over medical point in southern Gaza"
3.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers set house on fire in Hebron's Old City"
3.10.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces kill 78-year-old Palestinian in central Gaza"
1.10.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Most of UNRWA's Foreign Staff in Gaza Evacuated to Israel After Death Threats"
30.9.18 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Could this be the last day of school in the West Bank's fated Khan al-Ahmar?"
30.9.18 Haaretz Uzi Dann, "Real Madrid Hosts Ahed Tamimi, Palestinian Teen Jailed for Slapping IDF Soldier"
28.9.18 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovic, Almog Ben Zikri, "Seven Palestinians, Including 12-year Old, Said Killed by IDF Fire in Gaza Border Clashes "
28.9.18 Haaretz Hagai El-Ad, "Who in Israel Cares About Another Dead Teen in Gaza? "
26.9.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "The International Committee for Subsidizing the Israeli Occupation"
25.9.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "World Bank report: 'Gaza's economy in free fall'"
24.9.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Palestinian Kids’ Long Trek to School – Past the Settler With the Handgun"
24.9.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel imposes 8 day closure on West Bank, Gaza"
24.9.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Rabbis for Human Rights celebrate Sukkot at Khan al-Ahmar"
21.9.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settler runs over Palestinian teen in Hebron City"
18.9.18 Guardian Charles Kaiser, "Preventing Palestine review: a fine history of Israel's negation of a nation"
17.9.18 New York Times Reuters, "Palestinian Stabs U.S.-Israeli Citizen to Death at West Bank Mall"
15.9.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "With Oslo, Israel’s Intention Was Never Peace or Palestinian Statehood"
15.9.18 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "In Exceptional Move, Israeli Army Arrests French-American Law Professor in West Bank"
13.9.18 Guardian Avi Shlaim, "Palestinians still live under apartheid in Israel, 25 years after the Oslo accord"
13.9.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israel Denied Entry to U.S. Jewish Activist With Temporary Residency Status – Because She Visited West Bank"
10.9.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces raid Hebron school, injure students"
10.9.18 New York Times AP, "Trump Closing Palestinian Mission in Pro-Israel Move"
9.9.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel bans Ahed al-Tamimi from traveling abroad"
8.9.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "UNRWA’s Teaspoon of Fish Oil and Glass of Milk: The Protective Framework That Millions of Palestinians Remember"
6.9.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Al-Araqib refuses to surrender after 133rd demolition"
5.9.18 New York Times AP, "Israel's Top Court Says West Bank Village Can Be Demolished"
4.9.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "The Eviction of Khan al-Ahmar Stinks Up to High Heaven"
4.9.18 Haaretz Zafrir Rinat, "Israel’s Groundwater Levels Dropping to Dangerous Lows"
4.9.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel to demolish 189 Palestinian homes in West Bank"
2.9.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "How Many Israeli Soldiers Does It Take to Fix a Flat Tire? "
2.9.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel to uproot 70 olive trees in Jordan Valley"
31.8.18 Guardian Peter Beaumont, Oliver Holmes, "US confirms end to funding for UN Palestinian refugees"
31.8.18 Haaretz Nir Hasson, Maya Asheri , "Court Orders Closure of Jerusalem Gallery for Hosting Breaking the Silence"
30.8.18 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israeli Officer to Be Jailed for Breaking Italian Man's Cameras in West Bank"
29.8.18 New York Times AP, "Israeli Nationalists Celebrate Court's Settlement Legalizing"
28.8.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel sentences sheikh of al-Araqib Bedouin village"
27.8.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers puncture, vandalize vehicles in Palestinian village"
26.8.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "US to announce rejection of Palestinian right of return"
25.8.18 Haaretz Yotam Berger,d Amira Hass, "Four Israeli Left-wing Activists Hospitalized After Reported Attack by Settlers"
25.8.18 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "'It Comes When You're Alone With Yourself:’ IDF Snipers on Gaza Border Aren't Receiving Mental Healthcare"
25.8.18 Haaretz Haaretz, "Report: Trump to Demand Recognized Palestinian Refugees Be Capped at Tenth of Current Number"
25.8.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers uproot 30 olive trees in Nablus district"
25.8.18 New York Times AP, "Palestinians: US Cut Aid to Bring End to Jerusalem Claim"
24.8.18 Haaretz Noa Landau, "Analysis Netanyahu Expands His Struggle Against EU During Baltics Visit "
24.8.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "FIFA suspends Palestinian FA for one year"
23.8.18 Haaretz Or Kashti, "Israeli Army's Junior Officers to Be Educated Only by Orthodox Groups"
22.8.18 Guardian Hazem Balousha, Oliver Holmes, "'Our memories have vanished': the Palestinian theatre destroyed in a bomb strike"
21.8.18 Haaretz Aluf Benn, "Uri Avnery, Shaper of the Israeli Consciousness"
21.8.18 Haaretz Haaretz, " Noam Chomsky Slams Israeli Interference in U.S. Politics as Far Greater Than Russian "
20.8.18 Haaretz Ofer Aderet, "Uri Avnery, Veteran Peace Activist and Among First Israelis to Meet Arafat, Dies at 94"
19.8.18 New York Times Reuters, "Eight Years Late, Palestinian Mail Arrives in West Bank"
18.8.18 Haaretz Noa Landau, "UN Chief Proposes Armed Peacekeeping Force to Protect Palestinians in Gaza"
18.8.18 Haaretz Carolina Landsmann, "How Israeli Right-wing Thinkers Envision the Annexation of the West Bank"
18.8.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Incendiary objects continue to be launched from Gaza"
18.8.18 New York Times Reuters, "U.N. Chief Suggests Options for Improved Palestinian Protection"
17.8.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel releases Palestinian teen after 40 months of prison"
16.8.18 Guardian Oliver Holms, "UK playwrights condemn bombing of Gaza theatre"
16.8.18 New York Times Reuters, "U.N. Agency Says Schools for Palestinian Refugees to Open on Time Despite U.S. Cut"
14.8.18 Guardian Nathan Thrall, "BDS: how a controversial non-violent movement has transformed the Israeli-Palestinian debate"
14.8.18 New York Times Reuters, "Israel Says Commercial Goods Traffic to Gaza to Resume if Calm Holds"
13.8.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel suspends German-backed construction project in West Bank"
9.8.18 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Jack Khoury, "11 Israelis Wounded as More Than 150 Gaza Rockets Launched at Israel; IDF Pounds the Strip"
9.8.18 Haaretz Noa Landau, "Colombia Recognizes Palestine as Sovereign State"
8.8.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israel Proposes Gaza Cancer Patients Be Treated in West Bank, Where Treatment Is Unavailable"
8.8.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Analysis UNRWA Under Attack: Trump Tries to Destroy a Palestinian Achievement to Force a Deal "
8.8.18 New York Times Reuters, "Palestinians Wary as U.N. May Not Open Schools in Time"
7.8.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Opinion Exercising the Privilege of Going to Jail " Rather than quietly avoid prison time, these young Israelis chose to make a statement that invites others like them to question the nationalist, security-focused axioms they have been stuffed with
7.8.18 Haaretz Bradley Burston, "Opinion Israel's Nation-state Law Has Redefined the Self-hating Jew "
7.8.18 New York Times AP, "Arab Group Petitions Israel Court Over Jewish Nation Law"
6.8.18 Haaretz Haaretz, "Kushner Reportedly Worked to Strip Jordan's Two Million Palestinians of Refugee Status"
6.8.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Otherwise Occupied The Goldins’ Revenge on Gaza’s Cancer Patients"
5.8.18 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israeli Army Reveals Barrier Against Hamas Naval Commandos "
4.8.18 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Reuters, "Israel Seizes Swedish Activist Ship en Route to Gaza"
4.8.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli drone targets Palestinians in northern Gaza"
3.8.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Concerns over Israeli ban on foreign academics' entry into West Bank"
3.8.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "BDS: 'Adidas no longer sponsors Israel Football Association'"
3.8.18 Guardian Oliver holmes, "Claims of violence as Israel deports crew of Gaza aid vessel"
3.8.18 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Gaza Talks: 'Hamas Will End Burning Kites, Protests on Israel Border in Exchange for Open Crossings'"
3.8.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "EU denounces illegal Israeli project in East Jerusalem"
2.8.18 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israel Advances Gaza Water Project Amid Reports on Progress in Hamas Talks"
1.8.18 Haaretz Yotam Berger , "More Than 2,000 Trees in West Bank Palestinian Villages Destroyed in Two Months"
1.8.18 New York Times Reuters, "Israel Halts Fuel Shipments to Gaza Citing Continued Fire Balloon Launches"
30.7.18 New York Times AP, "Italian Artists Leave Israel After Arrest Over Mural"
29.7.18 Haaretz Yotam Berger, Jack Khoury, "Palestinian Teen Ahed Tamimi, Jailed for Assaulting Israeli Soldier, Released"
29.7.18 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, DPA, "Israel Navy Stops Activist Boat Attempting to Break Gaza Blockade"
29.7.18 Haaretz Amir Tibon, "Saudi King Tells U.S. That Peace Plan Must Include East Jerusalem as Palestinian Capital"
29.7.18 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, Jack Khoury, Chaim Levinson, Bar Peleg, "Abolish This Sin': Amoz Oz, David Grossman and Hundreds of Israeli Intellectuals Slam Nation-state Law"
28.7.18 Haaretz Reuters, "Israel Arrests Italian Artists Who Painted a West Bank Mural of Ahed Tamimi"
27.7.18 Guardian Karen McVeigh, Hazem Balousha, "UK to double aid to Gaza and West Bank in bid to boost Palestinian export trade"
26.7.18 Haaretz Noa Landau, "Former Pentagon Official to Head UN Gaza Violence Probe"
25.7.18 Guardian Peter Beaumonz, "Trump cuts cause 250 job losses at UN agency for Palestinian refugees"
25.7.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel demolishes Bedouin kindergarten, women's center"
24.7.18 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Gaza's Sole Power Station Closes, Residents to Have No Electricity for 18 Hours "
24.7.18 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israel to Partially Reopen Gaza's Only Commercial Crossing"
24.7.18 New York Times AP, "UN Rights Chief Sharply Criticizes Israel Over Gaza Killings"
23.7.18 Haaretz Amir Tibon, Jack Khoury, "U.S. Freeze on Palestinian Aid Threatening Coexistence and Humanitarian Groups, Warn Officials"
23.7.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces kill 15-year-old Palestinian in Bethlehem"
24.7.18 ElPais Daniel Barenboim, "Por qué hoy me avergüenzo de ser israelí"
23.7.18 Guardian Daniel Barenboim, "This racist new law makes me ashamed to be Israeli"
22.7.18 Haaretz Daniel Barenboim, "Today, I Am Ashamed to Be an Israeli"
20.7.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers assault peaceful hiking group in Ramallah"
19.7.18 Guardian Oliver Holmes, Hazem Balousha, "'One more racist law': reactions as Israel axes Arabic as official language"
19.7.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces close off water lines in Jordan Valley-area lands"
19.7.18 New York Times Reuters, "Palestinians in Jerusalem Demolish Own Homes Rather Than See Israelis Move In"
18.7.18 Haaretz Wesam Sharaf , "The Cruel Similarities Between Israel’s Occupation and Assad’s Regime"
18.7.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli bulldozers uproot 100 Palestinian olive trees in Salfit-area"
18.7.18 New York Times AP, "Palestinians Protest US Visa Denial to Experts to Come to UN"
17.7.18 Haaretz Amos Harel, Yaniv Kubovich, "Israeli Tightens Embargo on Gaza, Blocks Fuel Shipments"
17.7.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "How a West Bank Highway's Roadsign Captures the Israeli Psyche"
17.7.18 Haaretz Or Kashti, "Israel Collected $100m From Palestinians. Now It Wants to Use the Money to Upgrade Roadblocks"
17.7.18 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "In West Bank, 99.7% of Public Land Grants by Israel Go to Settlers"
17.7.18 New York Times Reuters, "Israel Passes Law to Ban Groups Critical of State, Military From Schools"
17.7.18 New York Times AP, "Israel Places New Limitations on Cargo Crossing Into Gaza"
16.7.18 New York Times AP, "School Starts Early in West Bank Village Set for Demolition"
15.7.18 Guardian Oliver Holmes, "Israel launches 'its most painful strike' on Hamas since 2014"
15.7.18 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, "Israeli Lawmakers Advance Bill Limiting Palestinians From Petitioning High Court"
15.7.18 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "For Second Time in Two Weeks: U.S. Jews Walk Off Birthright Trip to Join Anti-occupation Activity"
14.7.18 New York Times David M. Halbfinger, "2 Killed in Gaza, 4 Wounded in Israel, in Most Intense Fighting Since 2014"
13.7.18 New York Times AP, "Violence Flares as Israel Strikes Gaza, Hamas Fires Rockets"
12.7.18 Haaretz Anshel Pfeffer, "Jews Are Beginning to Fear Democracy"
11.7.18 Guardian Oliver Holmes, "Irish senate approves ban on products from Israeli settlements"
10.7.18 New York Times AP, "UN Criticizes Israeli Closure of Gaza Border Crossing"
10.7.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Incendiary kites cause 678 fires in 100 days at Gaza borders"
9.7.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "The Missing Reports on Herbicides in Gaza"
9.7.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli airstrikes kill Palestinian youth, wound 3 others"
9.7.18 New York Times David M. Halbfinger, "Unable to Stop Flaming Kites, Israel Moves to Choke Off Gaza Commerce"
9.7.18 New York Times AP, "Israel Shuts Primary Gaza Crossing Over Border Violence"
7.7.18 Guardian Olover Holmes, "Inside the fearful Bedouin village that could decide fate of Palestinian state"
6.7.18 Guardian Saeb Erekat, "Aid cuts show Australia's true attitude to the Palestinian cause"
5.7.18 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israel Says a West Bank Outpost Can Be Legalized if Land Was Seized in Good Faith"
4.7.18 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Right-wing Group Pushes Bill to Allow Residential Construction at Jerusalem's 'City of David' National Park"
3.7.18 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Egypt Demolishes Tunnel in Southern Gaza Strip, Reports Say"
3.7.18 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Hamas Delegation Heads for Cairo to Discuss Palestinian Reconciliation "
2.7.18 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, "Israel Passes Law Freezing Funds to Palestinian Authority Over Payments to Security Prisoners"
2.7.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "A Tango of Violence: Building Outposts on Palestinian Land"
2.7.18 Haaretz Noa Landau, "EU: We're Reviewing Our Engagement in Support of a Two-state Solution"
29.6.18 Guardian Ilana Hammerman, David Harel, "As Israelis, we call on the world to intervene on behalf of Palestinians"
29.6.18 Haaretz Taly Krupkin, "Birthright Participants Walk Off Trip to Join Anti-occupation Tour "
29.6.18 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Two Palestinians, Including 14-year-old Boy, Said Killed by Israeli Forces in Gaza"
29.6.18 Haaretz Amir Tibon, "U.S. House Committee Approves Bill That Would Pave Way for Penalizing Israel Boycotts"
29.6.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel demolishes Palestinian Bedouin village for 130th time"
27.6.18 New York Times AP, "Israel Says Gaza Militants Fire More Than a Dozen Rockets"
26.6.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "US freezes aid funds to West Bank and Gaza"
26.6.18 New York Times Reuters, "Israel Asks Cyprus to Consider Shipping Route for Gaza: Cypriot Official"
24.6.18 New York Times David M. Halbfinger, Rami Nazzal, "As Israel Pushes to Build, Bedouin Homes and School Face Demolition"
16.6.18 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Gunfire, Bans, Ship Seizures: Israeli Army Is Destroying a Staple of Gaza’s Economy"
16.6.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel renews detention of Palestinian lawmaker Khalida Jarrar"
15.6.18 Guardian Mark Seddon, "The two-state solution is dead. Palestine needs a new UN mandate"
14.6.18 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, "Israel to Bar Activists From Documenting Soldiers in West Bank"
14.6.18 Haaretz Noa Shpigel, "Hundreds of Israelis Demonstrate Against Home Sale to Arab Family"
14.6.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Gazan resistance unit to launch 5000 incendiary kites on Friday"
13.6.18 New York Times Rick Gladstone, "U.N. General Assembly Vote Castigates Israel Over Gaza Deaths"
11.6.18 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Israel Admits: Jerusalem Land, Home to 700 Palestinians, Given to Settler Group Without Proper Checks"
11.6.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israel’s Solution for Expelled Bedouin: Between the Garbage Dump and Junkyard"
10.6.18 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Israel's High Court to Hear Petition of 70 Palestinian Families Facing Eviction From East Jerusalem"
10.6.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Why Not Posthumously Declare a Medic a Terrorist? It's the Easiest Solution"
10.6.18 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "After Killing Razan al-Najjar, Israel Assassinates Her Character"
8.6.18 New York Times AFP, "The Latest: AFP Photographer Wounded at Gaza Protest"
8.6.18 New York Times Reuters, "Israeli Forces Evict Settlers in West Bank Land Dispute Case"
7.6.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel demolishes al-Araqib Bedouin village for 129th time"
7.6.18 New York Times Herbert Buchsbaum, "Israeli Video Portrays Medic Killed in Gaza as Tool of Hamas"
3.6.18 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israel's Top Court Hears Petitions Against West Bank Land-grab Law"
3.6.18 New York Times Reuters, "Israel Strikes Hamas Sites in Gaza After Militants Fire Rockets"
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1.6.18 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Almog Ben Zikri, Yaniv Kubovich, "'Palestinian Volunteer Medic Killed, Dozens Wounded' in Latest Protests on Israel-Gaza Border"
1.6.18 Haaretz Carolina Landsmann, "That Israel Hater Yad Vashem"
31.5.18 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Time Is Now for Deal With Hamas, Senior Israeli Military Officer Says"
30.5.18 Guardian Reuters, "Hamas says armed groups agree to Gaza ceasefire if Israel reciprocates"
30.5.18 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "High Court: Ruling Used to Expropriate Palestinian Land Not a Precedent"
30.5.18 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Jerusalem Palestinians Detained, Fined for Waking Up Muslims for Nightly Ramadan Meal"
30.5.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israel to Build 92 New Settlement Homes Near Bedouin Village Slated for Demolition"
30.5.18 New York Times AP, "Gaza Truce Brings Little Relief to Volatile Situation"
29.5.18 Guardian Oliver Holmes, "Israel and Gaza trade heaviest fire since 2014 war"
29.5.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel decides not to return body of Palestinian prisoner who died in custody"
29.5.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers uproot Palestinian grapevines in Ramallah-area village"
28.5.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel begins construction of sea barrier off Gaza coast"
27.5.18 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Jack Khoury, Noa Landau, "Israeli Army Tank Shells Hamas Target in Gaza; Palestinians Say Three Killed "
26.5.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli court rejects petition to declare it unlawful to shoot unarmed civilians in Gaza"
25.5.18 Guardian Aida Edemariam, "Ehud Barak on the crisis in Israel: ‘Netanyahu has to resign’"
25.5.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli parliament proposes bill to ban photographing or recording soldiers on duty"
22.5.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "President Abbas hospitalized for lung infection, condition said to be improving"
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17.5.18 Guardian Oliver Holmes, "sraeli airstrikes target militant sites in Gaza"
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16.5.18 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Gaza Health Crisis: Doctors Struggle to Treat Hundreds of Wounded Amid Shortage of Beds, Medicine"
16.5.18 Haaretz Jaosh Breiner, "Israel Seeks to Exclude Shin Bet Detainees From Minimum Cell Size Requirement"
16.5.18 Haaretz David Rosenberg, "Why the West Bank Is So Quiet When Blood Is Flowing in Gaza"
15.5.18 Haaretz Amir Tibon, "U.S. Blocks Security Council Statement Calling for Investigation Into Gaza Violence"
15.5.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "It's Not a 'Hamas March' in Gaza. It's Tens of Thousands Willing to Die"
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13.5.18 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Palestinians Now Make Up Some 40 Percent of Jerusalem's Population"
8.5.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces expel Palestinian families from homes in Jordan Valley for army training"
7.5.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Nine Palestinians killed in Gaza over the weekend"
4.5.18 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israel Presents: How to Legalize West Bank Settlements Built on Private Palestinian Land"
4.5.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces break arm of Palestinian woman as she attempts to prevent arrest of son"
4.5.18 New York Times AP, "Palestinian President Apologizes Over Anti-Semitic Remarks"
3.5.18 New York Times AP, "Israeli Court Convicts Arab Poet of Incitement to Violence"
3.5.18 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israel to Top Court: Gaza Protests Are State of War, Human Rights Law Doesn't Apply"
3.5.18 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Former Top Military Prosecutor Lives in House Built Illegally on Palestinian Land"
2.5.18 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Soldiers good, Palestinians bad: Israel's double standards on justice"
1.5.18 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Shin Bet, Police Flailing as Settler Vandals Run Wild"
1.5.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Obedience Is the Ultimate Patriotism"
30.4.18 Haaretz Tzipi Livni, "Decent Israelis Must Challenge Netanyahu's Attempt to Turn Israel Towards Autocracy"
30.4.18 New York Times Reuters, "Palestinian Forum Convenes After 22 Years, Beset by Division"
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29.4.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "The Websites You Must Visit to Understand Israel's Policy Toward Palestinians"
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26.4.18 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Israel Building Neighborhood for Security Forces on East Jerusalem Land Expropriated From Palestinians"
25.4.18 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "40 Dead, 5,511 Wounded: UN Releases Figures on Palestinian Casualties in Gaza's Mass Protests on Israel Border"
25.4.18 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Yotam Berger, "Israeli Border Policeman Who Shot and Killed Unarmed Palestinian Teen Gets Nine Months Prison"
24.4.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces destroy tent structure in Susiya"
23.4.18 Guardian Oliver Holmes, "Palestine files complaint against Israel under anti-racism treaty"
23.4.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers vandalize Palestinian cars, homes in Jerusalem-area village"
21.4.18 Haaretz Haaretz, "Israeli Lawmaker: Palestinian Teen Tamimi 'Should Have Gotten a Bullet, at Least in the Knee'"
21.4.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers attack Palestinian families, attempt to take over homes in Hebron"
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15.4.18 New York Times AP, "AP Analysis: Gaza Flare-Up Driven by Deep Misery in Strip"
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10.4.18 New York Times AP, "The Latest: US Aided Slain Gaza Reporter's Media Firm"
10.4.18 Washington Post Loveday Morris, Hazem Balousha, "Israel says slain journalist was a Hamas spy. The U.S. had just approved a grant for his company."
9.4.18 Guardian Yasmeen el Khoudary, "Yasser Murtaja embodied the struggle of Gazans – desperate yet defiant"
9.4.18 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Video Shows Motionless Palestinian Shot by Israeli Sniper to Sound of Soldiers' Cheers"
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8.4.18 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israel Refuses to Let Palestinian Couple Living in Germany Wed in West Bank"
7.4.18 Washington Post Loveday Morris, "He was wearing a vest marked ‘PRESS.’ He was shot dead covering a protest in Gaza. "
4.4.18 Haaretz Bradley Burston, "This Is Zionism as Racism. This Is Israel at 70"
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27.3.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israelis evacuated from Amona outpost move into new illegal settlement"
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25.3.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli airstrikes target 3 Hamas sites in southern Gaza Strip"
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21.3.18 Guardian Oliver Holms, "Palestinian Ahed Tamimi accepts prison term plea deal"
21.3.18 Haaretz Haaretz, Reuters, "U.K. Rips Into Israel Over Palestinian Teen Tamimi: 'Conviction Is Emblematic of the Conflict'"
20.3.18 Haaretz Lee Yaron and Jack Khoury, "Israel Mulls Stripping Residency From Palestinian Lawmakers From Hamas"
20.3.18 Haaretz Noa Landau, "EU Raises Half-billion Dollars for Project to Improve Gaza’s Drinking Water"
19.3.18 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israeli Court Rejects Ahed Tamimi's Request for Public Trial 'For Her Benefit’"
19.3.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces tear gas Palestinian school in Bethlehem-area town"
18.3.18 Haaretz Noa Shpigel, Jack Khoury, "Arab Citizens Tried to Buy Land in This Israeli Town. The Mayor Halted the Sale to Uphold Its 'Jewish-Zionist Nature'"
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15.3.18 New York Times AP, "The Latest: UN Gets $100M for Palestinians but Still Short"
14.3.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel to uproot olive, grape trees to pave settler-only road near Bethlehem"
14.3.18 New York Times AP, "UN Seeks $540 Million for Palestinian Aid, Mostly for Gaza"
14.3.18 New York Times Reuters, "Gaza's Economic Plight Requires Trade, Not Just Aid-World Bank"
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12.3.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces raid East Jerusalem cemetery, destroy tombstones of slain Palestinians"
10.3.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces prevent Palestinian from accessing farmland in Bethlehem"
9.3.18 Guardian Filipe Duarte, "Why social workers are demanding release of Palestinian rights defender"
8.3.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "After serving 5-year sentence, Palestinian prisoner re-arrested on day of release"
8.3.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers attack Palestinians, cut down olive trees in Nablus-area village"
7.3.18 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "New U.S. Embassy May Be in Jerusalem, but Not in Israel"
7.3.18 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israeli Army Erects West Bank Checkpoints to Collect Palestinians' Personal Details "
6.3.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces demolish Palestinian-owned structures in East Jerusalem"
6.3.18 Washington Post AP, "CAS hears dispute between FIFA, Palestinians"
5.3.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "A Planned, Calculated Killing of Sheep in the West Bank"
5.3.18 Haaretz Revital Hovel, Josh Breine, Noa Landau, "In Deal With Police, Former Netanyahu Aide to Hand Over Recordings of Netanyahu and Wife"
2.3.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel renews administrative detention of Palestinian woman journalist, 45 others"
1.3.18 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "First, Israeli Troops Shot a Palestinian Armed With a Chunk of Metal. Then, They Beat Him to Death"
28.2.18 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israeli Cops Ordered to Pay 17-year-old Settler for Jailing Him Overnight"
28.2.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "How the Israeli Army Got a Teen Who Was Shot in the Head to Say He Fell Off a Bike"
28.2.18 New York Times Reuters, "An Economy in Ruins Leaves Gazans With Hard Choices"
27.2.18 Washington Post Rurh Eglash, "Sacred Jerusalem church to reopen after Israel backtracks on taxing properties"
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22.2.18 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovich, "Palestinian Beaten, Dies During Arrest; Israeli Army Claims He Charged Soldiers "
22.2.18 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Gaza on 4 Hours of Power a Day After Sole Electric Firm Shuts Down"
22.2.18 Haaretz AP, "Jimmy Carter: Option of Two-state Solution Is Fading, With 'Dire Consequences' for Israel"
22.2.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinian farmers evacuate lands as Israeli forces open fire in southern Gaza"
22.2.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli soldiers, settlers raid Palestinian town to perform religious rituals"
21.2.18 Guardian Hazem Balousha, Oliver Holmes, "Thousands of Gazans rush to border as Egypt opens crossing"
21.2.18 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Trump cuts jeopardise lives of millions of Palestinian refugees, UN warns"
21.2.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces demolish 3 structures in East Jerusalem, leaving family of 6 homeless"
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14.2.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers raid Nablus-area village in middle of the night, attack Palestinian home"
13.2.18 Guardian Oliver Holmes, "Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi's trial begins behind closed doors"
9.2.18 New York Times Reuters, "UAE, Qatar Donate Funds to Stave Off Gaza Health Crisis"
8.2.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Gaza Health System Collapsing: 40 Percent of Medicine Runs Out"
8.2.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces shower Palestinian school with tear gas, sending several students to hospital"
8.2.18 New York Times Reuters, "Thousands of Palestinians Jam Gaza Border, Temporarily Opened by Egypt"
7.2.18 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Churches Accuse Jerusalem Mayor of Violating International Agreements After Demanding $186m in Back Taxes"
7.2.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "1 Palestinian killed, dozens more injured with live ammunition during Israeli raid in Nablus"
7.2.18 New York Times AP, "Egypt Opens Border With Gaza Temporarily, First Time in 2018"
6.2.18 New York Times AP, "EU Officials Ask Israel Rebuild Demolished Schoolrooms"
5.2.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli bulldozer destroys Palestinian water pipeline in Jordan Valley"
4.2.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "School Could Be Out Forever for These Bedouin Kids in the West Bank"
2.2.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli airstrikes target sites in northern Gaza"
1.2.18 Guardian Oliver Holmes, "Israel using tourism to legitimise settlements, says EU report"
1.2.18 Ma'an Ma'an, "UN report says at least 206 international companies tied to Israeli settlements"
1.2.18 Haaretz Noa Landau, "Israel Presents $1 Billion Rehabilitation Plan for Gaza, but Demands Palestinian Authority Take Over"
1.2.18 New York Times Danny Yatom, Amnon Reshef, "A Dangerous Course Israel Should Avoid"
31.1.18 Haaretz Noa Landau, "German FM After Meeting Netanyahu: Is Israel Prepared to Pay the Price of Perpetual Occupation? "
31.1.18 Guardian AFP, "Palestinian girl arrested by Israel sent to Gaza Strip – where she'd never been, activists say"
31.1.18 New York Times AP, "Israel Vows to Retain West Bank Control in Any Peace Deal"
30.1.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Preparing the Final Expulsion of a Bedouin Community in the West Bank"
30.1.18 New York Times AP, "11 Countries Speed Up Funding for Palestinians After US Cuts"
29.1.18 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israeli Soldiers in West Bank: Raiding, Arresting, Mapping and Getting Home for Shabbat"
29.1.18 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israeli Army to Take Control of Palestinian Neighborhoods in East Jerusalem"
29.1.18 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Gaza Hospital Suspends Services Due to Diesel Shortage"
28.1.18 Haaretz David B. Green, "For an Israeli Lawyer Fighting for Palestinian Rights, Winning Is a Double-edged Sword"
23.1.18 New York Times AP, "Palestinian Cellphone Company Launches 3G, After Israeli Ban"
21.1.18 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "A Girls Chutzpah: Three Reasons a Palestinian Teenage Girl Is Driving Israel Insane"
20.1.18 Guardian Oliver Holmes, Sufian Taha , "‘It’s a death sentence’: Palestinians in Jerusalem brace for Trump aid cuts"
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19.1.18 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "The Israeli Military First Took His Legs, Then His Life"
16.1.18 New York Times Gardiner Harris, Rick Gladstone, "U.S. Withholds $65 Million From U.N. Relief Agency for Palestinians"
14.1.18 Haaretz Noa Landau, "Netanyahu Agrees to Exclude Settlements From Economic Deal With European Union"
13.1.18 Haaretz Steven Klein, "On Jerusalem, Trump Gave Israel All the Carrots and Doubled Down on Sticks for the Palestinians"
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3.1.18 Haaretz Amir Tibon, Noa Landau, "Trump Threatens to Cut Palestinian Aid; Says Israel Would Have 'Had to Pay' for Jerusalem Recognition"
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25.12.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "In Nabi Saleh, the Palestinians Aren’t Legally Blonde"
25.12.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "PPS: since Trump announcement, Israeli forces have detained over 600 Palestinians"
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20.12.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "PPS: 490 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces since Trump decision on Jerusalem"
20.12.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces detain cousin of Ahed Tamimi, extend detention of Ahed and her mother"
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19.12.17 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israeli Army Says Cause of Disabled Palestinian Protester's Death Unknown, Soldiers Didn't Fire at Him"
19.12.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces arrest Palestinian mother hours after detaining her teenage daughter"
18.12.17 Haaretz Amos Harel , "The Middle East Is on Fire - and Trump Administration Fans the Flames With Pence's Israel Visit"
16.12.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Egypt opens Rafah crossing with Gaza for 4-day opening"
15.12.17 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "16 Rockets in 9 Days: Rocket Fired From Gaza to Israel Hits Residential Building Inside Strip"
15.12.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Video: Israeli soldiers shoot incapacitated Palestinian after alleged stabbing attempt"
15.12.17 New York Times Ken Thomas, AP, "White House signals Western Wall has to be part of Israel"
15.12.17 Washington Post Loveday Morris, Hazem Balousha, "Four Palestinians killed in bloodiest protests since U.S. decision on Jerusalem"
14.12.17 Haaretz Noa Landau, "Netanyahu Agrees to Exclude Settlements From Economic Deal With European Union"
13.12.17 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Dozens of Israeli Settlers Throw Rocks at Palestinian Building, IDF Soldiers Stand By"
10.12.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Following Riots, Israeli Defense Minister Calls for Boycott of Arab Citizens: 'They Don't Belong Here' "
6.12.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Deep anxiety across the Jerusalem divide over Trump's actions"
6.12.17 Guardian Julian Borger, Peter Beaumont, "Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital and move US embassy"
3.12.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "For Some Gazans Who Need Treatment Outside the Strip, Wait for an Exit Permit Ends in Death"
2.12.17 Haaretz Amir Tibon, "Jordan's King Abdullah Warned U.S.: Moving Embassy Could Strengthen Mideast Terror Groups"
2.12.17 Haaretz Ilan Lior, Noa Shpigel, "Tens of Thousands of Israelis Join 'March of Shame’ Against Netanyahu in Tel Aviv"
1.12.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces use live fire during clashes in hometown of Palestinian killed by settler"
30.11.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel, Hamas exchange mortar fire across norther Gaza border"
30.11.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers open fire on Palestinian farmers, killing 1, injuring another"
29.11.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces order Jordan Valley farmers off their land"
28.11.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "PA orders former civil servants in Gaza to resume posts, angering Hamas"
27.11.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces raid Palestinian cemetery, dig up graves in Jerusalem-area town"
26.11.17 New York Times AP, "Israel Races to Head Off UN Settlement 'Blacklist'"
24.11.17 Washington Post Reuters, "Egypt Delays Rafah Border Opening After Sinai Attack-MENA State News"
23.11.17 Haaretz Zeev Sternhell, "Apartheid Under the Law"
23.11.17 Haaretz Tomer Persico, "Israel's Breaking the Silence Dybbuk"
23.11.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces confiscate garbage truck serving Nablus-area villages"
22.11.17 New York Times David M. Halbfinger, "Border Homes, in Jerusalem but Not, Face an Existential Deadline"
21.11.17 Haaretz Chemi Shalev, "To Whitewash Occupation, Netanyahu Crew Casts Breaking the Silence Whistle-blower as Bogeyman"
21.11.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "A Typical Case of Israeli Blind Justice"
21.11.17 Haaretz Amir Tibon, Jack Khoury, "President Abbas Orders to Freeze Contacts With Washington Over Threat to Close Palestinians' D.C. Office"
21.11.17 Haaretz Judy Maltz, "How Israel Is Trying to Break Breaking the Silence – and How It Could Backfire"
20.11.17 Ma'än Ma'än, "Hundreds cross Rafah as Egypt continues to open crossing for 3rd day"
20.11.17 New York Times AP, "UN Envoy Says Conflict Likely if Palestinians Fail to Agree"
18.11.17 Guardian AP, "Palestinians vow to suspend talks if US closes diplomatic office in Washington"
18.11.17 Haaretz Amir Tibon, "U.S. Warns Palestinians: Enter Peace Talks With Israel, or You May Lose U.S. Embassy"
17.11.17 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Video Shows Israeli Soldiers Standing by as Settlers Pelt Palestinians With Stones "
17.11.17 Ma'än Ma'än, "Israel to move checkpoint further into al-Walaja, cutting villagers off from spring"
17.11.17 Ma'än Ma'än, "Israeli forces deliver evacuation notices to 300 Palestinians in Bedouin village"
17.11.17 Washington Post Ashraf Sweilam (AP), "Egypt to temporarily reopen Gaza border crossing"
14.11.17 Ma'än Ma'än, "Israel to expropriate Palestinian land for settlement expansion in northern West Bank"
13.11.17 Washington Post AP, "Israel bans group of EU politicians, citing boycott support"
12.11.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israeli Army Prepares to Demolish Hundreds of Palestinian Homes in Northern Jordan Valley"
10.11.17 Haaretz Marilyn Garson, "Why Does the West Only Offer Palestinians a Numbing Dependency on Aid?"
10.11.17 Ma'än Ma'än, "Israel to evacuate 200 Palestinians in Jordan Valley for settlement expansion"
6.11.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "The Chained Jailers of Gaza"
6.11.17 New York Times AP, "Israeli PM Pledges West Bank Bypass Roads for Settlers"
5.11.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces detain Palestinian teachers on their way to school in Hebron hills"
3.11.17 Haaretz Anshel Pfeffer, "Netanyahu Suggests a Sovereign State Might Not Work for Palestinians"
2.11.17 Haaretz Zvi Bar'el, "Allowing Gaza-Egypt Border Crossings to Open, Israel Renders Its Blockade Useless"
1.11.17 Haaretz Anshel Pfeffer, "In U.K., Netanyahu Says He Won't Forget How British Failed to Fulfill Balfour Declaration"
30.10.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Israel destroys tunnel from Gaza, killing seven Palestinians"
30.10.17 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, Amir Tibon, "Palestinian Reconciliation: Abbas Vows No Government Role for Hamas Officials Who Refuse to Publicly Recognize Israel"
30.10.17 Haaretz Or Kashti, "School Field Trips That Whitewash the Occupation"
29.10.17 Haaretz Nir Hasson, Jonathan Lis, "Israeli Minister to Push Plan Aimed at Reducing Number of Arabs in Jerusalem"
29.10.17 New York Times AP, "Under US Pressure, Israel Delays Move to Expand Jerusalem"
28.10.17 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "In Highly Rare Move, Israel to Demolish Five Palestinian Residential Buildings Behind Separation Barrier"
27.10.17 Haaretz Reuters, "Israel Will Take Military Action to Stop Iran Nuclear Program if Trump's Efforts Fail, Intel Minister Warns"
27.10.17 New York Times Reuters, "FIFA Will Not to Intervene in Israel-Palestine Standoff"
26.10.17 Haaretz Chaim Levinson, Barak Ravid, "Israel Secretly Using U.S. Law Firm to Fight BDS Activists in Europe, North America"
26.10.17 Haaretz Haaretz, "From Motorola to Ahava: The UN Blacklist of Companies Doing Business in Israeli Settlements"
26.10.17 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Netanyahu Meets Settler Leaders, Pledges $230 Million for West Bank Settlement Development "
24.10.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel delivers demolition notices, cuts off water to homes in Silwan"
23.10.17 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israel's Top Court Rejects Settlers' Claim, Orders Outpost Built on Palestinian Land Demolished"
23.10.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Dear Europe, Take Note: If You Want To, Israel Can Be Pressured"
23.10.17 New York Times AP, "Gaza to Get Second Cellular Network, From Qatar "
22.10.17 Haaretz Chaim Levinson, "Former Defense Minister, Courted by Labor Party: There'll Be No Peace, West Bank Can Hold Millions of More Settlers"
22.10.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Activists demand settlers leave Palestinian home in Hebron following court order"
20.10.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Electricity Returns to Palestinian Village, Three Months After Israel Confiscates Power System"
19.10.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "In Unprecedented Move, Eight European Countries to Demand Compensation From Israel for West Bank Demolitions"
19.10.17 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Netanyahu: Jordan Valley Will Always Remain a Part of Israel"
19.10.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Hamas Leader in Gaza: We Will Neither Disarm nor Recognize Israel"
19.10.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Trump's peace envoy conditions Palestinian reconciliation on disarming Hamas"
18.10.17 Haaretz Reuters, "U.S. Firm to Build Solar Plants in Blackout-plagued Gaza"
18.10.17 Haaretz Naama Riba, "Abandoned Palestinian Village in Jerusalem Named One of 25 Endangered World Monuments"
18.10.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces raid, shutdown Palestinian media offices over 'incitement'"
18.10.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel advances more than 2,000 settlement housing units in one week"
17.10.17 Guardian Ian Black, "The contested centenary of Britain’s ‘calamitous promise’"
16.10.17 New York Times Isabel Kershner, David M. Halbfinger, "Israel Moves Ahead on West Bank Settlements, but Guardedly"
15.10.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Hamas Has Relinquished Control of Gaza to Palestinian Authority, Official Says"
14.10.17 Guardian Donald Macintyre, "Tony Blair: ‘We were wrong to boycott Hamas after its election win’"
12.10.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Hamas and Fatah sign deal over control of Gaza Strip"
12.10.17 Haaretz David Rosenberg, "Why Is U.S. Congress Bent on Exorcising an Imaginary BDS Demon?"
12.10.17 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Hundreds of Jewish Teens Run Riot in Muslim Part of Jerusalem's Old City"
11.10.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Palestinian Reconciliation: Hamas Chief Voices Content After Day of Talks With Fatah"
10.10.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces detain Palestinian woman and child in West Bank raids"
9.10.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Fatah, Hamas delegations set off to Cairo for reconciliation talks"
9.10.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Hundreds of right-wing Israelis continue visits to Al-Aqsa Mosque for Jewish holiday"
8.10.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli authorities ban Muslims from Ibrahimi mosque over Jewish holiday"
8.10.17 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "30,000 Israelis, Palestinians Take Part in Women Wage Peace Rally in Jerusalem"
8.10.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli authorities ban Muslims from Ibrahimi mosque over Jewish holiday"
6.10.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Hamas: National Consensus Government has taken over in Gaza"
5.10.17 Haaretz Reuters, "Mohammed Dahlan, Chief Abbas Rival: Palestinian Unity Prioritized Over 'Impossible' Two-state Solution"
5.10.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces arrest Al-Aqsa security guard as settlers tour the holy site"
3.10.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Netanyahu backs annexation of 19 West Bank settlements"
3.10.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces demolish Palestinian Bedouin village for 119th time"
3.10.17 Washington Post AP, "Israel sets conditions for Hamas-Fatah deal"
2.10.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "11-year-old Palestinian shot in the head with rubber bullet during raid in Shufat"
2.10.17 New York Times AP, "Palestinian PM in Gaza in Reconciliation Effort"
30.9.17 Haaretz Anshel Pfeffer, "After 120 Years, Zionism Still Can't Answer Its Foundational Question"
29.9.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Hamas Reportedly Agrees to Egypt's New Plan for Prisoner Swap With Israel "
28.9.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Israel only occupies 2% of West Bank, says US ambassador"
28.9.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "UN sends warning letters to firms that trade in occupied Palestinian territories"
27.9.17 New York Times AP, "The Latest: Israel Says Interpol Acceptance Harms Peace"
27.9.17 New York Times AP, "Israel Trims Sentence of Soldier Who Killed Wounded Attacker"
26.9.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Three Israelis killed in gun attack by Palestinian assailant"
25.9.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "How Israel Tries to Get a Palestinian Family to Quit Their Home"
25.9.17 New York Times AP, "UN Envoy Says Israel Ignoring UN Demand to Halt Settlements"
24.9.17 Haaretz Ilan Lior, "Israel Jails Hundreds of African Asylum Seekers Without Trial Every Year"
23.9.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces detain two 14-year-old Palestinians in Hebron"
22.9.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Palestinian President Abbas Puts One-state Solution on the Table"
21.9.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinian rights groups submit evidence of Israeli 'war crimes' in West Bank to ICC"
21.9.17 Washington Post Karin Laub (AP), "Bet on Trump or challenge Israel? Palestinians mull strategy"
21.9.17 Washington Post Loveday Morris, Hazem Balousha, "The sea was a breath of fresh air for isolated Gaza. Now the water stinks."
20.9.17 Guardian Diana Butti, "Issa Amro is merely the latest casualty of Palestine’s war on free speech"
20.9.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel sentences injured Palestinian minor to more than 3 years in Israeli prison"
17.9.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Hamas Says Ready to Disband Gaza Administration, Hold Palestinian Elections"
15.9.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces suppress Palestinian marches in Hebron city"
15.9.17 Haaretz Ronit Marzan, "What Hamas’ Leader in Gaza Really Said About War With Israel"
14.9.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Egypt Reportedly Proposes New Plan for Hamas-Israel Prisoner Swap"
14.9.17 New York Times AP, "Israel Protests Marathon Body's Exclusion of West Bank Race"
14.9.17 New York Times AP, "Egypt Renews Push to End Palestinian Split"
13.9.17 New York Times Majd Al Waheidi, "In Gaza Reconciliation Effort, Palestinian Politician Seeks a Comeback"
13.9.17 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israeli Party Approves Annexation Plan to Coerce Palestinian Departure"
13.9.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Palestinian Authority Backtracks on Attempt to Gain Membership in UN Tourism Body"
13.9.17 Haaretz Ilan Lior, Jack Khoury, "Israel's High Court Overturns Recall of Hamas Legislators’ J’lem Residency After 11 Years"
13.9.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "UN's list of companies linked to settlements to be published despite Israeli, US pressure"
13.9.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces raid newly rebuilt Palestinian school, sparking fears of coming demolition"
13.9.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel buries Palestinians in 'cemetery of numbers' in defiance of ongoing appeal"
13.9.17 New York Times Majd Al Waheidi, "In Gaza Reconciliation Effort, Palestinian Politician Seeks a Comeback"
13.9.17 Washington Post Tia Goldenberg, "Rights group blasts Israeli banks for settlement expansion"
12.9.17 New York Times AP, "Jimmy Carter to Trump: 'Keep the Peace ... Tell the Truth'"
11.9.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli authorities demolish parts of Palestinian cemetery in Jerusalem"
11.9.17 New York Times AP, "Hamas Says Ready to Reconcile With Fatah With No Conditions"
11.9.17 New York Times Reuters, "World Bank Calls for Steps to Bolster Palestinian Economy"
10.9.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Palestinian Authority Suspends Funds to Prisoners' Rights Group 'Due to Israeli, U.S. Pressure'"
10.9.17 Haaretz Amos Harel, "Distress of Gaza’s Civilians Forces Hamas to Become More Flexible"
8.9.17 New York Times Roger Cohen, "Netanyahu’s No-State Solution"
7.9.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Gili Cohen, Haaretz, "Israel Strikes Assad Regime Target Linked to Chemical Weapons in Syria, Foreign Media Reports"
6.9.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Condemnations of Israeli Occupation Aren’t Enough"
6.9.17 New York Times AP, "Israel Sets Up Services for Settlers in Volatile Hebron"
5.9.17 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Jerusalem Churches Warn of Israel's 'Systematic' Erosion of Christian Presence in Holy Land"
5.9.17 Washington Post Aron Heller, "Israel evicts Arab family from Jerusalem home Jews claimed"
4.9.17 New York Times AP, "Wife of Jailed Palestinian Leader Barred From Prison Visits"
3.9.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Palestinian journalists face crackdown as Abbas tightens grip on media"
1.9.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Trump's ambassador to Israel refers to 'alleged occupation' of Palestinian territories"
1.9.17 Haaretz Gili Cohen, Jack Khoury, "Israeli Army Shuts Down Palestinian Radio Station and Arrests Palestinian Singer for Encouraging Terrorism"
1.9.17 Haaretz Amir Tibon, "Israelis Living on Southern Border Urge Trump Envoy to 'Dramatically Improve' Gaza Economy"
31.8.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel-Jordan relations remain frozen as Jordan refuses re-entry of Israeli ambassador"
31.8.17 New York Times AP, "Greek Orthodox Patriarch Targeted in Land Sales Complaint"
30.8.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "A Dangerous 71-year-old"
30.8.17 New York Times Reuters, "Israel Suspends Decision to Bar Al Jazeera Journalist"
29.8.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli Knesset members take to Al-Aqsa after Netanyahu lifts ban"
28.8.17 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Netanyahu Vows to Never Remove Israeli Settlements From West Bank: 'We're Here to Stay, Forever' "
27.8.17 Guardian AFP, "For one night only: Gaza’s first proper cinema screening in three decades"
27.8.17 New York Times AP, "UN Chief on 3-Day Visit to Israel, Palestinian Territories"
25.8.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Israel Revokes Citizenship of Hundreds of Negev Bedouin, Leaving Them Stateless"
25.8.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Palestinian Authority Backtracks: 6,000 Gazan Employees Won’t Be Forced to Retire Early"
23.8.17 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Revealed: Nearly 3,500 Settlement Homes Built on Private Palestinian Land"
23.8.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel seizes mobile classrooms in Palestinian village the day before school"
22.8.17 Haaretz Haaretz, "U.S. Trying to Prevent UN 'Blacklist' of Companies Working in Israeli Settlements"
22.8.17 Haaretz Almog Ben Zikri, "Israeli Court Orders Bedouin to Reimburse State for Cost of Demolishing Their Homes"
22.8.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinian Authority shows its ‘authoritarian’ face through Cyber Crimes Law"
21.8.17 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israel Threatens to Demolish Bedouin Homes Despite High Court Order"
20.8.17 Haaretz Hagai Amit, "Can a $830 Million Construction Project Stop Hamas on the Israel-Gaza Border?"
18.8.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "White House welcomes Palestinian students from Gaza"
18.8.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Egypt closes Rafah crossing after 4 day opening"
17.8.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "NGO: Palestinian territory facing 'worsening child protection crisis'"
17.8.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces demolish homes in Bedouin villages in southern Israel"
16.8.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces confiscate 47 dunams of land from Hebron-area village"
16.8.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel's ban on Palestinian citizens of Israel entering Al-Aqsa 'illegal,' rights group says"
16.8.17 New York Times Reuters, "Two Killed on Gaza-Egypt Border in Confrontation Between Hamas and Rival Islamist Militants"
16.8.17 Washington Post AP, "Israel revokes Al-Jazeera reporter’s press permit"
15.8.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Al-Araqib village: Palestinian Bedouins refuse to surrender 116 times"
14.8.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israel Delays Half of Gazans Seeking to Leave Strip for Medical Care, WHO Says"
13.8.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, AP, "Abbas Censors Criticism: Aims to Jail Critics on News Sites and Social Media"
12.8.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "UN expresses ‘deep concern’ over ever-worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza"
12.8.17 New York Times AP, "Greek Orthodox Church Aims to Block Property Sale in Court"
11.8.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Hamas Denies Existence of Plan to Relinquish Control of Gaza Amid Humanitarian Crisis"
11.8.17 New York Times AP, "Palestinian Leader Curbs Social Media Expression in Decree"
10.8.17 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Ignoring Court Case, Israel Seizes Solar Panels Powering Bedouin School in West Bank"
10.8.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces raid mosque in central West Bank, detain 3 Palestinian worshippers"
10.8.17 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "Israel’s Getting a New Wall, This One With a Twist"
9.8.17 Haaretz Haarretz Editorial, "Bylaws: No Entry for Arabs"
8.8.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Report: Israeli forces detain 880 Palestinians, including 144 children, in July"
8.8.17 New York Times AP, "Gazan Travelers Face New Restrictions From Israel"
7.8.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "So Ordered the Israeli Army: The Trumpeter and Violinist Can't Leave Gaza for the West Bank"
7.8.17 New York Times Reuters, "Jordan's King Abdullah Discusses Holy Site Tensions in Ramallah"
7.8.17 New York Times Reuters, "Reign of Sewage in Biblical Valley May Be Coming to an End"
6.8.17 New Yorker Hussein Agha. Ahmad Samih Khalidi, "The End of This Road: The Decline of the Palestinian National Movement"
6.8.17 Haaretz Noa Shpigel, "Setting Precedent, Israeli Court Approves Revoking Citizenship of Convicted Terrorist"
6.8.17 Washington Post William Booth, Hazem Balousha, "Trapped between Israel and Hamas, Gaza’s wasted generation is going nowhere"
5.8.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Abbas Vows to Continue Restricting Funds to Gaza as Long as Hamas Remains in Power"
4.8.17 Haaretz Haaretz, "Israel's High Court Temporarily Bars Removal of Trailers From Illegal West Bank Outpost "
4.8.17 Haaretz Or Kashti, "Upscale Israeli Country Club Changes Rules to Prevent Arabs From Joining"
4.8.17 Haaretz Daniel Blatman, "For the Nakba, There's No Need of an 'Expulsion Policy'"
4.8.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinian security forces officer sentenced to 5 years in Israeli prison"
4.8.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces detain Jerusalemite lawmaker, 2 months after release from prison"
3.8.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Hamas to dissolve administrative committee if PA halts all punitive measures in Gaza"
3.8.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli army enters Gaza, opens fire on Palestinian farmers amid search for tunnels"
3.8.17 New York Times Reuters, "Bill to Cut Off Aid to Palestinians Passed by U.S. Committee"
2.8.17 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "His Health Crisis Made Public, Palestinian Envoy Pushes On"
1.8.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel demolishes Palestinian Bedouin village for 116th time"
31.7.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "'The worst it's been': children continue to swim as raw sewage floods Gaza beac"
31.7.17 Guardian Gershom Gorenberg, "When will Netanyahu wake up and see Palestinians are part of Jerusalem, too?"
31.7.17 Haaretz Yossi Verter, "Netanyahu joins mob that sees Hebron shooter's judges as traitors who should stand trial"
31.7.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel to deport West Bank Palestinian detainee to Gaza Strip"
30.7.17 Haaretz Tony Klug, "If Israel's occupation doesn't end, anti-Semitism worldwide will rise to sinister heights"
30.7.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces raid PalMedia headquarters in Ramallah, seize equipment and documents"
30.7.17 New York Times Nathan Thrall, Robert Blecher, "The Next War in Gaza Is Brewing. Here’s How to Stop It."
29.7.17 Haaretz Benny Morris, "Israel Had No 'Expulsion Policy' Against the Palestinians in 1948"
28.7.17 Haaretz Almog Ben Zikri, "Hundreds of Bedouin Protest Demolitions in Israel's Negev Desert "
27.7.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, Jack Khoury, "Abbas Resisting U.S. Pressure to Help Defuse Temple Mount Tensions"
27.7.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, Jack Khoury, "Netanyahu Offers Swapping Israeli Arab Communities With Settlements in Future Deal With Palestinians"
27.7.17 New York Times Nicholas St. Fleur, "Fate of Ancient Canaanites Seen in DNA Analysis: They Survived"
27.7.17 Washington Post Fares Akram, "Gaza power-sharing deal moves ahead with parliament meeting"
26.7.17 Guardian Daniel Boffey, "EU court upholds Hamas terror listing"
26.7.17 Haaretz Marilyn Garson, "In 2014, UN Schools Offered Precious Shelter for Gaza's Civilians. Then Israel Bombed Them"
26.7.17 Haaretz Haaretz, "Gaza Power Watch: How Many Hours of Electricity Did Gaza Get Yesterday"
25.7.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "After Cabinet Decision, Israel Begins Removing Metal Detectors From Temple Mount "
25.7.17 Haaretz Bradley Burston, "When Israel Threatens Palestinians With a New Nakba, It Threatens Itself With Extinction"
25.7.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel accused of showing ‘sweeping disregard’ for Palestinian life in Jerusalem"
25.7.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers attempt to take control of Palestinian house in Hebron"
25.7.17 New York Times AP, "Israel Bars Entry to 5 US Activists Under Anti-BDS Law"
24.7.17 Haaretz Amir Tibon, "Democrats in Congress Rethink Anti-boycott Bill in Wake of ACLU Warning"
24.7.17 Haaretz Zvi Bar'el, "This Is Why Arab States Are Conspicuously Silent on Temple Mount Crisis"
23.7.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Temple Mount Crisis: Jerusalem Unifies the Muslims Through Struggle"
22.7.17 Guardian Sarah Helm, "Bitter Palestinian rivalry adds to the agony of Gaza’s vulnerable"
22.7.17 Haaretz Gili Cohen , Yotam Berger, Jack Khoury, "Palestinian Stabs Three Israelis to Death During Family Meal in Settlement Home"
22.7.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "New Restrictions in Hebron Aim to Cut More Palestinians Off From Each Other"
22.7.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "PA information ministry denounces Israel's targeting of journalists at protests"
21.7.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Six dead as Israeli-Palestinian tensions boil over"
21.7.17 Haaretz Haaretz Editorial, "A City Without Borders"
20.7.17 Haaretz Aluf Benn, "Netanyahu’s Message to the World: Accept Israel as It Is, Occupier and Settler "
20.7.17 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "New Israeli Construction Plan to Cut Off Ramallah From East Jerusalem"
20.7.17 Washington Post Daniel Nerenberg, "Jerusalem is especially volatile right now. This is why."
19.7.17 Guardian Phoebe Greenwood, "Anger and mistrust in Gaza as Hamas hunts for Israel 'collaborators'"
19.7.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli officials call for government to scrap plan for Palestinian housing in Area C"
18.7.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Jerusalem Without Palestinians?"
18.7.17 Haaretz Zafrir Rinat, "Untreated Sewage Flowing From West Bank and East Jerusalem Is Polluting Israeli Streams"
15.7.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel continues closure of Al-Aqsa Mosque compound for 2nd day"
15.7.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinian activist placed under house arrest after TV interview on Jerusalem attack"
15.7.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli president: return of Israeli soldiers 'precondition' for reconstruction of Gaza"
12.7.17 Haaretz Bradley Burston, "Netanyahu's New Start-up Nation: Israel, the Anti-Jewish State"
12.7.17 Haaretz DPA, "Gaza's Last Power Plant Just Shut Down, Plunging the Strip Into Darkness"
12.7.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel sentences Palestinian leader Khalida Jarrar to six months without charge or trial"
10.7.17 Haaretz Ilan Lior, "Israel Breaks Up Foreign Worker Couples by Denying Employment Permits"
9.7.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Hamas seeks help from Palestinian foe to relieve pressure on Gaza"
8.7.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel shuts down beaches polluted by sewage from besieged Gaza Strip"
8.7.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Gaza power authority: Egypt curbs fuel delivery after PA freezes bank transfers"
8.7.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "18-month-old Palestinian dies after being injured with Israeli tear gas 2 months ago"
7.7.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Unesco makes Hebron old city Palestinian world heritage site"
6.7.17 Haaretz Almog Ben Zikri, "Electricity Shortages in Gaza Lead to Beach Pollution Just Over the Border in Israel"
4.7.17 Haaretz Judy Maltz, "U.S. Rabbis Just Got a Close-up Look at Occupation in the West Bank - and It’s Not a Pretty Sight"
4.7.17 Washington Post AP, "Palestinian president forces Gaza workers into retirement"
3.7.17 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "After Long Freeze, Israel Again Promoting East Jerusalem Construction for Jews"
3.7.17 Washington Post Anne-Marie O'Connor, "This Palestinian village had solar power — until Israeli soldiers took it away"
2.7.17 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israel's Attorney General Authorized Legalizing Settler Buildings on Private Palestinian Land"
2.7.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "130 Diaspora Jews Stand Between the Israeli Army and a Palestinian Cave Village "
2.7.17 Washington Post AP, "Israel detains Palestinian lawmaker on security allegations"
1.7.17 Haaretz Hagai El-Ad, "The Cover-up Theater of the Occupation"
1.7.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Dutch Protest Israeli Seizure of Palestinian Solar Panels They Funded in West Bank"
30.6.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Hamas Preparing Buffer Zone Along Gaza-Egypt Border"
30.6.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Palestinian Authority to Resume Issuing Permits for Gazans Seeking Urgent Medical Treatment in Israel "
29.6.17 Haaretz Zvi Bar'el, "The Dahlan Plan: Without Hamas and Without Abbas"
29.6.17 New York Times Reuters, "'Carrot, Not Stick': Israel Pushes Its Curriculum in Palestinian Schools"
28.6.17 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israel Tackles Environmental Hazards in West Bank - in Violation of Oslo Accords"
28.6.17 Washington Post AP, "Israeli troops kill Palestinian who shot at them, army says"
27.6.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Two Babies Die in Gaza After Palestinian Authority Denies Treatment in Israel"
26.6.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Palestinian Authority Prevents Gazans From Leaving Strip for Urgent Medical Treatment in Israel"
25.6.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Giving in to ultra-Orthodox, Cabinet Drops Compromise on Mixed Prayer Space at Western Wall"
23.6.17 Haaretz Judy Maltz, "Americans Disproportionately Leading the Charge in Settling the West Bank"
23.6.17 Haaretz Uri Blau, "Firebrand Anti-leftist Group, Which Slams Foreign Funding of Israeli NGOs, Received Over $1M From U.S. Donors"
22.6.17 Haaretz Amir Tibon, "Hundreds of Former Israeli Generals Warn U.S. Taylor Force Act Could Create Security Risks for Israel"
21.6.17 Haaretz Allison Kaplan Sommer, "Ehud Barak Warns: Israel Faces 'Slippery Slope' Toward Apartheid"
21.6.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Germany Won't Backtrack From Unprecedented Criticism of Israel's Treatment of Foreign-funded NGOs"
21.6.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Dutch-Palestinian Begins Civil Proceedings Against ex-IDF Chief of Staff Over Gaza Family's Deaths"
21.6.17 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "50 Years After Six-Day War, East Jerusalem's Palestinians Remain Prisoners in Their City"
21.6.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Germany: Israel's Treatment of NGOs With Foreign Funding Is Like Russia and China"
21.6.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "A Palestinian Is Killed and a Jew Is Convicted. The Bullet? An Accident"
21.6.17 Haaretz Bradley Burston, "Israel's Plague of Darkness for Gazans Is an Act of Terrorism"
21.6.17 Haaretz Allison Kaplan Sommer, "Ehud Barak Warns: Israel Faces 'Slippery Slope' Toward Apartheid "
21.6.17 Haaretz Gili Cohen, "In First, Germany to Send Fighter Jets to Train in Israel "
21.6.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Reports show construction plans for Palestinians in Area C an 'exaggeration'"
20.6.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Israel begins work on first settlement in 25 years as Jared Kushner flies in"
20.6.17 Guardian Ben Jamal, "This ruling allows councils to boycott Israel. It’s a crucial victory"
20.6.17 Haaretz Haaretz, "IN PHOTOS: Israelis Fly Paper Lanterns in Solidarity With Power-starved Gaza"
19.6.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Hamas leader confirms alliance with Muhammad Dahlan against PA"
16.6.17 New York Times Roger Cohen, "Israel-Palestine From Both Sides of the Mirror"
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14.6.17 Haaretz Amos Harel, "Israel in Talks With Egypt, Europeans in Bid to Solve Gaza Electricity Crisis"
14.6.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel demolishes Palestinian Bedouin village for 114th time"
13.6.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli bill seeking to cut millions in PA funds deemed 'assault' on Palestinian resistance"
13.6.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces level privately-owned Palestinian lands in Nablus area"
13.6.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel's renewal of law restricting family unification condemned as 'apartheid'"
12.6.17 Haaretz Yossi Verter, "Netanyahu, Herzog Secretly Met With Egypt's Sissi in Cairo Last Year Amid Regional Peace Effort"
12.6.17 Haaretz Haaretz, "Israel Conference on Peace: Rivlin’s Hope, Abbas’ Offer, Tibi’s Despair"
12.6.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Gaza braces itself for 'collapse' after Israel approves reduction of electricity supply"
12.6.17 New York Times AP, "Despite Conflicts, Mideast Research Center to Launch in Fall"
11.6.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Netanyahu: I Told American UN Envoy Nikki Haley UNRWA Should Be Dismantled"
10.6.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel extends administrative detention of 3 prominent Palestinian activists"
10.6.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Hamas mulls new security measures for Gaza border after Egyptian ultimatum"
8.6.17 Haaretz Daniel Barenboim, "Germany Is Repaying Its post-Holocaust Debts to Israel - but Not to the Palestinians"
8.6.17 Haaretz Amir Tibon, "Exclusive: Obama’s Detailed Plans for Mideast Peace Revealed - and How Everything Fell Apart "
7.6.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers take over Palestinian lands in Salfit, erect illegal outpost"
6.6.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "UN human rights chief calls for end to Israel's occupation of Palestine"
6.6.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "A day in the life of the West Bank occupation"
5.6.17 Haaretz Alex Levac, "The Israeli Occupation Through the Lens of Acclaimed Photojournalist Alex Levac "
5.6.17 Haaretz Mohammed Azaizeh, "And Then the Power Was Cut in the Children's Hospital in Gaza"
5.6.17 Haaretz Yair Ashkenazi, "Banned Play on Palestinian Prisoners, Occupation Throws Israeli Theater Festival Into Turmoil"
3.6.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Qatar Reportedly Asks Certain Hamas Officials to Leave Capital City Doha "
2.6.17 Haaretz Or Kashti, "Rothschild Foundation Uses Threats to Keep Poor Arab Israeli Town Tiny "
1.6.17 Haaretz David Rosenberg, "Who Profits From the Israel's Occupation of the West Bank? "
1.6.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "3,000 Palestinian minors killed by Israel since 2000, PA says on Children's Day"
31.5.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Extremist Israelis march through Silwan on Jewish holiday, smashing car windows"
31.5.17 Washington Post Karin Laub, Fares Akram, "Palestinian power struggle threatens further Gaza power cuts"
29.5.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces assault Palestinians, international activists in Sarura protest camp"
27.5.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Mass Palestinian hunger strike in Israeli jails ends after visitation deal"
27.5.17 Haaretz AP, "UN Envoy Says Electricity Cuts Endanger Lives in Gaza"
26.5.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "European Ambassadors Boycott Tour of New Israeli Rail Route Because It Traverses West Bank "
25.5.17 Washington Post AP, "Israel to reduce Gaza electricity citing Palestinian spat"
24.5.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israel’s Joke Of Gestures"
22.5.17 Haaretz Haaretz, "Prominent Feminist Historian Rejects Israeli Academic Award "
22.5.17 Washington Post AP, "Israel: Palestinian killed attacking police as Trump visited"
20.5.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "White House publishes map of Israel omitting Palestinian territory, Golan Heights"
19.5.17 Haaretz Gili Cohen, Jack Khoury, "Hundreds of Palestinians Clash With Israeli Forces in West Bank and Gaza; Dozens Hurt"
19.5.17 Washington Post AP, "Officials: Palestinians injured during rallies for prisoners"
18.5.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Israeli minister's Jerusalem dress proves controversial in Cannes"
17.5.17 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Experts: Tens of Thousands of Palestinians Living in East Jerusalem Unaccounted for in Data"
17.5.17 Ma'an Al-Shabaka, "The Palestinian Authority security forces: Whose security?"
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16.5.17 Haaretz Amir Tibon, "Trump's National Security Adviser Refuses Twice to Say Western Wall Is Part of Israel"
15.5.17 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Plan to Build New Homes in Israeli Settlement in West Bank Put Into Motion"
15.5.17 Haaretz Gili Cohen, Jack Khoury, "Israel Navy Fatally Shoots Palestinian Fisherman Off Gaza Coast"
14.5.17 Washington Post Mohammed Daraghmeh (AP), "Ruling Fatah party fares poorly in Palestinian elections"
13.5.17 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israeli Soldiers Caught on Tape Looking on as Settlers Throw Stones at Palestinians"
13.5.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinians cast votes for local elections in West Bank amid boycott calls"
12.5.17 Haaretz Reuters, "With No Currency of Their Own, Palestinians Eye 'Bitcoin' as Alternative to Israeli Cash"
12.5.17 Haaretz Amos Harel, "A New Reality Is Taking Shape Along the Gaza-Israel Border"
12.5.17 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, "Israeli Cabinet Panel to Consider Bill Barring High Court Petitions on Behalf of Palestinians"
12.5.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Gili Cohen, Yotam Berger, "Palestinian Youth Killed in Clashes With Israeli Army in West Bank"
12.5.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel closes Bethlehem-area roads for Israeli settler marathon"
11.5.17 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "How a Meeting With a Shin Bet Agent Destroyed This Palestinian's Life"
10.5.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Gaza's Health Ministry Warns: Palestinian Authority to Stop Sending Medicine, Baby Formula to Hospitals"
9.5.17 Guardian Kareem Shaheen, "Turkey's president raises tensions with criticism of Israel"
9.5.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "FIFA Council Removes Draft Resolution on Israeli Settlement Teams From Congress Agenda"
8.5.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Israeli video appears to show Palestinian hunger striker eating in prison"
8.5.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Teenage Palestinian girl 'executed in cold blood,' witnesses say"
7.5.17 Haaretz Amos Harel, "Ismail Haniyeh's Election as New Hamas Politburo Chief Brings Gaza Back to Center Stage"
7.5.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Hundreds of Palestinians return to Gaza through Egypt's Rafah crossing"
6.5.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Abbas' Meeting With Trump Proves the PA Is Strong - Even When It's Weak"
6.5.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Egypt opens Rafah crossing in one direction for 3 days"
6.5.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Hamas rejects alleged Abbas decree that seeks to exempt Gazans from taxes"
4.5.17 Guardian AFP, "Donald Trump tells Abbas 'we will get it done' on Israel-Palestinian peace deal"
4.5.17 Haaretz B. Michael, "The Legend of Israel's Enlightened Declaration of Independence"
3.5.17 Haaretz Ravit Hecht, "Israel Expelling Dutch Journalist Critical of the Occupation, Cites Visa Problems"
3.5.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Somebody in Hamas Got Scared, and This Sentence Was Deleted"
3.5.17 New York Times Peter Baker, "Trump, Bullish on Mideast Peace, Will Need More Than Confidence"
2.5.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "UNESCO Passes Resolution Critical of Israeli Conduct in Jerusalem and Gaza"
2.5.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settler shot dead after allegedly attempting to stab Israeli forces at checkpoint"
1.5.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "UN says there is 'urgent need' to address crisis in Gaza in latest report"
1.5.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers fly Israeli flag over Hebron's Ibrahimi Mosque"
1.5.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Hamas unveils new charter, accepts 1967 borders for future Palestinian state"
30.4.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Tensions Between Israel and Germany Intensify Over Critical UNESCO Resolution"
30.4.17 Haaretz Judy Maltz, "Visitors Not Welcome: Israel Taking Border Control to New Extremes With Tourist Bans"
28.4.17 Haaretz Amir Tibon, "New Republican Caucus Aims to Shift U.S. Policy From Peacemaking to 'Defeating' Palestinians"
28.4.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovich, "No Meetings, No Radios and No Salt: How Israel Is Pressuring Palestinian Hunger Strikers"
27.4.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovich, "Israeli Public Security Minister Bans E. Jerusalem Conference, Saying It Was Organized by Palestinian Authority"
27.4.17 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "Challenging Hamas, Palestinian Authority Cuts Electricity Payments for Gaza"
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26.4.17 Washington Post Julie M. Norman, "Five myths about the Palestinian hunger strike"
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23.4.17 Washington Post Karin Laub (AP), "Plight of Palestinian refugees now spans 5 generations"
20.4.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Israel Fighting to Stop FIFA From Suspending Settlement Soccer Teams"
20.4.17 Haaretz Carol Cook, "Over Passover, Settlers Attacked Three Grandmothers. I Was One of Them"
20.4.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Pro-Israel lobbies in London campaign to prevent screening of Barghouthi biopic"
20.4.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Israel Releases Arab Held 11 Months Without Charge After Failing to Indict Him"
19.4.17 Haaretz Avraham Burg, "The Dangerous Silence of Decent Religious Zionists"
19.4.17 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, "Netanyahu Defends 2014 Gaza War: Israel Did Everything to Try to Avoid Conflict"
17.4.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israel go on hunger strike"
17.4.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces shut down 2 bookstores in Hebron over 'incitement'"
17.4.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Less than a third of Gaza's power needs met after sole power plant shuts down"
17.4.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli officials implement series of punitive actions against hunger-striking prisoners"
17.4.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovich, "Israel Places Palestinian Leader Marwan Barghouti in Solitary Over Prisoners' Hunger Strike"
16.4.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinian woman released after serving 15-year sentence in Israeli prison"
16.4.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Bethlehem-area village receives 11 demolition orders in weeks"
16.4.17 Haaretz Amos Harel, "Israel Arrested 400 Palestinians Suspected of Planning Attacks After Monitoring Social Networks"
16.4.17 New York Times Marwan Barghouti, "Why We Are on Hunger Strike in Israel’s Prisons"
15.4.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Joint statement: 1 million Palestinians detained by Israel since 1948"
13.4.17 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israeli Police in West Bank Close Cases of Offenses Against Palestinians Without Investigating"
13.4.17 New York Times AP, "50 Years After War, Settlements Blur Future Borders"
12.4.17 Haaretz Or Kashti, "Israel Admits It Lost the Bodies of Seven Palestinian Terrorists"
10.4.17 Guardian Jeff Sparrow, "Liberal defenders of free speech curiously silent over banning of Bassem Tamimi"
10.4.17 Haaretz Arik Ascherman, "A Fifth Question for Israelis to Ask Themselves on Passover"
9.4.17 Haaretz Gili Cohen, "Israel Warns UN of Imminent Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza Strip "
7.4.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Hamdallah defends salary cuts in Gaza, demands Hamas hand over power to PA"
6.4.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Israel sunk in 'incremental tyranny', say former Shin Bet chiefs"
6.4.17 Guardian AFP, "Israeli soldier killed in West Bank car-ramming attack"
5.4.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli planes spray pesticides on Palestinian farmlands in southern Gaza"
5.4.17 Washington Post Fares Akram, Mohammed Daraghmeh (AP), "Palestinian government slashes salaries for Gaza employees"
4.4.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "EU Sharply Protests Israeli Demolition of Palestinian Homes in Area C, Warns It Will Lead to 'Forced Transfer' "
4.4.17 New York Times Reuters, "EU Ambassador Denounces Israel's West Bank Demolitions Policy"
3.4.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli authorities uproot 150 olive trees in Salfit for 'damaging view of nature reserve'"
2.4.17 New York Times AP, "Human Rights Watch Says Israel Blocking Access to Gaza"
31.3.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Israeli guidelines point to largely unconstrained settlement expansion"
31.3.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Israel Approves First New West Bank Settlement in Over 20 Years for Amona Evacuees"
31.3.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Germany, France, EU and Britain Severely Condemn Establishment of New Settlement for Amona Evacuees"
30.3.17 Haaretz Judy Maltz, "Cameras Are Changing the Fight Against the Israeli Occupation. This Is How"
29.3.17 Guardian AFP, "Palestinian woman shot dead trying to stab Israeli police, officials say"
29.3.17 New York Times AP, "Israel Slashes Dues to UN Following Anti-Israel Votes"
29.3.17 Washington Post Ruth Eglash, "How junkyard cars from Israel have become deadly Palestinian treasures"
28.3.17 New York Times Reuters, "Arab Leaders Seek Common Ground at Summit on Palestinian State"
27.3.17 Haaretz Yuval Evri, "Israel's City of David: A Tourist Attraction Concealing a Violent Enterprise"
26.3.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Abbas receives German 'Hope for Peace' prize amid growing Palestinian discontent"
26.3.17 New York Times AP, "Settler Leader: Population Growth Is End of 2-State Solution"
25.3.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israeli and Palestinian Experts Draw Up Road Map to Save Palestinian Economy" Allow movement between the West Bank and Gaza, reopen the airport, build a port and let the Palestinians develop tourism in the Jordan Valley. These are just a few of the recommendations in two new studies.
25.3.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel installs new surveillance cameras inside Palestinian villages"
24.3.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Human Rights Council Urges States and Businesses to Cut Off Ties to Israeli Settlements"
24.3.17 Haaretz Amos Harel, Jack Khoury, "Senior Hamas Militant Gunned Down by Unknown Assassins in Gaza"
23.3.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Israeli Police Refuse to Grant Permit for Annual Nakba March"
22.3.17 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "How Israel Is Quietly Connecting Jerusalem to Its Neighboring Settlement "
22.3.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "U.S. Asked Israel to Freeze Construction Outside Settlement Blocs, Israeli Source Says"
21.3.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Israeli Ministry Trying to Compile Database of Citizens Who Support BDS"
21.3.17 Guardian AFP, "Inquiry clears World Vision Gaza of diverting funds to Hamas"
21.3.17 Haaretz Gili Cohen, "Ex-Mossad Chief Says Occupation Is Israel's Only Existential Threat"
21.3.17 Haaretz Haaretz, "Israel Arrests BDS Founder Omar Barghouti for Tax Evasion"
21.3.17 Washington Post Anne-Marie O'Connor, "Small farmers struggle worldwide, but Palestinian farmers really have it rough"
20.3.17 Haaretz Aluf Benn, "The Liquidator From Washington Comes Calling on Netanyahu"
20.3.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "A Spoke in the Wheel of Israeli Colonialism"
18.3.17 Haaretz Uri Blau, "Documents Reveal How Israel Made Amnesty's Local Branch a Front for the Foreign Ministry in the 70s"
17.3.17 Haaretz Amos Harel, Gili Cohen, "Israel, Assad Regime Engage in Most Serious Military Incident Since Outbreak of Syrian Civil War"
17.3.17 Haaretz Reuters, Haaretz, AP, "Arab Diplomat Resigns UN Post Amid Pressure to Pull Report Accusing Israel of 'Apartheid'"
17.3.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinian teen shot dead, another seriously injured by Israeli forces near Hebron"
16.3.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Israel Drastically Reduced Number of Exit Permits for Gazans"
16.3.17 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "In Precedent-setting Ruling, Israel's Top Court Recognizes East Jerusalem Arabs as 'Native-born Residents'"
16.3.17 Haaretz Reuters, "In First, UN Agency Accuses Israel of Being an 'Apartheid Regime'"
16.3.17 Washington Post Ian Deitch (AP), "Israel blacklists Palestinian fund as US envoy visits"
15.3.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Palestinian Authority Blindness - or Collaboration?"
15.3.17 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Secret Document Reveals Israel Expelled Gazans Right After Six-Day War"
14.3.17 Haaretz Sami Peretz, "Israel's Gaza Island Mystery: Everyone Seems to Be on Board but Netanyahu"
14.3.17 Washington Post Josef Federman (AP), "Israel briefly detains Palestinian mapper of settler growth"
13.3.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Trump adviser heads to Israel amid absence of coherent US policy"
13.3.17 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israel Police Fail to Charge Offenders in 95% of Reported anti-Palestinian Attacks"
13.3.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinian teen detained in Hebron as group claims Israeli forces tried to plant knife on scene"
13.3.17 Washington Post Mohammed Daraghmeh (AP), "Palestinian marchers seek Abbas resignation over Israel ties"
10.3.17 Haaretz Taly Krupkin, "Israel's Travel Ban Backlash: Over 100 Jewish Studies Scholars Threaten to Not Visit Israel in Protest"
10.3.17 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Israeli Court Asked Palestinian Parents to Prove Jailed Boy Is an Amputee"
10.3.17 New York Times AP, "Palestinian Leader Invited to White House in Trump Call"
9.3.17 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Jack Khoury, "Israeli Minister Blocks Women’s Day Event in East Jerusalem, Citing Palestinian Authority Ties"
9.3.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "A Worthy Sacrifice for a Judeo-Samarian"
9.3.17 New York Times Jan Fisher, Majd Al Waheidi, "New Hamas Charter Would Name ‘Occupiers,’ Not ‘Jews,’ as the Enemy"
7.3.17 Haaretz Judy Maltz, "Trump's Israel Envoy Pick Gave Funds to Settle Jews in Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City"
6.3.17 Guardian AFP, "Israel passes law barring entry for supporters of boycott of Jewish state"
6.3.17 Haaretz Gili Cohen, "Israeli Army Leans Towards Appealing Lenient Sentence for Soldier Convicted of Extrajudicial Shooting"
5.3.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Israeli Minister to Demand Cabinet Discuss His Plan to Build Gaza Island Port "
5.3.17 Haaretz Amir Tibon, "U.S. Human Rights Report Dedicates More Pages to Israel, Palestinians Than Anywhere Else"
5.3.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinian immediately redetained by Israel upon being released from prison"
4.3.17 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Over 12,000 Palestinians Living in Limbo, 15 Years After 'Temporary' Israeli Status"
3.3.17 Guardian Reuters, "Welcome to the Wall: Artist Banksy Opens Bethlehem Hotel"
3.3.17 Haaretz Moshe Gilad, "Banksy takes on Israel's West Bank barrier with hotel with 'worst view in the world'"
1.3.17 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "West Bank Home of Israeli Lawmaker Who Championed Land-grab Law Built Illegally"
28.2.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "In First, Israeli Military Court Throws Out Palestinian Boy’s Interrogation"
28.2.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, Gili Cohen, "Gaza War: 11 Key Headlines From Scathing Report Rattling Israel's Politicians and Military"
28.2.17 New York Times Reuters, "Asia Presses FIFA for Urgent Solution to Israeli-Palestinian Dispute"
28.2.17 New York Times AP, "Palestinian Government: No Voting in May in Hamas-Run Gaza"
27.2.17 Haaretz Amir Tibon, "Bernie Sanders: We Need to End the 50-year-long Israeli Occupation"
27.2.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli army hits Gaza with multiple airstrikes, injuring 4 Palestinians"
27.2.17 New York Times Reuters, "Egypt Deports Top Palestinian Official on Arrival at Cairo Airport"
26.2.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinian children attend class in the street after Israel shuts down school"
24.2.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Israel Backtracks on Human Rights Watch: Willing to Reexamine Work Visa Request"
24.2.17 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "A Palestinian Was Standing Still at a Checkpoint. Why Did Israeli Troops Shoot Him Dead?"
23.2.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Israel Barring Palestinians From Entering for Medical Care Over Cellphones, Witnesses Say"
23.2.17 Haaretz Aluf Benn, "With Supreme Court Picks, Netanyahu's Government Launches Anti-constitutional Revolution"
23.2.17 New York Times AP, "Israel Reinstates Life Term of Hamas Prisoner Freed in Swap"
22.2.17 Haaretz Taly Krupkin, "Trump’s Inspiration for 'Last Night in Sweden' Filmed Himself Throwing Stones at Palestinians"
21.2.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Hebron Shooting: 'Palestinian Kids Get Harsher Sentences for Throwing Stones'"
21.2.17 Washington Post Ruth Eglash, William Booth, "Israeli soldier sentenced to 18 months for shooting disarmed Palestinian attacker"
20.2.17 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "In Rare Move, Israel Orders Demolition of Entire West Bank Bedouin Village"
19.2.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Fatah Picks Senior Party Officials, Leading Candidate Barghouti Jilted"
19.2.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Netanyahu Backpedals on New Settlement, Tells Ministers Israel at Odds With Trump"
19.2.17 Haaretz Or Kashti, "Israel to Seize West Bank Widow's Inheritance Using Absentee Property Law"
19.2.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers threaten Bedouins in Jordan Valley, attack their sheep"
19.2.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Gaza court sentences to death 6 Palestinians accused of collaborating with Israel"
18.2.17 Haaretz Amir Tibon, "In Interview to Haaretz, Tim Kaine Warns Trump: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Is About People, Not Real Estate"
16.2.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Heavy rain inundates homes in Gaza Strip, forces schools to shut down"
14.2.17 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, "President Rivlin: Israel Should Annex West Bank, Give Palestinians Full Citizenship"
14.2.17 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Palestinian Dies After Being Shot by Israeli Troops on His Way to His Last Chemo Session"
13.2.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces block off main road in Bethlehem area"
13.2.17 New York Times Reuters, "Hamas Picks Former Head of Security Apparatus as New Gaza Chief"
12.2.17 Haaretz Allison Kaplan Sommer, "In Major Fumble for Israel, Some NFL Players Cancel Visit: 'Want to See Gaza as Well' "
11.2.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Words 'Palestinian State' Mustn't Be Uttered in Trump-Netanyahu Meet, Bennett Warns"
11.2.17 Haaretz AP, "U.S. Blocks Former Palestinian Premier From Leading UN Mission to Libya"
10.2.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Trump in apparent U-turn on Israeli settlement growth"
10.2.17 Haaretz Reuters, "UN to Delay Release of 'Blacklist' of Businesses Linked to Israeli Settlements"
10.2.17 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "'State of Jenin': A Palestinian Refugee Camp Raided by Israeli Troops Night After Night"
9.2.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Netanyahu Summons Ambassador for Rebuke Over Belgian PM's Meeting With Left-wing NGOs"
9.2.17 New York Times AP, "Israel Apologizes Over Questioning of American Activist"
8.2.17 Guardian Yehuda Shaul, "Netanyahu wants to repress my group, Breaking the Silence. May, don’t help him"
8.2.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Germany makes rare criticism of Israel over West Bank outposts vote"
6.2.17 Haaretz Haaretz, "Gaza Tensions Flare Up: Israel Pounds Hamas Targets From Land and Air After Rocket Fire "
6.2.17 Washington Post William Booth, "Israel passes bill to seize private Palestinian land for Jewish settlements"
6.2.17 Haaretz Haaretz, "Israel Strikes Hamas Position in Gaza in Retaliation for Rocket Fire"
5.2.17 Haaretz Or Kashti, "Israeli High School Exams Skip Questions About Occupation"
5.2.17 Haaretz Dan Ben-David, "The One-state Solution: Putting Jet Engines on the Titanic"
4.2.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel continues construction on separation wall in Hebron"
2.2.17 Haaretz Almog Ben Zikri, "Killing of Bedouin Driver: New Video Contradicts Claim by Israeli Police"
2.2.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel returns body of Palestinian teen killed in November"
2.2.17 New York Times AP, "In Shift, Trump Warns Israel Against New Settlements"
1.2.17 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Israel evicts Amona settlers as 3,000 new homes approved elsewhere"
1.2.17 Haaretz Bradley Burston, "Trump Needs a Holy War"
1.2.17 New York Times Reuters, "For Hardline West Bank Settlers, Jared Kushner's Their Man"
31.1.17 Guardian Secret aid worker:, "Development in Palestine is hostage to politics"
31.1.17 Washington Post AP, "Palestinian local election set for May, likely without Gaza"
30.1.17 Guardian Harriet Sherwood, "Haneen Zoabi: 'Israel is the only country not shocked by or afraid of Trump'"
29.1.17 Haaretz Ilana Hammermann, "Why I, as a Proud Israeli, Want the World to Boycott Us"
29.1.17 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Israel Backtracks, Delays Vote After Initially Agreeing to EU Program That Excludes Settlements"
27.1.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Egypt to open Rafah crossing for 3 consecutive days"
27.1.17 New York Times AP, "Hamas Leader Ends 'Successful' Visit to Egypt"
26.1.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "High Court OKs Demolitions of Palestinian Houses in Israeli Army Firing Zone"
26.1.17 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "How the Surge in East Jerusalem Construction Plans Could Spell End of Two-state Solution"
26.1.17 Washington Post William Booth, Ruth Eglash, "Netanyahu thinks a ‘state-minus’ is enough for the Palestinians"
25.1.17 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israel's Judges Paved the Way for What Happened in Bedouin Village"
24.1.17 Haaretz Chaim Levinson, "Torture, Israeli-style - as Described by the Interrogators Themselves"
24.1.17 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Nuclear Whistleblower Vanunu Convicted of Violating Parole"
24.1.17 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "Emboldened by Trump, Israel Approves a Wave of West Bank Settlement Expansion"
24.1.17 New York Times AP, "State Dept. Reviewing $221 Million Payment to Palestinians"
24.1.17 Washington Post Karin Laub, Mohammed Daraghmeh (AP), "Palestinian teen’s case casts spotlight on Israel detentions"
23.1.17 Haaretz Gili Cohen, "Israel Investigates Lethal Shooting of Palestinian Teen in Clashes With Army"
21.1.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces suppress weekly marches in Bilin, Kafr Qaddum"
20.1.17 Haaretz Gideon Levy and Alex Levac, "Israeli Soldiers Kill a Palestinian at His Home, Then Lock His Mother In"
20.1.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinian presidency condemns Israeli bill to annex Maale Adumim"
20.1.17 Washington Post AP, "Report: Israeli military not investigating wayward soldiers"
19.1.17 New York Times AP, "Desalination Plant Brings Relief to Gaza"
18.1.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Hamas, Fatah Announce Deal to Form Palestinian Unity Government"
18.1.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Almog Ben Zikri, "One Killed in Violent Clashes Ahead of Home Demolitions in Bedouin Village"
17.1.17 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, "West Bank Military Court Verdicts Now Admissible in Israel"
17.1.17 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Gili Cohen, "Video Shows Israeli Soldiers Dragging Palestinian Teen Shot in Clashes"
17.1.17 Ma'an Ma'an, "Gaza electricity protests continue as PA, Hamas trade heated accusations"
17.1.17 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "Video of Fatally Wounded Teenager Sparks Palestinian Rage"
16.1.17 Haaretz Gili Cohen, Jack Khoury, "17-year-old Palestinian Killed by Israeli Army Fire in Clashes Near Bethlehem"
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