Palästina - Israel 

Der Friedensprozess 2013 - 2014(?)

Einige Übersichtartikel ab Anfang 2014
5.7.14 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "The secret fruits of the peace talks, a future point of departure?"
21.5.14 Haaretz Peter Beinart,"Kerry failure proves that cuddling Netanyahu doesn’t bring peace any closer"
16.5.14 Washington Post David Ignatius, "Why the Mideast peace process is in tatters"
13.5.14 Washington Post Jimmy Carter, "United Palestinian government may provide new opportunities for peace"
3.5.14 YNet Nahum Barnea, "Inside the talks' failure: US officials open up"
29.4.14 Haaretz Jack Khoury, "An end to peace talks, and early start to summer vacation"
29.4.14 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Middle East peace talks: Q&A"
29.4.14 New  York Times Michael R. Gordon, "Kerry Apologizes for Remark That Israel Risks Apartheid"
27.4.14 Daily Beast Josh Rogin, "Kerry Warns Israel Could Become ‘An Apartheid State’"
24.4.14 Guardian Ian Black, Peter Beaumont, Dan Roberts, "Israel suspends peace talks with Palestinians after Fatah-Hamas deal"
23.4.14 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "PLO and Hamas agree landmark pact"
22.4.14 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Israel will have to run Palestine if peace talks fail, Mahmoud Abbas warns"
18.4.14 Jerusalem Post Gil Hoffman, "Netanyahu loses majority for deal to extend talks with Palestinians"
14.4.14 The Nation Bob Dreyfuss, "Will Obama and Kerry Play Their High Cards Against Israeli Hardliners?"
10.4.14 Guardian Yoaz Hendel, "The Israeli-Palestinian peace process is dead, but there is a solution"
9.4.14 Guardian Ian Black, "John Kerry faces dilemma after latest Middle East impasse"
8.4.14 Politico Brzezinski, Carlucci, Hamilton, Hills, Pickering, Siegman, "Stand Firm, John Kerry"
3.4.14 Ma'an Ma'an, "Heated Jerusalem peace talks end in impasse"
2.4.14 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Palestinian statehood bid may derail Middle East peace process"
5.3.14 New York Times Editorial, "Israel’s Choice"
2.3.14 Bloomberg Jeffrey Goldberg, "Obama to Israel -- Time Is Running Out"
2.3.14 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "U.S. pessimistic Israeli-Palestinian framework deal can be reached by end of March"
28.2.14 Guardian Ian Black, "John Kerry's plans to resolve Israel-Palestine conflict will not run smoothly"
27.2.14 New York Times Mark Landler, "Shrugging Off Past Setbacks, Obama Plans Personal Role in Middle East Peace Bid"
31.1.14 Guardian Paul Lewis, Harriet Sherwood, "John Kerry in final push to disprove cynics on Middle East peace deal"