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NCF's Update from the Negev-Naqab

Stand up for the only shared Arab-Jewish space in the Negev-Naqab!

Photo by NCF staff members
After 15 years of promoting joint Arab-Jewish collaboration and running existing various activities together, we are forced by the Be'er Sheva Municipality to leave the space we had called home. 

We named this center the “Multaqa”, which means encounter or meeting point in Arabic, and there throughout the years we have built an encounter to generate knowledge, ask questions and intercultural dialogue between Jewish and Arab communities sharing the Naqab-Negev. Uniquely in the South, the Multaqa was the only place where lectures, film screenings and critical debates took place, all enabling the local population to share and broaden their perspectives on our shared and diverse society. Together we worked towards being a society that engages in finding common solutions to different obstacles endured mainly by the Arab Bedouin community.  

Sadly, we are at a point where we must say goodbye to the physical platform of such diverse and rich interactions. We would like to thank all those who organized and participated in this community during this last decade and a half.

Knowing that our community is mightier than the four walls, and despite the challenges, today we are positive that we will continue growing together down the road. For this reason,
today we are launching a crowdfunding campaign to reopen the Multaka

Help us make a change and win the struggle against censorship and the limitation of civil space!

Best wishes from NCF's staff and board members

Photo: Mrīfeh an-Nabārī, Tal ʿArād, 5.03.2020

On the eve of the upcoming Passover and Ramadan, we would like to wish a happy and healthy Passover to the celebrants and hope that the holiday will bring insights and thoughts to an shared society, hoping for a change of policy towards the Bedouin population of the Negev/Naqab.

Towards the eve of Passover and with the start of Ramadan in about two weeks, and a fourth round of elections, the reality in the Negev seems more complex than ever. Amid a global epidemic, and without an elected government, the human rights situation of the Bedouin Arab residents in the Negev has become even more vulnerable. Ironically and unfairly, the number of house demolitions in the Negev in 2020 reached the highest number historically. This is despite the Attorney General's order to reduce the demolition orders and the presence of the police in the Negev, in response to an urgent sent by NCF and other civil society organizations in a request to stop the demolitions during the pandemic.

The economic crisis has created severe difficulties still unresolved at a national level, that affected the Bedouin society deeply. This, mainly due to the denial of infrastructure and basic services on behalf of the State. Unemployment has raised significantly, and the state of the education is much more severe for the children of unrecognized villages compared to the rest of the country due to the lack of internet and electrical systems, that in addition to shortage in computers have make remote learning quite impossible. Although the academic year for nearly 142,000 children is lost, the State chooses to focus on repression and violence instead of responsibly investing on education and resources.

Together with this, we choose to continue to support the fair struggle of our Arab Bedouin partners and friends for real freedom and a dignified life for them and their children.

With wishes of health, Haia Noach, Executive Director


On February 22nd, a State operation of land ploughing of 2,800 dunams reached the villages of al-Ġarrah, Al-Ruʾays and Saʿwah. Residents of nearby villages and supporters participated in a demonstration, calling for recognition of their villages, and requesting the State to stop demolitions and ploughing of lands. 15 Bedouin citizens were arrested including a minor.
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Photos by Ella Gil from Sikkuy, Naqab, 22.2.2021

Full rights for Bedouin women

Donate and support Bedouin women

Sumud: Life and Resilience captured by Bedouin women

We are happy to share with you a video we produced summarizing the activities developed surrounding the 2020 exhibition
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An important accomplishment

We are pleased to share with you that the residents of the unrecognized village of Khašim Zannih have received the approval for a plan to build temporary portable structures for educational and other institutions, as a result to the work of Bimkon with the resudents. To continue reading please click here

Photo: Salam Abu-Khuti I Khašim Zannih, 4.1.2017