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5.11.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovich, "Teen Killed by Israeli Military Fire, Palestinian Health Ministry Says"
5.11.21 New York Times Zena Agha, "Israel Moves to Silence the Stalwarts of Palestinian Civil Society"
5.11.21 The Guardian Patrick Wintour, "UN Palestine refugee aid agency ‘close to collapse’ after funding cuts"
4.11.21 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, Ben Samuels, "In Congress, Israel Justifies Palestinian NGO Terror Tag With Evidence on Unrelated Group"
4.11.21 Haaretz Or Kashti, Yanal Jbareen, "Jerusalem College Segregates Arabs and Jews on Its 'Multicultural' Campus"
4.11.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "IOF assault South Africa’s Counselor, olive harvesters near Bethlehem"
4.11.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "Israeli occupation forces demolish mosque in Nablus-district town"
3.11.21 Haaretz Zvi Bar'el, "In the West Bank, Only the Israeli Government Is Allowed to Steal Land"
3.11.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "Israel demolishes house, stores in Jerusalem"
2.11.21 Haaretz Haaretz, "Israel Must Repeal Its Discriminatory Absentee Property Law"
2.11.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Arab Law Students at Israeli University Protest Language Requirement for Mentorship Program"
2.11.21 New York Times Patrick Kingsley, "Palestinian Families Reject Deal in Area That Helped Set Off Gaza Conflict"
1.11.21 Haaretz Umm Forat, "Under Israel's Rules, All Palestinians Bear Burden of Proof on ‘Terrorist Activity' "
31.10.21 Haaretz Netael Bandel, Hagar Shezaf, "Gantz Cancels Plan to Allow Jews to Privately Buy Land in West Bank"
29.10.21 Haaretz Ayelett Shani, "'On Shabbat, Settlers Swarm Palestinian Villages With Clubs. They Pull People Out of Their Homes'"
29.10.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "288 American organizations demand Biden administration to condemn Israel’s crackdown on rights groups"
28.10.21 Haaretz Haaretz, "Israeli Consent Needed to Reopen Consulate in East Jerusalem, U.S. Says"
28.10.21 Haaretz Dalal Iriqat, "Why Is Israel Dictating America’s Mideast Policy?"
28.10.21 Haaretz Ben Samuels, "Progressive Democrats Push Resolution Against Israel's NGO Terror Designations"
28.10.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "Borrell met with Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh"
27.10.21 Haaretz Noa Shpigel, "Israeli Arab Lawmakers Clash Over Bill to Recognize Kafr Qasem Massacre"
27.10.21 New York Times AP, "State Department Protests Israeli Settlement Expansion"
26.10.21 Haaretz Amira Hass, "I Fund Terror Groups"
26.10.21 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, Hagar Shezaf, "UN Rights Chief Slams Israel’s Terror Classification of Palestinian NGOs"
26.10.21 Haaretz Ben Samuels, Jonathan Lis, "U.S. Gives Harshest Public Rebuke Yet on Israeli Settlement Plans"
24.10.21 Haaretz Alon Pinkas, "With One Hasty Move, Israel Puts Palestinian Issue Back on World's Agenda"
24.10.21 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, Jonathan Lis, "Israel Advances 1,300 Homes in West Bank Settlements in First Since Biden Sworn In"
24.10.21 Süddeutsche Zeitung Peter Münch, "Israel erklärt palästinensische NGOs zu Terrorgruppen"
22.10.21 Haaretz Yossi Klein, "Why Do Soldiers Help Settlers Abuse Arabs?"
22.10.21 Haaretz Ben Samuels, "U.S. Seeks Clarification After Israel Labels Six Palestinian NGOs as Terror Groups"
22.10.21 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "A Nightmare Season in the West Bank"
22.10.21 New York Times Patrick Kingsley, "Israel Accuses 6 Palestinian Rights Groups of Terrorism"
22.10.21 The Guardian Michael Visontay, "Is it inherently antisemitic to criticise Israel? It may depend on who you ask"
21.10.21 Haaretz Amos Harel, "Israel's Permits for Gaza Workers: More About Security Than Benevolence "
20.10.21 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Israel Police Prevented a Palestinian Detainee From Breastfeeding Her Baby"
19.10.21 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "22 Palestinians Arrested After Hundreds Clash With Israel Police in Jerusalem's Damascus Gate"
19.10.21 Haaretz Noa Shpigel, Jack Khoury, "Israel's Coalition Faces Standoff Over Connecting Unrecognized Arab Homes to Electricity"
19.10.21 Haaretz Amira Hass, "The West Bank's 'Rotten Apples'"
17.10.21 Haaretz Ali Awad, "For 17 Years, Stone-throwing Settlers Have Terrorized Palestinian Children. I Was One of Them"
17.10.21 Haaretz Haaretz, "New Politico Owner Says Will Enforce pro-Israel Policy"
17.10.21 Haaretz Amira Hass, "As Olive Harvest Begins, Israeli Soldiers Prevent Palestinians From Reaching Their Groves "
15.10.21 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Shot At, Bound, Beaten, Deprived of Food: Two Palestinian Boys' Ordeal at the Hands of Israeli Troops"
15.10.21 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Settlers Attack Palestinian Family Harvesting Olives in West Bank"
15.10.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "IOF shot dead Palestinian young man in Beit Jala"
14.10.21 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "After Years of Neighborly Relations, Settlers Try to Foil Recognition of Palestinian Hamlet"
14.10.21 Haaretz Nir Hasson, Jonathan Lis, "Israel Advances Thousands of Housing Units in East Jerusalem as Biden Remains Silent"
14.10.21 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, Jack Khoury, "One Palestinian Killed by Israeli Forces in West Bank After Allegedly Throwing Firebomb"
14.10.21 The Guardian Oliver Wainwright, "As important as the Taj Mahal? The Palestinian refugee camp seeking Unesco world heritage status"
13.10.21 Haaretz Ilana Hammerman, "Returning to the Site of an Israeli Pogrom"
12.10.21 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Israeli Cops Attacked for Dismantling Tent Near West Bank Settlement"
12.10.21 Haaretz Ben Samuels, "Sally Rooney Explains Her Israel Boycott: 'BDS Is Anti-racist'"
12.10.21 The Guardian Anonymous Google and Amazon workers, "We are Google and Amazon workers. We condemn Project Nimbus"
11.10.21 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, Jack Khoury, "Israel to Legalize Residency Status of Hundreds of Palestinians in West Bank, Gaza"
11.10.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "EU announces vital €92 million contribution in support of UNRWA’s operations"
11.10.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "Jerusalem patriarchs condemn Israel’s decision on silent Jewish prayers at Al-Haram Al-Sharif"
10.10.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Egypt, U.S. Advance Palestinian Unity Government, but Fatah and Hamas Leery"
10.10.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "Israel razes Muslim grave in East Jerusalem cemetery"
8.10.21 Haaretz AP, "'Flagrant Violation': Palestinians Denounce Israeli Court Ruling on Temple Mount"
8.10.21 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Freed From Israeli Prison, Khalida Jarrar Is Mourning Her Daughter but Won't Stop Speaking Out Against the Occupation"
8.10.21 The Guardian Joe Dyke, "Has a lone Palestinian aid worker been falsely accused of the biggest aid money heist in history? – podcast"
7.10.21 Haaretz Yaniv KubovichHagar Shezaf, "Israeli Army Identified Settler Who Shot at Palestinians With Soldier's Gun, but Did Nothing"
6.10.21 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Assailants Tried to Attack Wounded Palestinian Child Inside Ambulance, Israeli Police Say"
5.10.21 Haaretz Zehava Galon, "Israel Claims That the Palestinian Village of Walaja Doesn’t Exist "
5.10.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "Human rights organizations call on PayPal to end its digital discrimination in the occupied Palestinian territory"
4.10.21 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Israel Holds Hearing on E1 Construction Plan Without Palestinians Objectors"
4.10.21 Haaretz Shany Littman, "'The Job Wasn’t Completed in 1948. The Land Wasn't Emptied of Arabs'"
4.10.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "Israeli settlers steal their crops in lands near settlements : Palestinians say"
1.10.21 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "If the Israeli Sniper Could See the Devastation He Caused, He Wouldn't Shoot Again"
30.9.21 Haaretz Natasha Westheimer, "Israel Declares War on Palestinian Water "
30.9.21 Haaretz Haaretz Editorial, "A Pogrom, and Silence "
30.9.21 Haaretz Aaron Rabinowitz, "Palestinian Woman Shot Dead After Attempted Stabbing, Israeli Police Say"
30.9.21 Haaretz Hagai El-Ad, "On Palestine, Biden Is on the Wrong Side of History "
30.9.21 Haaretz Anshel Pfeffer, "Israel's Prime Minister Now Pretends the Palestinians Don’t Exist. It’s a Brilliant Move"
30.9.21 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Palestinian Villagers Stunned by 'Worst Ever' Settler Attack Fear They'll Be Back"
29.9.21 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Settler Attack in Hebron Hills Serves the Israeli Policy of Palestinian Eviction"
29.9.21 New York Times Robert Wexler, "For Progressives, Iron Dome Isn't the Issue. It's Israel Itself."
29.9.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "New report exposes billions in European financial support to companies in illegal Israeli settlements"
28.9.21 Haaretz Ben Samuels, "Sanders to Address Americans for Peace Now, Highlighting Schism in Progressives' Israel-Palestine Messaging"
28.9.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "Jordan protests Israeli violations of the status quo at Al-Aqsa Mosque"
26.9.21 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "Five Killed in West Bank Shootouts"
25.9.21 Haaretz Shuki Sadeh, Adi Cohen, "‘Their Agenda? Expelling Arabs’: The Contentious Movement Taking Root Across Israel"
25.9.21 New York Times Adam Rasgon, "In Reversal, Israel's New Government Engages With Palestinian Authority"
24.9.21 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "The Illegal Settler Outpost Has Running Water. Its Palestinian Neighbors Don't. This Is Apartheid at Its Starkest"
24.9.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Hagar Shezaf, "Palestinian Killed by Israeli Gunfire in the West Bank"
24.9.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "Palestinians reject framework agreement signed between their refugee agency and the US"
23.9.21 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "Yes, These Palestinians Are Freedom Fighters"
23.9.21 Haaretz Ben Samuels, "The Democrats Trying to Make the Two-state Solution Relevant Again in Congress"
19.9.21 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Israeli Soldiers Assault Activists, Palestinians Bringing Water to West Bank Village"
19.9.21 Haaretz Josh Breiner, Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovich, "Israeli Security Forces Capture Last Two Palestinian Inmates in Jenin"
19.9.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "Israeli settlers, forces assault civilians in Hebron"
16.9.21 Haaretz Adam Raz, "When the Shin Bet Chief Warned That Educated Arabs Are a 'Problem' for Israel"
14.9.21 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, Nir Hasson, "West Bank Archaeological Site Is at the Center of a Passionate Jewish-Palestinian Struggle"
13.9.21 Haaretz Ben SamuelsWashington, "Egypt Ended Hamas-Israel War in Gaza – and Thwarted 'Get Tough' Approach From Biden"
13.9.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Over 1,000 Palestinian Inmates to Go on Hunger Strike in Light of 'Violent Repression' of Rights"
13.9.21 Haaretz Aaron Rabinowitz, Josh Breiner, Yaniv Kubovich, "Two Wounded in Stabbing in Central Jerusalem, 17-year-old Assailant Shot "
12.9.21 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "The Arch-terrorist in a Garbage Bin "
12.9.21 Haaretz Almog Ben Zikri, Yaniv Kubovich, "Israel Strikes Hamas Targets After Third Straight Night of Rockets From Gaza"
12.9.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Palestinian Jailbreak Puts Israel's Arab Community in a Bind"
12.9.21 Haaretz Judy Maltz, "Nearly 200 Americans Moved to West Bank Settlements Last Year, Gov’t Figures Reveal"
12.9.21 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "For a Fractured Israel, a Film Offers Ominous Lessons From Ancient Past"
11.9.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "West Bank Palestinians Blast Israeli Arabs for Allegedly Turning in Jail-breakers"
11.9.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Hamas Will Demand Release of Palestinian Fugitives in Any Future Prisoner Exchange Deal"
11.9.21 The Guardian Agencies, "Israel catches four of six Palestinian militants who escaped from jail"
10.9.21 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Raed Lit a Cigarette. That's When Israeli Troops Shot Him and Left Him to Die on the Side of the Road"
10.9.21 Haaretz David B. Green, "He Was an Intifada Symbol. Now He's Israel's Most Wanted Fugitive"
9.9.21 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "Yes, the Palestinian Prison Escapees Are Freedom Fighters"
9.9.21 Haaretz Josh Breiner, "Security Failures, Sleeping Guard: How Did Six Palestinians Manage to Escape Heavily-guarded Israeli Jail? "
9.9.21 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "The Unexpected Reason Israel Is Improving Conditions for Jerusalem Palestinians"
8.9.21 New York Times Adam Rasgon, "Weddings and other gatherings are banned as the West Bank battles a new virus outbreak."
7.9.21 Haaretz Haaretz, "Israel Strikes Targets in Gaza in Response to Explosive-laden Balloons"
6.9.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Reuters, "Qatar Says Deal Struck on Aid to Needy Gazan Families, Easing Border Restrictions"
6.9.21 The Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Six Palestinian militants escape from high-security Israeli prison"
5.9.21 Haaretz Bradley Burston, "On Rosh Hashanah, Jews Everywhere Are Commanded to Mark the First Nakba"
4.9.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, AP, "Hamas Launches Incendiary Balloons Into Israel, Vows to Step Up Protests Due to Stalled Qatari Aid"
4.9.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "UN: July recorded the second-highest number of Israeli demolition of Palestinian structures so far this year"
3.9.21 Haaretz DPA, Jack Khoury, "Three Palestinians Found Dead in Gaza-Egypt Border Tunnel"
3.9.21 Haaretz Mikhael Manekin, "How Did Religious Jews Become the Most Enthusiastic Supporters of the Occupation?"
2.9.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, AP, "Palestinian Killed by Israeli Gunfire in Border Protest, Gaza Health Ministry Says"
1.9.21 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, Reuters, "Lapid Says Biden Plan to Reopen Jerusalem Consulate for Palestinians a 'Bad Idea'"
1.9.21 Haaretz Reuters, Jack Khoury, Hagar Shezaf, "Palestinian With Israeli Citizenship Shot Dead in West Bank"
1.9.21 Haaretz Yossi Klein, "What Qualifies a Soldier to Shoot a Palestinian Child in the Knee?"
1.9.21 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "President Herzog's Merry Visit to Israel's Apartheid Schools "
1.9.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "IOF kill Palestinian man near Ramallah"
31.8.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Israel Lifts Further Gaza Restrictions, Expanding Water Supply and Fishing Zone"
31.8.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "Civil Affairs chief says Palestine and Israel agreed on the reunification of some Palestinian families"
31.8.21 The  Guardian Bethan McKernan, Quique Kierszenbaum, "Nizar Banat’s death highlights brutality of Palestinian Authority"
30.8.21 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Gantz Says Agreed With Abbas on Confidence-building Measures, Including $155m Loan"
30.8.21 Haaretz Jack KhouryYaniv Kubovich, "Three Palestinians Wounded by Israeli Fire as Gaza Border Protests Resume "
30.8.21 Haaretz Haaretz, "Israeli Soldier Critically Shot at Gaza Border Succumbs to Wounds"
29.8.21 New York Times Adam Rasgon, "Palestinians Finally Have Vaccines. But Will People Take Them?"
28.8.21 Haaretz Almog Ben Zikri, Jack Khoury, "Eleven Wounded by Israeli Fire During Gaza Border Protests, Palestinians Report"
28.8.21 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Home Invasions and False Arrests: What Happens to a Palestinian Who Protects His Land"
28.8.21 The Guardian AFP, "Palestinian boy shot by Israeli soldiers during clashes on Gaza border dies"
27.8.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "Palestine, Germany sign grant of €25m to support education sector in Palestine"
26.8.21 Haaretz AP, "Israel to Allow Goods Into Gaza on Eve of Bennett-Biden Meeting "
26.8.21 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Shackled, Beaten, Strung Up on a Tree: Palestinian Teen Brutally Attacked by Settlers"
26.8.21 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "Can We Worry Only About a Wounded Israeli Soldier, and Not the Victims in Gaza Too?"
25.8.21 Haaretz Fadi Amun, Yaniv Kubovich, "1,000 Palestinians Protest Along Israel Border; 14 Reportedly Wounded"
24.8.21 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Israel Set to Approve Seizure of Palestinian Land for Settlements a Day Before Bennett-Biden Meeting"
24.8.21 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israeli Military Orders 'More Aggressive' Response to Planned Gaza Border Protest"
24.8.21 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Palestinian Teen Killed by Israeli Military Fire in the West Bank"
24.8.21 New York Times Patrick Kingsley, Gabby Sobelman, "In Shift, Israel Quietly Allows Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount"
24.8.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "EU: PA security forces arrests to human rights defenders unacceptable"
21.8.21 The Guardian Reuters, "Israeli aircraft strike Hamas sites in Gaza as hostilities escalate"
19.8.21 New York Times Adam Rasgon, "Deal Provides Aid to Gazans, but Reconstruction Is Elusive"
19.8.21 The Guardian Joe Dyke, "Has a lone Palestinian aid worker been falsely accused of the biggest aid money heist in history?"
17.8.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Qatar, UN Near Agreement on Gaza Aid Transfer, Sources Say, Amid Hamas Threats"
17.8.21 Haaretz Amira Hass, "The Most Dedicated Teachers of Antisemitsm Live Among Us"
16.8.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "The Israeli Government Consent to allow the Palestinian build in C Areas is a big lie"
16.8.21 The Guardian AP, "Four Palestinians killed during Israeli police raid in Jenin"
15.8.21 The Guardian Bethan McKernan, Hazem Balousha , "Among ruins of bombed city towers, Gazans still reel from shock and pain"
13.8.21 Haaretz Hagar ShezafYaniv Kubovich, "In First Since COVID Erupted, Israel to Allow Palestinian Businesspeople From Gaza to Enter Israel"
12.8.21 The Guardian Bethan McKernan, "Israel preparing to resume settlement building in West Bank"
11.8.21 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, Hagar Shezaf, "To Stave Off Opposition to Settlement Expansion, Bennett Gives Rare Approval for 800 Palestinian Homes"
10.8.21 New York Times Sarah Bahr, "Inside Gaza, Capturing the Toll of War"
8.8.21 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israeli Soldiers Kill an 11-year-old Palestinian, and His Brother Still Hears the Shooting"
6.8.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Palestinian Protester Killed by Israeli Fire Near Illegal West Bank Outpost"
6.8.21 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "A Palestinian Plumber Was Shot Dead by Israeli Troops While Trying to Fix a Water Outage"
6.8.21 Haaretz Almog Ben Zikri, Yaniv Kubovich, Jack Khoury, "Israel Strikes Hamas Targets in Gaza in Response to Explosive-laden Balloons"
5.8.21 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, Nir Hasson, "JNF Set to Approve Plan That Could Lead to Palestinians' Eviction"
5.8.21 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, Nir Hasson, "JNF Set to Approve Plan That Could Lead to Palestinians' Eviction"
4.8.21 Haaretz Editorial, "One Week, Four Palestinian Deaths, All in Unjustified Circumstances"
4.8.21 New York Times Patrick Kingsley, "Tensions Flare Again Along Israel-Lebanon Border"
4.8.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "Birzeit University Student Layan Nasir Targeted Amid Israel’s Broader Silencing Campaign Against Palestinian Students"
3.8.21 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israeli Military Covered Up Negligent Killing of Six Gazans During Recent Conflict "
2.8.21 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Sheikh Jarrah Eviction Case: Court Offers Palestinians 'Protected Residents' Status"
1.8.21 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Settler Shoots at Palestinians With Israeli Soldier's Weapon, Footage Shows"
1.8.21 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, "Israel Lets More Palestinian Workers Enter Amid PA Financial Crisis "
1.8.21 New York Times Roger Cohen, "Riots Shatter Veneer of Coexistence in Israel's Mixed Towns"
31.7.21 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "The Media Yawns at the Israeli Army's Death Squads"
29.7.21 Haaretz Ofer Aderet, "Israel Secretly Detained Innocent Palestinians in Remote Desert Camps in Sinai"
28.7.21 The Guardian Mohammed El-Kurd, "Here in Jerusalem, we Palestinians are still fighting for our homes"
28.7.21 The Guardian Bethan McKernan , "Israel and Hamas attacks in May could be war crimes, says rights body"
27.7.21 New York Times Mairav Zonszein, "Israel Wants to Have Its Ice Cream and Cybersecurity, To"
25.7.21 Haaretz Almog Ben Zikri, "Israel Cuts Gaza Fishing Zone in Half After Explosives-laden Balloons Start Fires in South"
23.7.21 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "The Saddest Village in Israel"
23.7.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Palestinians Report One Dead, Nine Wounded by Israeli Military Fire in West Bank Clashes"
22.7.21 The Guardian Dahlia Scheindlin, "Why Israel is more concerned about Ben & Jerry’s than the Pegasus revelations"
20.7.21 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Bedouin Shepherds Used Palestinian Land With Permission. Israel Seized Their Tents Anyway"
20.7.21 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Facebook Unblocks Account That Posted Letter by Jailed Palestinian ex-MP"
19.7.21 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "Jewish Prayer at Contested Holy Site in Jerusalem Sets Off Alarms"
17.7.21 Haaretz AP, "Deceased Palestinian Dissident's Family Accuses PA of Coverup"
17.7.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "In two weeks, Israelis injure 1000 Palestinians, including 133 children"
16.7.21 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Settler, Masked Person Filmed Shooting at Palestinians as Israeli Soldiers Watch"
16.7.21 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, "Israel Considering Financial Relief to the Palestinian Authority Following U.S. Envoy's Visit"
15.7.21 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Jack Khoury, "Israeli Army Arrests Dozens of Palestinian Students in West Bank on Suspicion of Terrorist Activity"
14.7.21 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israeli Restrictions Are Preventing Gaza’s Water System From Being Repaired"
13.7.21 Haaretz Sam Sokol, "Why Jews Are Increasingly Going on Pilgrimage to the Temple Mount"
12.7.21 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israel Expands Gaza Fishing Zone, Cross-border Trade After Continued Quiet"
12.7.21 Haaretz Akiva Eldar, "Why Does Israel's Interior Minister Insist on Lying?"
12.7.21 Haaretz Yanal Jbareen, Zena Abo Zrka, "Israel Plans to Build Villas on the Ruins of a Village That Has Become a Symbol of the Nakba"
12.7.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Israel Bars Jailed Palestinian Former Lawmaker From Attending Daughter's Funeral"
11.7.21 Haaretz Reuters, "Israel to Withhold $180 Million in Palestinian Funds Over Militant Stipends"
11.7.21 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Palestinian Authority Study Endorses Sheikh Jarrah 'Popular Struggle' Model"
9.7.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "Palestinian wins freedom after 64-day hunger strike"
8.7.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Rebuilding Gaza After Israel Fighting Will Cost Half a Billion Dollars, World Bank Says"
8.7.21 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Hagar Shezaf, "U.S. Slams Israel for Razing Home of Palestinian-American Who Murdered an Israeli"
8.7.21 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "The Israeli Agent Made a Veiled Threat. Soon After, the Palestinian Activist Was Dead"
8.7.21 Haaretz Amos Harel, "Brutality and Panic Mark the Twilight of Abbas’ Rule. Hamas Is Ready to Jump In"
8.7.21 Haaretz Netael Bandel, "Israel's Top Court Rules the Nation-state Law Is Constitutional, Denies Petitions Against It "
8.7.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "In a punitive measure, Israeli army blows up house of Palestinian detainee near Ramallah"
5.7.21 Haaretz Amira Hass, "The Problem With Talking About the Israeli Apartheid"
5.7.21 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israeli Settler Shot Armed Palestinian Who Posed No Danger, Witnesses Say"
5.7.21 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israel and the Palestinian Authority Know How to Scratch Each Other's Back"
5.7.21 The Guardian Oliver Holmes, "Reporting on Israel: ‘Thirty years on, we are still covering the same old enmities’"
3.7.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "New Report: 91% of Gaza children suffer from PTSD after the Israeli attack"
2.7.21 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Israeli Border Police Blocked Ahmad's Car, Shot Him Point-blank – Then Drove Off"
2.7.21 Haaretz Galia Oz, "The Stolen Childhood of Palestinian Kids"
2.7.21 Haaretz Amos Harel, "On Gaza, Israel Turns a Blind Eye"
1.7.21 New York Times Patrick Kingsley, "Israel's New Leaders Tilt Right With Settler Deal, Hinting at Approach"
1.7.21 Palestine News Network pnn, "Palestinian owners of 25 houses in West Bank village receive Israeli demolition orders"
30.6.21 Haaretz Amos Schocken, "100 Percent Jewish and Democratic State "
29.6.21 Haaretz B. Michael, "The Jewish Absentee Property Law"
29.6.21 Haaretz Reuters, "Police, Palestinians Clash as Israel Begins Demolition in Jerusalem's Silwan"
28.6.21 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Soldiers Deployed in Beita Sleep Well"
28.6.21 Haaretz Amos Harel, "West Bank Settlers Just Showed Bennett Who Really Runs the Country"
27.6.21 Haaretz Carolina Landsmann, "A Civil War Is Brewing, and Will Only Worsen if Ignored"
27.6.21 Haaretz Shlomo Avineri, "On the Resilience of Israeli Democracy "
25.6.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Palestinian Seriously Wounded by Israeli Fire Near Illegal West Bank Outpost, Red Crescent Says"
25.6.21 Haaretz AP, "UN Urges Israel to Halt Building of Settlements Immediately"
25.6.21 Haaretz Ravit Hecht, "Israel's Family Unification Ban: Painful Friction Between 'Jewish' and 'Democratic'"
25.6.21 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Death of an Abbas Opponent in Palestinian Detention Stokes Revulsion Toward His Rule"
23.6.21 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Two Weeks On, Israel Police Yet to Begin Probing Alleged Settler Killing of Palestinian"
23.6.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Josh Breiner, Nir Hasson, "Gantz Signs Administrative Detention Order for Arab Citizen Over Rioting in Mixed City"
23.6.21 Haaretz Zafrir Rinat, "Israel Planning Road Through Land Belonging to Palestinian Village"
22.6.21 Haaretz Amira Hass, "A Humiliating Blow to President Abbas"
22.6.21 Haaretz Almog Ben Zikri, "Swathes of Land in Israel's South Sustained Extensive Damage Due to Gaza Rocket Fire, Arson Balloons "
22.6.21 Haaretz AP, "Palestinian Authority Arrests Prominent Activist Over Online Criticism"
21.6.21 Haaretz Or Kashti, "Israeli Bedouin Community Says Planned Nature Reserve Will End Way of Life "
21.6.21 Haaretz Zehava Galon, "There's Something Other Than Security Behind Israel's Citizenship Law"
21.6.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Israel to Allow Agricultural Exports From Gaza in First Since Escalation"
20.6.21 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Police Tried to Force Palestinian to Confess to Attempted Car Attack, Jerusalem Judge Says"
20.6.21 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "Israeli Apartheid? Look No Further Than This Racist Law"
19.6.21 New York Times Nathan Thrall, "A Day in the Life of Abed Salama"
18.6.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Palestinian Authority Nixes COVID Vaccine Deal With Israel Due to Close Expiration Date"
18.6.21 Haaretz Nir Hasson, Jack Khoury, "Nine Palestinians Wounded in Clashes With Israel Police in Jerusalem's Temple Mount "
18.6.21 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israel Refusing to Let Palestinian Passports Into or Out of Gaza, Forcing Cancellation of Thousands of Urgent Trips "
18.6.21 Haaretz Maria Rashed, "Israeli Police Arrested Thousands Following Gaza War. Four of Them Tell Their Stories "
17.6.21 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Palestinian Teen Killed by Israeli Fire Near Illegal West Bank Outpost "
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7.1.21 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Israeli Settlers Beat a 78-year-old Palestinian Farmer With Clubs. Then They Came Back to Attack His Family "
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27.12.20 Haaretz Odeh Bisharat, "Call the Palestinian Police, for the Israeli Police Aren't Helping Arabs "
25.12.20 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "A Palestinian Tried to Resist When Israeli Cops Razed His Home. So They Took Revenge"
23.12.20 Haaretz Judy Maltz, "From Now On, Exports to U.S. From Settlements Will Be Labeled 'Product of Israel'"
22.12.20 Haaretz Sawsan Zaher, "Nation-state Law Essentially Establishes Apartheid Regime"
21.12.20 Palestine News Network pnn, "IOF demolish three Palestinians’ homes in 1948 cities"
21.12.20 Palestine News Network pnn, "Five injured and another arrested during Israeli raid in Nablus"
19.12.20 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Nour Stepped Out of the Car, Hands Raised. The Order 'Don't Shoot' Was Heard. But It Was Too Late"
18.12.20 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israel's Compensation for the False Arrest of a Palestinian Is a Fraction of What Jews Receive"
14.12.20 Palestine News Network pnn, "ARIJ: Israeli plan to establish 70 outposts aims to link the settlements together"
11.12.20 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Highways to Annexation: Across the West Bank, Israel Is Bulldozing a Bright Future for Jewish Settlers"
11.12.20 The Guardian Jalal Abukhater, "A hiking trip amid the beautiful West Bank scenery is a bittersweet experience"
10.12.20 Haaretz Itay Mashiach, "In Germany, a Witch Hunt Is Raging Against Critics of Israel. Cultural Leaders Have Had Enough"
10.12.20 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Israeli Troops Beat the Palestinian Teen, Shattering His Jaw. Then They Cuffed Him to the Hospital Bed"
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5.12.20 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Hundreds of Palestinian Minors Are Imprisoned in Israel. This Is What Arrests Look Like"
5.12.20 Palestine News Network pnn, "Settler tries to burn Gethsemane Church in Jerusalem"
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19.11.20 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Israel Impounds Palestinian’s Cows Grazing on Nature Reserve, Ignores Settlers’ Cows"
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19.11.20 Haaretz Noa Landau, "During Pompeo's Visit, U.S. Announces Settlement Goods Can Now Be Labeled 'Made in Israel' "
19.11.20 New York Times David M. Halbfinger, Isabel Kershner, "Pompeo Visits West Bank Settlement and Offers Parting Gifts to Israeli Right"
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17.11.20 New York Times David M. Halbfinger, Adam Rasgon, "Buoyed by Biden's win, Palestinians say they'll resume cooperation with Israel."
11.11.20 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israel Gave Them 10 Minutes to Pack Up Their Whole Lives: 74 Palestinians, Including 41 Children, Left Homeless"
10.11.20 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Property Vandalized and Stolen, Racist Graffiti Sprayed Near West Bank Village"
10.11.20 Haaretz Zafrir Rinat, "As Town Near Jerusalem Expands, This Palestinian Village Could Lose Its Spring "
10.11.20 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "Saeb Erekat, Palestinian Chief Negotiator Amid Turmoil, Dies at 65"
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6.11.20 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, Reuters, "Israel Demolishes Tents, Shacks Housing 74 Palestinians, Drawing International Rebuke"
5.11.20 The Guardian Oliver Holmes, "Israeli forces leave 41 children homeless after razing Palestinian village, UN says"
3.11.20 New York Times Clyde Haberman, "Robert Fisk, Intrepid War Correspondent, Dies at 74"
29.10.20 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Israel Says It Revoked Limits on Palestinian Farmers' Access to Lands Near Green Line"
27.10.20 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Hagar Shezaf, "Palestinian Farmer Accuses West Bank Settlers of Cutting Down 100 Olive Trees"
26.10.20 Haaretz Naama Riba, "Facing Outcry, Jerusalem's Islamic Art Museum Postpones Sotheby's Auction of Rare Artifacts"
26.10.20 Palestine News Network pnn, "Israeli bulldozers demolish Al-Araqib village for the 179th time"
26.10.20 Palestine News Network pnn, "IOF halt construction of a power network south of Hebron"
26.10.20 Palestine News Network pnn, " IOF uproot 60 olive trees in Salfit"
25.10.20 Haaretz Naama Riba, "Jerusalem's Museum of Islamic Art to Auction 268 Precious Items, Despite Outcry"
25.10.20 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Palestinian Teen Killed During Chase With Israeli Soldiers in West Bank"
25.10.20 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Hagar Shezaf, "Israel's Top Court Suspends Administrative Detention of Palestinian Hunger Striker"
25.10.20 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Sealing a Room at a Palestinian Family's Home With Concrete? For Israel, It's 'Urgent Security Needs' "
21.10.20 Haaretz Amos Harel, "Israel’s Anti-tunnel Barrier Pays Off, but Gaza Groups Are Working on Alternatives "
21.10.20 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, Jack Khoury, "Settler Violence Against Palestinians Increases During Annual Olive Harvest"
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14.10.20 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Israel's Top Court Denies Another Request to Release Palestinian Hunger-striker"
13.10.20 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Thousands of Palestinian 'Collaborators' Asked Israel for Refuge. Less Than One Percent Got It"
12.10.20 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "West Bank Settlement Activists Erect Sign Warning Arabs of 'Danger'"
12.10.20 TheGuardian Oliver Holmes, "People in Gaza sifting through rubbish for food, UN head says"
11.10.20 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Israeli Soldiers Raid a Palestinian Village at Night, Terrifying Residents – for Training Purposes"
11.10.20 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "Dozens of Palestinians Wounded in Clashes With Israeli Troops in West Bank "
11.10.20 Haaretz Amira Hass, "In Absence of Palestinian Parliament, Tribalism Thrives, Anti-corruption NGO Says"
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7.10.20 Palestine News Network pnn, "Settlers attack Palestinians while harvesting olives"
6.10.20 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Israel to Approve 2,500 New Settlement Homes, After 8-month Lull in Council's Meetings "
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5.10.20 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovich, Hagar Shezaf, "Palestinian Shot Dead by Israeli Forces; Army Says He Threw Firebombs at Soldiers"
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3.10.20 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Here's What Happens With the Investigations the Israeli Army Launches When It Kills Innocent Palestinians "
2.10.20 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Israel Convicts Palestinian Activist for Facebook Posts After 'Seen Participating in Riots'" One-month prison sentence comes after an Israeli soldier was filmed kneeling on Khairi Hanoun's head during a West Bank protest
29.9.20 New York Times Sam Roberts, "Meron Benvenisti Dies at 86; Urged One State for Jews and Palestinians"
27.9.20 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Settlers, Palestinians Clash, Damage Farms and Supplies Near Nablus"
26.9.20 Haaretz Reuters, Jack Khoury, "Egyptian Navy Kills Two Gaza Fishermen, Palestinians Say"
26.9.20 Haaretz Haya Haddad, George Zeidan, "Why Do Google and Apple Maps Recognize Illegal Israeli Settlements, but Not Palestine? "
24.9.20 Haaretz Reuters, "Palestinian Factions Agree to Hold Election in Six Months"
24.9.20 New York Times Adam Rasgon, "Gaza Peace Activists Face Prison for Holding Video Call With Israelis"
21.9.20 Haaretz Amira Hass, "A Palestinian Student Wants a Visa to Europe? Let Him Do Research in Gaza"
18.9.20 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Israeli Cops Thought the Palestinian Shepherd Stole a Car. So They Shot Him in the Head"
18.9.20 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Fifty Trees Defaced, Uprooted in Suspected West Bank Hate Crime"
17.9.20 Palestine News Network pnn, "IOF demolish home under construction in Ramallah"
16.9.20 Haaretz Almog Ben Zikri, Jack Khoury, "Gaza Rockets Rain on Southern Israel Morning After D.C. Ceremony, IDF Strike Strip"
16.9.20 Süddeutsche Zeitg Reuters, "Israel greift Ziele im Gazastreifen aus der Luft an"
16.9.20 Palestine News Network pnn, "Israel approves construction of nearly 1,000 new settler units in West Bank"
15.9.20 Haaretz Almog Ben Zikri, "Two Israelis Wounded From Gaza Rockets Fired During UAE-Bahrain Peace Signing"
14.9.20 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israel Is Using a Legal Trick to Expel a Jerusalem Native"
14.9.20 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israel Is Proud to Have Halted International Projects for Palestinians in Area C"
14.9.20 The Guardian Oliver Holmes, "Jewish extremist who killed Palestinian family sentenced to life"
12.9.20 Haaretz Haaretz, "Netanyahu Used Doctored Video of Abbas to Influence Trump's Policy, Woodward Reveals"
11.9.20 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "With an Israeli Soldier's Knee on His Neck, This 61-year-old Palestinian Remembered George Floyd"
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10.9.20 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "In This Bedouin Town, Murder Wasn’t the Only Crime "
9.9.20 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Reuters, "Arab League Rejects Palestinian Resolution to Condemn Israel-UAE Deal"
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8.9.20 Haaretz B. Michael, "Call It What You Will, but It’s Still Occupation"
8.9.20 Palestine News Network pnn, "PM: We will not take Israeli blackmail over our tax revenue dues"
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5.9.20 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "'I Waited for the Bullet That Would End This Nightmare': Palestinians Brutalized by Israeli Cop Gang Speak Out"
3.9.20 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "Dozens Are Killed in Air Strikes Attributed to Israel in Syria. But Who's Counting?"
3.9.20 Palestine News Network pnn, "Israel to demolish five homes in Birin"
1.9.20 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Hamada Was Dragged From One Israeli Prison to Another and Freed Four Days Later Without Questioning "
1.9.20 New York Times AP, "Video Shows Israeli Soldier Kneeling on Protester's Neck"
31.8.20 The Guardian Agence France-Presse, "Hamas and Israel agree end to cross-border bombing in Gaza"
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27.8.20 New York Times Reuters, "Israel's Top Court Rules for Removal of Settler Homes From Palestinian Land"
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26.8.20 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Hagar Shezaf, "Israeli Soldiers Placed Explosive Devices in West Bank Village for ‘Deterrence’"
26.8.20 Haaretz Zvi Bar'el, "Gaza's Coronavirus Outbreak Won't Change Israel's Carrot-and-stick Method"
26.8.20 Haaretz Amos Harel, "Israel and Hamas Trade Restrained Blows, Awaiting Infusion of Qatari Cash"
25.8.20 Palestine News Network pnn, "Four Palestinians killed after Israeli airstrike on Gaza"
18.8.20 Palestine News Network pnn, "Israel Preparing Infrastructures For Annexation Plan in Greater Jerusalem"
17.8.20 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israel's High Court Seeks 'Balance' in Turning Palestinian Villages Into Army Training Zone"
17.8.20 Haaretz Aaron Rabinowitz, Jack Khoury, "Israeli Guards Shoot Palestinian With Hearing and Speech Impairment at West Bank Checkpoint "
17.8.20 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "The Israeli Army, Seeking Mild Sentence for Unlawful Shooting, Encourages Soldiers to Kill Innocent Palestinians"
16.8.20 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israel-UAE Normalization Deal Reveals Failure of Palestinian Diplomacy"
16.8.20 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovich, Almog Ben Zikri, "Israel Strikes Hamas Posts as Flare-up Persists; Egyptian Delegation Expected in Gaza"
15.8.20 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "These Settler Farmers Are All About Peace and Love – Just Don't Mention Land Theft"
14.8.20 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Three Kids Were Shot in the Head in East Jerusalem in 10 Weeks, and No One Knows Why"
13.8.20 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israel Strikes Hamas Targets, Cuts Fuel to Gaza as Tensions Heat Up"
13.8.20 New York Times David M. Halbfinger, "Netanyahu Drops Troubled Annexation Plan for Diplomatic Gain"
13.8.20 Palestine News Network pnn, "Cave-dwelling Palestinian family forced to demolish own home"
13.8.20 The Guardian Oliver Holmes, Julian Borger, "Israel signs historic deal with UAE that will 'suspend' West Bank annexation"
12.8.20 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israel Limits Gaza Fishing Zone as Explosive-laden Balloon Launches Continue "
12.8.20 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Israel Detains Palestinian Teen With Coronavirus for Three Weeks Without Questioning"
11.8.20 New York Times Adam Rasgon, "Israel Quietly Opens Its Borders, and Palestinians Have a Beach Day"
10.8.20 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Palestinian Deaths, and Other Points Haaretz Failed to Mention"
8.8.20 Haaretz Jack Khoury, Hagar Shezaf, "Palestinian Woman Dies After Being Shot During an Israeli Army Raid "
4.8.20 Palestine News Network pnn, "Barghouthi: 1,000 new settlement units in E1 area is the first step of actual annexation"
4.8.20 Palestine News Network pnn, "Qalqilya : Israeli Settlers set two vehicles on fire"
28.7.20 Haaretz Amira Hass, "A Clear Message From West Bank Mosque Burning: Palestinians Must Disappear"
28.7.20 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "World Bank Approves $30 Million for Palestinian COVID-19 Response"
28.7.20 Haaretz Ravit Hecht, "'It's Like George Floyd. We Have Our Knee on the Palestinians' Necks'"
27.7.20 New York Times AP, "Palestinians: Settler Vandals Firebomb West Bank Mosque"
26.7.20 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Oslo Accords Spared Israel From Handling Coronavirus in West Bank "
24.7.20 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Israeli Police Raid Major East Jerusalem Palestinian Cultural Institutions in Justice Ministry Experiment"
22.7.20 New York Times David M. Halbfinger, Adam Rasgon, Mohammed Najib, "For Palestinian Police, Much to Lose if Israel Annexes West Bank Land"
21.7.20 New York Times AP, "Jordan PM Hints at Support for One Israeli-Palestinian State"
21.7.20 Palestine News Network pnn, "IOF demolish facility for COVID testing in Hebron"
20.7.20 Haaretz Amira Hass, "You Want Planning? Take a Tip From the Settlers"
20.7.20 Palestine News Network pnn, "Israel refuses to hand over body of Palestinian inmate"
15.7.20 Guardian Anushka Asthana, Oliver Holmes, Mariam Barghouti, Salem Barahmeh, "What would Israeli annexation of parts of the West Bank mean for Palestinians?"
15.7.20 Guardian Arwa Mahdawi, "Bella Hadid’s deleted Instagram post shows how Palestinians are silenced"
15.7.20 Haaretz Hagar Shezaf, "Gaza Residents Abroad Faced Uphill Battle to Return Home. Coronavirus Robbed Them Even of That"
10.7.20 Palestine News Network pnn, "IOF kill young Palestinian in West Bank"
9.7.20 Palestine News Network pnn, "Settlers slash tires of 12 cars in Nablus"
7.7.20 Haaretz Ravit Hecht, "'The Palestinians Got Screwed. They Are Now a Non-issue Around the World'"
5.7.20 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Almog Ben Zikri, "Israel Strikes Gaza Targets After Rocket Fire, in Third Incident in a Month"
3.7.20 Süddeutsche Zeitg. Alexandra Föderl-Schmid, "Fatah und Hamas wollen zusammenarbeiten"
1.7.20 Guardian Rosie Scammell, Sufian Taha, "'Annexation will suffocate us': Jericho's Palestinians fear being cut off"
1.7.20 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Army Allows Mass Prayer Service for Annexation in Nablus Despite Spike in Coronavirus Cases"
1.7.20 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Israeli Court Clears the Way to Evict Palestinian Family From East Jerusalem Home "
1.7.20 Süddeutsche Zeitg. Alexandra Föderl-Schmid, "Der amerikanische Freund zögert noch"
30.6.20 Haaretz Anshel Pfeffer, "For Palestinians, From Hebron to Nablus, Annexation Is Already Here. A Journey Through the West Bank"
30.6.20 Palestine News Network pnn, "Israeli war on Palestinian watermelon: Untold story in Jordan Valley"
26.6.20 Guardian Reuters, "U.N. Rights Expert Urges EU to Punish Any Israeli Annexation in West Bank"
26.6.20 Haaretz Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, "Settlers Assault Palestinians on Their Own Land, as Israeli Soldiers Watch"
24.6.20 Guardian AP, "UN chief urges Israel to back away from West Bank annexation"
24.6.20 Guardian Adam Rasgon, "Palestinians in Jordan Valley Fear Annexation Would Choke Off Their Villages"
23.6.20 Haaretz David B. Green, "The Bedouin Village at the Center of a Storm With Israeli Right-wingers "
23.6.20 Haaretz Hagar SHezaf, "When an Archaeological ‘Find’ Can Evict Palestinians From Their Home"
23.6.20 Süddeutsche Zeitg Alexandra Föderl-Schmid, "Internationaler Beistand für die Palästinenser"
22.6.20 Guardian Avi Shlaim, "By recognising Palestine, Britain can help right the wrongs of the Balfour declaration"
18.6.20 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "As East Jerusalem Suffers Powers Cuts, Settlers Were Put on Israeli Grid – but Palestinians Not "
18.6.20 Haaretz Ofri Ilany, "How Israel Became Exempt From the Global Reckoning Over Racism"
15.6.20 Haaretz Umm Forat, "Flying Checkpoints and Traffic Jams: The Genius of the Israeli Occupation's Architecture "
9.6.20 Guardian Oliver Holmes , "Palestine says it will declare statehood if Israel annexes West Bank"
8.6.20 Haaretz Noa Landau, "Israel Prevented German Foreign Minister's West Bank Visit, Citing Coronavirus Regulations"
6.6.20 Haaretz Noa Landau, "Palestinians Tell ICC That Israeli Annexation Nullifies Oslo Accords"
6.6.20 Haaretz Shaul Arieli, "West Bank Annexation Is Doomed to Fail. Just Look What Happened in East Jerusalem "
4.6.20 Haaretz Anshel Pfeffer, "Decades of Occupation Killed Eyad Hallaq, Not Racism "
3.6.20 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, "Israeli Soldiers Committed Hate Crime Against Palestinians to Avenge Friends' Death. Their Commanders Covered It Up"
1.6.20 Haaretz Nir Hasson, "Four-year-old Palestinian Who Was Shot in the Head Dies of Her Wounds "
31.5.20 Haaretz Hagar SHezaf, "Israeli Soldiers Filmed Slashing Tires, Throwing Tear Gas at Palestinian Home "
31.5.20 Süddeutsche Zeitg Alexandra Föderl-Schmid, "Israels Polizei erschießt unbewaffneten Palästinenser "
28.5.20 Haaretz Haaretz, "Netanyahu Says Palestinians in Jordan Valley Won't Get Citizenship After Annexation"
25.5.20 Haaretz Yaniv Kubovich, Hagar Shezaf, Jack Khoury, "A Palestinian Family Was Farming Wheat, Then Soldiers Arrived and They Were Shot"
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