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1.10.19 Palestinian News Network PNN, "Israeli announces completing 70% of the Gaza wall"
1.10.19 New York Times AP, "Israel Quietly Lets in Gaza Workers in Bid to Ease Tensions"
29.9.19 New York Times AP, "Israel Examines Alleged Torture of Suspect in Fatal Blast"
27.9.19 Guardian Saeed Kamali Dehghan, "The Palestinian entrepreneur bringing power to Gaza"
27.9.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "In the South Hebron Hills, a Quiet Population Transfer Is Underway"
25.9.19 New York Times AP, "Israel Arrests Palestinian Minister of Jerusalem Affairs"
23.9.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "David vs. Goliath in The Hague: The Palestinian Suing Gantz for War Crimes"
23.9.19 New York Times AP, "Israel Bans Entry for Most Players on Gaza Soccer Team"
22.9.19 Haaretz Amir Tibon, "Senate Introduces Bill to Allocate $75 Million to Palestinian Authority Security Forces"
22.9.19 New York Times AP, "Israel Begins Cutting Palestinian Electricity, Citing Debts"
21.9.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israel’s War of Attrition on a Christian Palestinian Town"
19.9.19 New York Times AP, "Israel Defends Checkpoint Shooting as Video Raises Concern"
17.9.19 New York Times Raja Shehadeh, "Israel Wants Palestine’s Land, but Not Its People"
16.9.19 Haaretz Josh Breine, "Dozens of Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Jails Join Hunger Strike Over Cellphone Jamming"
14.9.19 Haaretz Noa Landau, "Netanyahu's West Bank Annexation Move Illegal, European States Say"
14.9.19 Haaretz Reuters, "'Netanyahu Is a Rock Star:' The Evangelicals Harvesting Land in Settlements Israel Hopes to Annex"
13.9.19 Haaretz Zvi Bar'el, "The Palestinian Economy Is Collapsing. Its Future Depends on Israel"
13.9.19 New York Times Tamir Kalifa, "The Toxic Trash That Is Poisoning the West Bank"
11.9.19 Haaretz Dr. Rachel Stromus, "Illegal for 20 Years, Torture of Palestinians by Shin Bet Goes On"
11.9.19 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israeli Settlers Move in to West Bank Land Days After Palestinians Family's Eviction"
11.9.19 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "In a Jordan Valley Village, Palestinians Are Left in the Dark"
10.9.19 New York Times David M. Halbfinger, "Netanyahu, Facing Tough Israel Election, Pledges to Annex a Third of West Bank"
10.9.19 New York Times Reuters, "New U.S. Sanctions Target Hamas, Islamic State, Other Groups"
10.9.19 SZ Alexandra Föderl-Schmid, "Netanjahu will große Teile des Westjordanlandes annektieren"
8.9.19 New York Times AP, "Gazan's Death Abroad Shines Light on Middle-Class Exodus"
7.9.19 New York Times AP, "Israeli Aircraft Strike Targets in Gaza After Drone Attack"
6.9.19 New York Times AP, "Palestinians: 2 Teens Killed by Israeli Fire in Gaza Protest"
5.9.19 SZ (s. Bundestag) Daniel Brössler, "Bundesregierung übt scharfe Kritik an Israel"
5.9.19 Bundestag Bundesregierung, "Politische und menschenrechtliche Lage der Palästinenserinnen und Palästinenser in der Westbank"
5.9.19 New York Times Michael Crowley, "Jason Greenblatt, a Designer of Trump's Middle East Peace Plan, Is Leaving the Administration"
4.9.19 New York Times Reuters, "Netanyahu Pays Homage in Hebron, in Nod to Rightist Voters"
2.9.19 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovich, Noa Shpigel, "Hezbollah Missiles Hit Israeli Base, Military Vehicle on Lebanese Border; No Casualties"
1.9.19 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Qatar Cuts Gaza Fuel Supply by Half, Palestinian Sources Say"
1.9.19 Haaretz Yasmine Bakria, "Israeli Budget Cuts Stop Thousands of Children From Going to School, Bedouin Council Says"
1.9.19 New York Times Reuters, "Netanyahu Repeats Pledge to Annex Israeli Settlements in Occupied West Bank"
1.9.19 Ma'an inaktiv
30.8.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "'This Place Is Only for Jews': The West Bank's Apartheid Springs"
28.8.19 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "340 Arrests and Only Five Indictments: Summer-long Police Sweep Strikes Fear in Isawiyah"
27.8.19 Haaretz Mohammed Azaiza, "Emigrating From Gaza to the Grave, With a Little Help From Israel"
26.8.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "The Tragic Hike That Has Nothing to Do With the Landscape and Land"
26.8.19 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich and Almog Ben Zikri, "Netanyahu Slashes Gaza Fuel Imports in Half After Fourth Rocket Attack This Month"
23.8.19 Haaretz Yotam Berger, Yaniv Kubovich, Jack Khoury, "17-year-old Israeli Murdered in West Bank Terror Attack; Father and Brother Wounded"
26.8.19 New York Times AP, "The Latest: Israeli PM Orders Building Plan for Settlement"
26.8.19 New York Times AP, "Israeli PM Cuts Gaza Fuel Transfers Amid Flurry of Threats"
26.8.19 SZ Alexandra Föderl-Schmid, "Jerusalem will Siedlungsausbau"
22.8.19 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovich, "'Fuel Crisis Between PA and Israel Over': Palestinians to Accept $568 Million in Tax Money"
20.8.19 Haaretz Simon Spungin, "Gaza Stripped: What Normal Life Looks Like in the Least Normal Place on Earth"
20.8.19 Haaretz Haaretz, "Israel Willing to Let Gazans Who Want to Emigrate to Fly Out via Its Territory, Official Says"
20.8.19 Haaretz Chemi Shalev, "Gaza Emigration Ploy Suggests Netanyahu Hell-bent on Torching Israel’s Image Abroad"
20.8.19 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Israeli Police Break Up Arab Soccer Tournament in Jerusalem’s Old City"
19.8.19 New York Times AP, "Palestinian Leader Fires Advisers, Wants Bonuses Returned"
18.8.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "A Bedouin Family Got Evicted by Israel. Then Their Baby Died "
14.8.19 Haaretz Amir Tibon, "Criticizing Israel Shouldn't Be Confused With anti-Semitism, Sanders Tells Jewish Supporter"
13.8.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "The Danger of Hebronization"
13.8.19 Haaretz Chemi Shalev, "In Netanyahu’s Israel, Democracy Is Dying in Broad Daylight"
13.8.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israeli Army Forced to Admit Blindfolding Detained Palestinians Is Against Protocol"
12.8.19 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israel Prepares to Demolish Homes of Palestinian Suspects in Soldier's Murder"
11.8.19 Guardian Ap, "Israeli police clash with Muslim worshippers at Jerusalem holy site"
11.8.19 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Jack Khoury, "Israel Shells Hamas Outposts After Gazan Opens Fire on Troops Near Border"
10.8.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "Why Are Only Some Murders Horrible?"
9.8.19 Guardian Ellie Violet Bramley, "The keffiyeh: symbol of Palestinian struggle falls victim to fashion"
9.8.19 Haaretz AP, "Gazans Struggle to Protect Antiquities Under Hamas Rule, Israeli Blockade"
9.8.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Why Israeli Police Are Terrorizing This Palestinian Village"
8.8.19 Haaretz Patty Nieberg, Shachar Peled , "For These Palestinian Kids, a First-ever Day at the Beach Means the Whole World"
8.8.19 Haaretz Revital Hovel, "Arab Ex-lawmaker Haneen Zoabi, Balad Party to Be Indicted for Forgery, Fraud Pending a Hearing"
7.8.19 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Son of Palestinian Who Had Gun Planted in His House Was Blinded by Police. Israel Closed the Case"
6.8.19 Guardian Reuters, "Palestinian militants killed on Gaza border, Israeli military says"
6.8.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israeli Geniuses, Palestinian Naifs"
6.8.19 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Israeli Police Plant Gun in Palestinian's Home for TV Docudrama"
1.8.19 Haaretz Amir Tibon, "What the Collapse of This Leading pro-Israel Group Means for the Future of Hasbara in the U.S. "
1.8.19 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Almog Ben Zikri, Yaniv Kubovich, "Three Israeli Soldiers Wounded, Attacker Killed After Gaza Border Breach, Army Says"
30.7.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israel Has Created Ten Methods for Deportation"
30.7.19 Haaretz Haaretz, "U.S. Ambassador to Israel Refuses to Endorse Palestinian State, Supports 'Extended Autonomy'"
30.7.19 New York Times AP, "Report Claims Misconduct by Palestine Refugee Agency Leaders"
30.7.19 New York Times AP, "Germany Disciplines Diplomats Over Anti-Israel 'Likes'"
26.7.19 Haaretz Haaretz, "Palestinian President Declares End to All Agreements, Security Coordination With Israel"
25.7.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "A Palestinian Boy Loses a Leg to IDF Gunfire, and His Parents Are Barred From His Bedside"
25.7.19 Haaretz Victor Kattan, "Trump Is Playing With Fire at Jerusalem's al-Aqsa Mosque"
25.7.19 Haaretz Muhammad Shehada, "Saudi Arabia’s Vicious Troll Army Has a New Target: Palestinians"
24.7.19 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "’Even if in a Tent, I’ll Live on My Land’: Palestinians Reeling After Israel Demolishes Homes in PA-controlled J’lem Area"
23.7.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Jordan Refuses Entry to Stateless Palestinian Journalist After Israeli Deportation Attempt"
23.7.19 Haaretz Naama Riba, "Israeli Art Student Creates Online Archive of Looted Palestinian Objects From War of Independence"
22.7.19 Guardian AP, "Israeli crews demolish Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem"
22.7.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Palestinian Statistics"
22.7.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, Jack Khoury, "Israel Demolishes 70 Homes in Palestinian-controlled East Jerusalem Neighborhood"
22.7.19 Haaretz Bar Peleg, "Court Orders Tel Aviv Municipality to Halt Construction of Homeless Shelter on Muslim Cemetery Grounds"
22.7.19 New York Times AP, "Israeli Group Says West Bank Outposts Boom Under Trump"
21.7.19 Guardian Sarah Helm, "By the Jaffa Gate, final showdown looms in battle over Jerusalem’s historic hotel"
20.7.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israeli Army Not Spraying Harmful Herbicides at Gaza Border for First Time in Five Years"
20.7.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "The Protest Dispersed. Then an Israeli Sniper Shot a 9-year-old Boy in the Head"
19.7.19 Guardian Miriam Berger, "Israeli spraying of herbicide near Gaza harming Palestinian crops"
18.7.19 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Reconciliation Committee Fails to Revive Arab Parties' Joint List Ahead of Israeli Election"
10.7.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Activist Assault in Tel Aviv Should Serve as Wake-up Call"
10.7.19 New York Times David M. Halbfinger, "Touring the Israeli Occupation: Young U.S. Jews Get an Unflinching View"
9.7.19 Haaretz Amos Harel, Yaniv Kubovich, "What Really Happened in Israel's Botched Commando Op in Gaza"
8.7.19 Haaretz Ori Nir, "Religious Fanatics Have Hijacked America's Israel Policy. And They're Not Even Evangelicals"
7.7.19 Haaretz Judy Maltz, "In First, European Academic Association Cancels Upcoming Conference in Israel"
6.7.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "'Palestinian Authority Is Tyrannical': Joint Gaza, West Bank Conference Amps Criticism of Abbas and Hamas"
5.7.19 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Burying the Nakba: How Israel Systematically Hides Evidence of 1948 Expulsion of Arabs "
4.7.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Abdallah, 15, Dreamed of Praying at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque. He Was Shot Dead on His Way"
1.7.19 New York Times AP, "US Duty Free Magnates Fund Controversial Israeli Settlements"
30.6.19 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "U.S. Envoys Joins Inauguration of Settler Project in East Jerusalem"
30.6.19 Haaretz Editorial, "Settlers From the White House"
30.6.19 New York Times Reuters, "U.S. Envoys Lend a Hand as Israel Digs Down in East Jerusalem"
29.6.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "He's Not Yet Six, but Israel Doesn't Let Him Leave the Gaza Strip With His Mother"
28.6.19 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Israel Refuses to Release Body of Palestinian Shot by Police in East Jerusalem"
28.6.19 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovich, Almog Ben Zikri, "Israel, Hamas Agree on Extended Calm on Gaza Border"
26.6.19 Guardian Martin Chulov, "Jared Kushner's 'deal of the century' fails to materialise in Bahrain"
25.6.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Kushner’s Ship in the Desert"
24.6.19 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "Palestinian Leader Abbas Brushes Off Trump Plan for Investment"
22.6.19 Haaretz Reuters, Amir Tibon, "Trump's Mideast Plan: $50 Billion for Palestinian Projects, Travel Corridor Between West Bank and Gaza"
20.6.19 Guardian Oliver Holmes , "A Jerusalem hospital where Palestinian babies die alone"
20.6.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "He Saw the Israeli Missile Heading Straight at Him. Seconds Later, His Family Was Dead"
20.6.19 New York Times David M. Halbfinger, "Hamas Leader Says Israel Isn't Upholding Cease-Fire Terms"
18.6.19 Haaretz Gur Megiddo, "Israel Seeks to Erase Archives of Intel Firm Psy-Group Employed in anti-BDS Campaign"
18.6.19 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "U.S. Pressure Behind Israeli Delay in Evacuating Bedouin Village, Defense Official Says"
18.6.19 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israel Eases Gaza Maritime Blockade, Allows Fishing 10 Nautical Miles Out to Sea"
17.6.19 Haaretz Dani Karavan, Avraham Burg, "Germany Is Betraying the Fight Against anti-Semitism"
17.6.19 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "High Court Allows Demolition of 13 East Jerusalem Buildings Under Palestinian Control"
16.6.19 Haaretz Noa Shpigel, "Israeli Residents, Including Mayor, Protest Sale of Home to Arab Family"
14.6.19 Haaretz Nir Hasson, Olivier Fitoussi, "Jerusalem Municipality Removes Dome of the Rock From Temple Mount Drawing"
13.6.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "IDF Gunfire Left This Gaza Fisherman Blind. Israel Won't Let Him Get Treatment"
12.6.19 Haaretz Noa Landau, "France Should Label Israeli Wine From Settlements, EU Advocate General Says"
9.6.19 Haaretz AP, "Citing 'Friction' With Locals, Lebanon Dismantles Years-old Syrian Refugee Camp"
8.6.19 Guardian Reuters, "US ambassador: Israel has right to annex parts of West Bank"
6.6.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "Israel Gave This Gaza Family a Five-minute Warning. Then It Bombed Its Home"
5.6.19 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "At Odds With Military, Netanyahu Uses Gaza Fishing Zone for Collective Punishment"
3.6.19 Haaretz Zafrir Rinat, "Collapsing Environmental State of Gaza Poses Threat to Israel's National Security, Report Warns "
3.6.19 New York Times AP, "As UN Budget Dries Up, Palestinian Classrooms Swell in Size"
3.6.19 New York Times AP, "Contentious Jerusalem Cable Car Gets Green Light"
1.6.19 Haaretz Noa Landau, "'Obstacle to Peace': EU Condemns Israeli Plans for New East Jerusalem Construction"
31.5.19 Guardian Oliver Holmes, "Israel to auction prefab classrooms donated by EU to Palestinians"
31.5.19 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israeli Settlers 'Upgrade' West Bank Springs to Usurp Palestinian Land"
31.5.19 New York Times AP, "Islamic Summit Defends Palestinian Statehood"
26.5.19 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israeli Army Blamed Palestinians for Arson by Settlers. Then a Video Emerged "
26.5.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "The Israeli Clerks With the Blood of Children on Their Hands"
16.5.19 Haaretz Netta Ahituv , "'Endless Trip to Hell': Israel Jails Hundreds of Palestinian Boys a Year. These Are Their Testimonies"
14.5.19 New York Times David M. Halbfinger, "U.S. Ambassador Says Israel Is 'on the Side of God'"
19.5.19 Ma'an Ma'an News seit dem 19.5.19 nicht mehr aktualisiert.
13.5.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Over one million Palestinians in Gaza to not have enough food by June"
13.5.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "PCBS: 13.1 million Palestinians worldwide since 1948 Nakba"
12.5.19 New York Times AP, "Sick Gaza Child Caught in Israeli Permit System Dies Alone"
12.5.19 New York Times AP, "Israel Closes Gaza's Waters to Palestinian Fishermen"
12.5.19 Haaretz Jack Khoury and Yaniv Kubovich, "Israel Reopens Gaza Crossings; Hamas Expects Qatari Money Within Days"
10.5.19 Haaretz Almog Ben Zikri, "Israel Reopens Gaza Fishing Zones as Part of Cease-fire Agreements"
10.5.19 Haaretz Barak Ravid and Yotam Berger, "U.S. Warns It Will Respond Harshly if Israel Demolishes Palestinian Village of Sussia"
8.5.19 New York Times Reuters, "Health Funding Gap Means 1,700 in Gaza May Face Amputations: U.N."
7.5.19 Guardian AP, "Qatar to send $480m to help Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza"
7.5.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "13 Gazan schools severely damaged in Israeli escalation"
6.5.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "The Israeli Occupation Is a System Meant to Tighten the Screws on Palestinians"
6.5.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Over 300 deadly airstrikes: Gaza, Israel declare ceasefire"
5.5.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "14-month-old Palestinian toddler, pregnant mother killed in Israeli airstrikes"
5.5.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel to allow entry of fuel into Gaza Strip"
5.5.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli army: Warplanes target 200 sites as Gaza fires over 400 rockets"
3.5.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel bans Palestinian Minister of Women's Affairs from travel"
3.5.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "A Military Checkpoint Is Not a Safe Place for an Assertive Palestinian Woman and Her Friends"
3.5.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "PA returns millions of shekels of incomplete tax revenues to Israel"
2.5.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Saudi Arabia offers Abbas $10 billion to accept 'Deal of the Century'"
1.5.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers chop down 150 olive trees near Ramallah"
1.5.19 Guardian Ben Ehrenreich, "Stone Men by Andrew Ross review – the Palestinians who built Israel"
1.5.19 New York Times Reuters, "As Trump Team Prepares Mideast Plan, Palestinians Face Financial Crisis"
30.4.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli army: Hamas fired 6 rockets towards Israel"
30.4.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Abbas to not accept incomplete tax revenues from Israel"
30.4.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel orders stop-construction of solar panels in Jordan Valley"
30.4.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel drastically reduces Gaza's permitted fishing zone"
29.4.19 Haaretz Noah Slepkov, "Israel's Rabbis Think Genetic Testing Can 'Prove' Jewishness. They're Wrong"
28.4.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Soldiers Have to Shoot at Palestinians. It's Israel's Way to Keep Them in Check"
25.4.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel imposes restrictions on Muslims as 320 settlers storm Al-Aqsa"
23.4.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Fatah Supporters' Harmful Self-delusion Is a Sign of Their Weakness"
21.4.19 Haaretz Haaretz, "Israel Already an Apartheid State Says Outgoing French Ambassador, Discussing Trump's Peace Plan"
21.4.19 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israeli Soldiers Shoot Bound, Blindfolded Palestinian Teen Trying to Flee"
20.4.19 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "'Entrance Not Permitted to Minorities': Jerusalem City Hall's Discriminatory Regulations to Kindergartens"
19.4.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli artillery targets sites across Gaza"
18.4.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Settlers 'Executed' a Palestinian, and the Israeli Army Covered It Up, Rights Group Reports"
17.4.19 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Israel Police Begin Demolishing Palestinian Homes in East Jerusalem Neighborhood"
17.4.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Al-Araqib refuses to surrender after 143rd demolition"
16.4.19 Haaretz Haaretz, "Sanders on Fox News Defends Omar: 'Not anti-Semitic to Be Critical of a Right Wing Government in Israel'"
16.4.19 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "Israel Invokes Anti-Boycott Law to Order Human Rights Worker Deported"
15.4.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Former European officials urge EU to reject US peace plan"
14.4.19 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Jerusalem to Demolish Palestinian Homes in 'Peace Forest', Let Settlers Build"
14.4.19 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Jewish Settlers Filmed Attacking Palestinian Family; No Arrests Were Made"
13.4.19 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "New Palestinian Government Sworn in With Abbas Loyalist at Its Helm"
13.4.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces kill 15-year-old Palestinian, injure dozens in Gaza"
13.4.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "WHO calls for protection of health workers, facilities in Gaza"
12.4.19 Guardian Hazar Kilani, "US's decision to deny BDS movement cofounder entry sparks backlash"
12.4.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Wounded Palestinian Prisoners Left in Rain With No Food or Toilets in 'Night of the Atrocity'"
11.4.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "A Palestinian Who’s Denied a Vote — and Trapped in Gaza"
11.4.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli navy opens heavy fire at Gazan fishermen"
10.4.19 Guardian Guardian staff, agencies, "Airbnb reverses decision to remove Israeli West Bank homes from website"
10.4.19 Haaretz Chaim Levinson, Noa Shpigel, Jonathan Lis, Noa Landau, Jack Khoury, "Israel Election 2019: Netanyahu's Party Places 1,200 Hidden Cameras in Arab Polling Sites"
10.4.19 Haaretz Noa Landau, "PR Firm Behind Likud's Hidden Cameras in Arab Polling Sites Boasts of Lowering Voter Turnout"
9.4.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Students, teachers suffocate as Israeli forces target Hebron schools"
9.4.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel to seize hundreds of dunams in Jordan Valley"
9.4.19 New York Times Julia Jacobs, "Airbnb Reverses Policy Banning Listings in Israeli Settlements in West Bank"
8.4.19 Guardian Agencies, "Gaza zoo animals moved to Jordan after starvation deaths"
8.4.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel bans 5 Palestinians from hometown in East Jerusalem"
8.4.19 Haaretz Jack Khoury, AP, "Ahed Tamimi's Teen Brother Arrested by Israeli Soldiers, Father Says"
7.4.19 Guardian Oliver Holmes, "Netanyahu vows to annex Jewish settlements in occupied West Bank"
7.4.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "PPS: Israel detained over 6,000 Palestinian children since 2015"
6.4.19 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Qatari Money, Eased Blockade: Hamas Chief Reveals Egypt-brokered Accord With Israel"
5.4.19 Ma'an Ramzy Baroud, "The essence of being Palestinian: What the Great March of Return is really about"
5.4.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "How the Israeli Army Shot Dead a Palestinian Paramedic in a Refugee Camp"
5.4.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel approves new settler bypass road in northern West Bank"
4.4.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel demolishes al-Araqib Bedouin village for 142nd time"
3.4.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers chop down 550 trees near Ramallah"
2.4.19 Guardian Tariq Jordan, "A Palestinian boy with a gun to his head asked if I was OK. I still think about him"
2.4.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli navy sprays Palestinian fishermen with 'skunk water'"
1.4.19 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Jack Khoury, "Israel Expands Gaza Fishing Zone to Furthest in Over Two Decades After Flare-up"
1.4.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "PA to pay only 50% of March payroll to Palestinian civil servants"
31.3.19 Guardian Agencies, "Israeli authorities reopen two Gaza Strip crossings"
31.3.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "A German Affair, Not Just a Love Story in Palestine"
29.3.19 Guardian Oliver Holmes, Josh Holder, "Gaza border protests: 190 killed and 28,000 injured in a year of bloodshed"
29.3.19 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Amos Harel, "Israel, Hamas Inch Closer to Understanding: Quelling of Violence in Return for Gaza Concessions"
28.3.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel bans fishing off Gaza's coast for 4th consecutive day"
28.3.19 New York Times Magazine, "How the Battle Over Israel and Anti-Semitism Is Fracturing American Politics"
27.3.19 Haaretz Shlomo Sand, "I Never Thought Israel Was Democratic"
27.3.19 Haaretz Jack Khoury and Yotam Berger, "Israeli Army Kills Palestinian Medical Volunteer Wearing Reflective Vest, Report Says"
27.3.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Four Palestinians injured during clashes in Dheisheh"
27.3.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Despite ceasefire: Israel continues airstrikes over Gaza"
26.3.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "A War Now Will Strengthen Hamas"
26.3.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers raid 2 Palestinian elementary schools"
25.3.19 Haaretz Dina Kraft , "Haaretz Poll: 42% of Israelis Back West Bank Annexation, Including Two-state Supporters"
25.3.19 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Bar Peleg, Jack Khoury, "Seven Wounded After Gaza Rocket Hits House in Central Israel"
25.3.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel closes Kerem Shalom, Erez border crossings"
25.3.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel cancels Palestinian family-prisoner visits"
24.3.19 Haaretz Bradley Burston, "On a Clear Day in the West Bank, You Can See the Israel You Lost Forever"
24.3.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Palestinian Car Hit Soldiers, They Shot Back Once. Four Minutes Later, Nine Bullets Followed"
24.3.19 Haaretz Judy Maltz, " Two States, One and Other Solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict "
22.3.19 Guardian Patrick Wintour, "Charities condemn UK over refusal to endorse Gaza deaths report"
22.3.19 Haaretz Amir Tibon, "Democrats Introduce anti-BDS Resolution That Backs Two-state Solution"
22.3.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "EU expresses concern over violence used by Hamas against protesters"
22.3.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "UNHRC adopts resolution to strengthen UN presence in Palestine"
22.3.19 New York Times Reuters, "Israeli Forces Kill Two Gazans During Border Protest"
21.3.19 Guardian Patrick Wintour, "UK will change tack on UN motions criticising Israel, says Jeremy Hunt"
21.3.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinian youth killed by Israeli forces near Bethlehem"
21.3.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "WHO: More than 97% of Gaza's water does not meet quality standards"
21.3.19 New York Times AP, "Palestinian Official: Israel Kills Unarmed Man in West Bank"
20.3.19 Haaretz Zvi Bar'el, "It’s Good to Die for the West Bank"
20.3.19 Haaretz Yotam Berger, Jack Khoury, "Israeli Army Kills Two Palestinians in Clashes at West Bank Holy Site"
19.3.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "A Young, Daring Palestinian Hoped to Smug His ‘Masters’. He Erred"
19.3.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel demolishes school building in Shufat refugee camp"
18.3.19 Guardian Oliver Holmes , "Palestinian attacker kills Israeli soldier and rabbi in West Bank"
18.3.19 Guardian Oliver Holmes , "Hamas violently suppresses Gaza economic protests"
18.3.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "UN Rapporteur: 'Israel deprives Palestinians of access to clean water'"
17.3.19 Haaretz Haaretz Weekly, "For Every Palestinian Rocket, Israel Commits Thousands of Crimes. Listen to Amira Hass"
17.3.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli forces open fire on Palestinian farmers, shepherds in Gaza"
15.3.19 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Jack Khoury, Almog Ben Zikri, Noa Landau, Bar Peleg, Josh Breiner , "Israel Strikes 100 Targets in Gaza Overnight in Response to Rockets Fired at Tel Aviv "
14.3.19 Guardian Oliver Holmes , "Rockets fired from Gaza target Tel Aviv for first time since 2014"
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13.3.19 Guardian Amjad Iraqi, "Netanyahu is right: Israel is a nation with no interest in equality"
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13.3.19 Haaretz AP, "Former U.S. Governor Says Most of Democrats' Money Comes From Jews"
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12.3.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "How Palestinian Land Goes From the Israeli Army to the Settlers "
11.3.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Racist Knesset Candidates Borrow Ideology From Labor's Occupation Pioneers"
10.3.19 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Abbas Taps New Prime Minister to Lead Palestinian Government"
10.3.19 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Jonathan Lis, "Palestinians to Cut Employees' Salaries in Half After Israel Withholds Tax Money"
10.3.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "Outlaw Israel's Arabs"
10.3.19 Haaretz Haaretz, "'Israel Is the Nation-state of Jews Alone': Netanyahu Responds to TV Star Who Said Arabs Are Equal Citizens"
9.3.19 Haaretz AP, Reuters, "'Overwhelming' Opposition at UN for Israel's Tax Deduction From Palestinians, Kuwaiti Envoy Says"
8.3.19 Haaretz Amir Tibon, Danielle Ziri, "House Passes Resolution Denouncing anti-Semitism Triggered by Ilhan Omar Comments"
7.3.19 Guardian Peter Beinart, "Debunking the myth that anti-Zionism is antisemitic"
6.3.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel cuts off water supply for 2600 Palestinians in Jordan Valley"
5.3.19 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Temple Mount Mosque Ordered Shut Within a Week, Israeli Court Warns"
5.3.19 Haaretz Haaretz, "Top Democrat Blasts Republican Congressman for 'anti-Semitic' Attack on Trump Investigations"
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5.3.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Police Detain Wife of Arrested Palestinian Lawyer"
5.3.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Incendiary balloon explodes in southern Israel"
5.3.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel bans call to prayer in Ibrahimi Mosque 44 times in February"
5.3.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli authorities demand ownership of Palestinian land in Silwan"
5.3.19 New York Times Nick Cumming-Bruce, "Clash Over Israeli Settlements Has a New Front: A Delayed U.N. Report"
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3.3.19 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Palestinian Prisoners Rearrested After Shalit Deal Petition High Court for Release"
3.3.19 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Waqf Guards Barred From Temple Mount by Israel Call for Mass Protest"
2.3.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "'My Rights, Our Power' women's rights campaign launches in Palestine"
28.2.19 Guardian Oliver Holmes, "UN says Israel's killings at Gaza protests may amount to war crimes"
28.2.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Without Saying a Word, Israeli Troops Beat Up a Blind Man in His Bed "
28.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel releases PFLP leading member Khalida Jarrar"
28.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Euro-Med records Israel’s violations of Palestinian human rights in Jerusalem"
28.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel rejects UN probe's accusation of committing war crimes"
27.2.19 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Amira Hass, "Palestinians Refuse Israeli Tax Funds After Government Cuts Sum Paid to Convicted Terrorists"
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25.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli bulldozers uproot 300 Palestinian-owned trees near Jenin"
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24.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel detains top Waqf officials in East Jerusalem raids"
24.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel releases top Waqf officials, bans them from Al-Aqsa"
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22.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinians commemorate 25th anniversary of Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre"
21.2.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "A Violent Gang of Young Settlers Haunts a Palestinian Village"
21.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "30 Palestinian students suffocate by Israeli tear-gas in Hebron"
20.2.19 New York Times Reuters, "Palestinian President Rejects Tax Money From Israel"
19.2.19 Guardian Oliver Holmes, "Palestinians patrol Hebron after Israel ejects observer mission"
19.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel confiscates 4000-square-meters of tiles in Nablus"
18.2.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Gazans Aren’t Abandoning Their Children at the Border; They’re Earning a Living"
17.2.19 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Hamas Boots PA Officials From Gaza Crossing, Accuses Them of Collaborating With Israel"
17.2.19 New York Times AP, "Israel to Withhold $138 Million in Palestinian Funds"
16.2.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israel Won't Let Gazan Visit Stroke-victim Father in West Bank. The Reason? He Isn't Sick Enough"
15.2.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Abbas Suspends Salaries, Allowances to Over 5,000 Gazans"
15.2.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Reminder: Israel Is Still Holding a Palestinian Lawmaker as Political Prisoner Indefinitely"
15.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinians injured as Israeli settlers attack West Bank village"
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11.2.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "First Israel Suffocates Gazans, Then We Say We're Worried About Their Fate"
9.2.19 Haaretz Shai Simpson-Baikie, "Netherlands Recognizes Gaza, West Bank as Official Birthplaces for Palestinians"
9.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli undercover forces detain Palestinian from inside al-Bireh mosque"
9.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli ministers sign petition to settle 2 million Jews in West Bank"
8.2.19 Haaretz Osnat Nir , "Wiped Off the Map: Railway Plan Skips Arab Towns, Leaves 180,000 Without Transport Solution"
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6.2.19 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Gaza Health System on Verge of Collapse, Israeli Defense Officials Warn Ministers"
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6.2.19 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Jack Khoury, Almog Ben Zikri, "Israel Shells Hamas Target in Response to Gaza Projectile"
6.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israel bans members of Fatah's Revolutionary Council entry to West Bank"
6.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers set up new mobile caravans in Jenin"
5.2.19 New York Times Catie Edmondson, "Senate Passes Bill That Rebukes Trump and Opposes Israel Boycott"
3.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "CAF rejects tender for Jerusalem's railway as it traverses '67 border"
3.2.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "EU: 'Israeli decision to expel TIPH risks deterioration of situation'"
1.2.19 Haaretz Reuters, "U.S. Ends Aid to West Bank, Gaza at Palestinian Authority's Request"
1.2.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Palestinian Teen Hiking With Friends Was Killed in Israeli Army Ambush. He Posed No Danger"
30.1.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Suspends New Social Security Law"
30.1.19 Haaretz Judy Maltz, "Amnesty Slams Travel Firms: Profiting From Israeli War Crimes in West Bank Settlements "
30.1.19 New York Times Reuters, "Palestinians Say Israel Removing Witnesses by Ejecting Hebron Monitors"
29.1.19 Guardian Ben Beaumont-Thomas, "British cultural figures urge BBC to boycott Eurovision in Israel"
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29.1.19 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "Palestinian Government Resigns, With No Clear Replacement"
29.1.19 New York Times AP, "Palestinians Ask UN to Deploy Observer Force in West Bank"
28.1.19 Haaretz Noa Landau, Yotam Berger, "Israel to Expel International Monitoring Force in Hebron After 20-year Presence"
28.1.19 New York Times AP, "Hamas Says Egypt Will Reopen Gaza Crossing for 3 Days"
27.1.19 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "In Land of Illegal Outposts and Hate Crimes, Another Palestinian Life Claimed"
27.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers kill Palestinian father, injure 30 others near Ramallah"
27.1.19 New York Times AP, "UN Envoy Condemns Settler Violence After Palestinian Killed"
26.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli police shoot, kill Palestinian in Jerusalem"
25.1.19 New York Times Reuters, "Qatar to Pay Aid Into Gaza, With Hamas Approval"
25.1.19 New York Times AP, "Israel Warns Ireland Over Bill Boycotting Settlement Goods"
24.1.19 Guardian Oliver Holmes, "Israeli teenager charged with manslaughter in stoning of Palestinian car"
23.1.19 Guardian Harriet Sherwood, "Protest closes Israel's 'apartheid road' through West Bank"
23.1.19 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, Yaniv Kubovich, Amos Harel, "Gaza Escalation: Israel Strikes Hamas Targets in Strip, Withholds Qatari Cash"
22.1.19 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, "Israel Won't Allow Qatari Money Into Gaza After Tuesday's Border Escalation, Political Source Says"
22.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinian shot, killed by Israeli forces at Huwwara checkpoint"
22.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Erekat: 'PA informed US to stop sending security aid'"
22.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Italy donates €1.5 million to UNRWA"
22.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "OCHA: Over 250 Palestinians killed, 23,000 injured in Gaza protests"
22.1.19 New York Times AP, "US Aid Cuts Hit Palestinians, Further Dimming Hope for Peace"
19.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Report: Israel killed at least 45 Palestinian children in Gaza"
18.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "USAID to end all Palestinian projects on Jan. 31st"
15.1.19 New York Times AP, "Palestinians Protest, Strike Over New Social Security Law"
11.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Palestinians, Israelis segregated by 'Apartheid Road'"
11.1.19 New York Times AP, "Gaza Officials Say Woman Killed by Israeli Fire at Protest"
11.1.19 New York Times Reuters, "Israeli Gunfire Kills Gaza Woman During Border Protests"
10.1.19 New York Times AP, "Israelis, Palestinians Segregated on New West Bank Highway"
9.1.19 New York Times AP, "Palestinian Authority Cuts Off Hamas Lawmakers' Salaries"
8.1.19 Haaretz Amira Hass, "How Israel Usurps Palestinian Land in Calculated Stages"
8.1.19 Haaretz Yotam Berger, "Israeli Housing Project in West Bank Would Surround Bethlehem With Settlements "
8.1.19 New York Times Reuters, "Egypt Limits Gaza Passage After Palestinian Authority Quits Border Crossing"
7.1.19 Guardian Avi Shlaim, "Ten years after the first war on Gaza, Israel still plans endless brute force"
6.1.19 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Yotam Berger, "Israel Arrests Five Jewish Minors Over Murder of Palestinian Woman"
6.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli settlers attack Palestinian vehicles in Nablus"
4.1.19 Ma'an Ma'an, "Israeli court sentences Palestinian teen to 11 years of prison"