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NCF's Update from the Negev-Naqab


The political persecution of NCF and the Multaka-Mifgash cultural center continues!

Rubik Danilovich, Mayor of Beer Sheva Municipality, a continue to persecute the Negev Coexistence Forum  for Civil Equality and the only Arab-Jewish culture center in the Negev, the Multaka-Mifgash.
The Beer Sheva municipality demands that municipal taxes be paid in the amount of NIS 480,000 retroactively for seven years of activity from a public shelter in neighborhood D in the city.
This was only one month after the organization won its appeal in the Supreme Court against the eviction order from the Beer Sheva municipality, which demanded that NCF evacuate the shelter due to political activity that it claimed violated the contract.
After more than a decade of Arab-Jewish activity from the public shelter in Beer Sheva, the Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality received on January 20, 2019 a notice regarding the demand for payment of municipal taxes for 7 years of activity (2012-2018), as well as for the current year, totaling NIS 480,000 (the business rate for municipal taxes, otherwise known as Arnona). This is the first time that NCF has been asked to pay municipal taxes for using the public shelter. Needless to say, NCF is a non-profit organization and does not conduct any business-like activities from the Multaka-Mifgash cultural center.

The payment notice was issued only ten days after a ruling was made in the Supreme Court regarding the matter of NCF's appeal against the eviction order that was issued in December 2017 by the Beer Sheva municipality. The municipality claimed that NCF held activities that do not conform to the allocation contract to which it is signed. Among the events that NCF hosted were: A discussion of conscientious objection; an event about the Nakba; and a workshop to photographing demonstrations. NCF’s appeal alleges that the municipality, after allocating the building to the organization, cannot intervene in its content or cancel the contract based on its interpretation of what constitutes legitimate political activity. Attorney Dan Yakir from the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) said that the complex issues in society are the essence of promoting a common space, and as long as they are not infected with racism and incitement, the municipality does not have the right to intervene in them.

This week, NCF submitted a letter to the municipality demanding that the payment, which is tainted by extraneous considerations, be canceled immediately. In a letter submitted by Attorney Yishai Shnidor and attorney Carmel Pomerantz on behalf of NCF, it was argued that this retroactive charge of municipal taxes is illegal, other than in exceptional cases, and stated that: "The failure to issue the charges for municipal taxes in the past was not a mistake of the municipality. In that NCF, which is a volunteer institution for the benefit of the public that conducts social, not economic / business / for-profit activities, is not supposed to pay municipal taxes." In addition, the lawyers added that it is impossible to avoid a serious aspect of extraneous considerations that exists in this new affirmation, which arises "to actual harassment and an attempt to circumvent a ruling ... The connection between the two events is evident."

NCF stated in response: "It appears that even after the Supreme Court's ruling, the municipality, under the pressure of extreme right-wing elements, continues to persecute and silence those who are trying to promote joint activity of Arabs and Jews in the city. The decision to go after a non-profit organization for an astronomical retroactive payment for municipal taxes is a brutal provocation and illegal decision. Which marks a new record in the fight that the Beer Sheva municipality is leading against freedom of expression. The municipality failed miserably in the past when it tried to silence NCF and evict us, and it will fail in doing so once more.”


Sheikh Sayah will be sent for 10 months in prison starting 25th of December 2018

Photo by: Azez A-Turi

In an outrageous decision, the Supreme Court rejected Sheikh Sayah Abu Madhi’m A-Turi’s request for an appeal

Sheikh Sayah Abu Madhi’m A-Turi is a leader in the fight for land in his unrecognized village al-‘Arāgīb, and one of the leaders in the longest battles for Bedouin land in the Negev/Naqab. Sayah, 69, was born in the village in 1949. He was married in the village and had his children and grandchildren there.

In December 2017, the Be’er Sheva Magistrates Court convicted Sheikh Sayah of 19 counts of trespassing, 19 counts of unlawful entry into public land and one count of breach of law. He was sentenced to ten months in prison, five months' probation and a 36,000 ILS fine.
Sheikh Sayah appealed the Magistrate Court’s decision with the help of the Human Rights Defenders Fund and Advocate Shehadeh Ibn Bari who represents him in the criminal case. The appeal was denied. A motion for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court has recently been filed. The court instructed the state to submit its response by November 2018, before deciding whether to grant leave to appeal. The motion was denied today by the Supreme Court.

The village of al-‘Arāgīb is located west of Road 40, between the Lehavim and Goral junctions, in the midst of a large Jewish National Fund (JNF) forestation project spanning tens of thousands of dunams. Until 2010, when the state began its repeated demolitions of the village, some 400-people lived in it, farming their land and growing mainly winter crops. The population has since shrunk and residents now live near the cemetery, where they were forced to move after the demolitions a number of years ago. They continue to fight against the demolition from there.

On June 27, 2010, the village of al-‘Arāgīb was completely destroyed by state authorities and has since been destroyed each and every month, including Ramadan. As of October 2018, the village had been demolished 135 times.
Sheikh Sayah leads the heroic fight for the village and its land. He faces a united front of state authorities that have joined forces to prove his land ownership claims are false. The Israel Police, the State Attorney's Office, the Negev Bedouin Development Authority, the Israel Land Authority – all work against this steadfast man who continues to live in impossible conditions, with no running water or electricity, leading his community out of faith in the justice of his path. Sayah uses his public position to raise awareness and promote recognition for other unrecognized villages in the Negev facing similar difficulties.

Two of Sayah's sons are on trial for similar offenses. The criminalization of Sayah's living on the land and the findings that these offenses carry prison sentences effectively criminalize dozens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Bedouin citizens with similar status in the land. There is reason to believe Sayah and his family have been singled out for enforcement action to the full extent of the law precisely because they have opted for a non-violent struggle for Bedouins' rights in the Negev. Throughout all legal proceedings taken against him Sayah has repeatedly expressed a strong public stance of determination and perseverance and shown he was prepared to pay the heavy cost of refusing to give up the fight. 
NCF will continue to support Sayah and his family in their just struggle.
If you wish to join us in support of Sheikh Sayah on the day of his imprisonment, please contact:
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