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Munich American Peace Committee (MAPC)

Visiting Gaza

16. May 2010 - 26. May 2010

The Armistice Line
No-go zone, high risk area, weapon stations

Whenever I was filming in the border region of Gaza, towers with superstructure that obviously had a function in supervising the border region became visible. Their exact function was not clear to me though. In August 2010 the UN published a report on the situation in Gaza (Between the fence and a hard place), in which these towers were mentioned. They are weapon stations.

Weapon station


One can find better resolved photos in the internet.
weapon station machine gun
weapon station                             remotely-controlled machine gun

The reach of these weapons has some significance insofar as the high risk zone at the end of 2008 was extended in an vague manner beyond the 300 m no-go zone, at some places apparently up to 1000 – 1500 m. On a map in the above-mentioned UN report this is indicated by two risk zones in different colors.

In July 2010 in the village Juhor Ad-Dik (which there was not much left of after the attack in 2008) located 400 m from the fence, a mother was killed as she was trying to save her two-year-old child during the firing of tank flechette granades and machine gun fire.
Juhor Ad-Dik