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NCF's Update from the Negev-Naqab


Thank you for supporting Multaqa-Mifgash

Dear supporters,

It was inspiring to see that within several days we managed to reach the fund raising goal we set for the Multaqa-Mifgash, the only Arab-Jewish cultural center in Be’er-Sheva.

The anti-democratic decision of Be’er-Sheva Municipality brought a wave of solidarity, and this would not have happened without each and every one of you. Your dedicated support is highly appreciated.
For now, with the support of Association for Civil Rights in Israel, we managed to forestall the evacuation order. Our court hearing will take place on the 22.03.2018, and thanks to you we will stand stronger against the Be’er-Sheva Municipality. We will make clear that everyone can voice their opinion in Be’er-Sheva and that the mayor cannot censor our activity.

Although we reached our goal, we still have two days left for our funding campaign and together with you we strive to reach wider circles of support.

I urge you to share our campaign on social networks, with friends and acquaintances, so that we can grow stronger and keep Multaqa-Mifgash out of danger. 

Thank you for making this campaign work,

Haia Noach
Executive Director, Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality

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