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Visiting Gaza

A report on a visit to Gaza during the time of May 16, 2010 to May 26, 2010

by Peter Voss

German Version of report

day by day account

Three videos with interviews are part of the report.

Interview on the water situation in Gaza with
Rebhy A. El Sheikh
Deputy Chairman of the Palestinian Water Authority
video part 1 and part 2 (19 minutes), transcript

(in German) on the situation of the building sector with
Prof. Shafik M. Jendia
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the Islamic University of Gaza
(subtitled video, translation text)

(in German) on  the situation of the health sector with
Dr. Yussef El Modalal
Director General of the Diwan of the Ministry of Health
(subtitled video, translation text)

day by day account
supplemented by videos without comment

part 1,
part 2
May 16 -  May 18 (morning (video1), Beit Lahiya, (video2) )
part 3
May 18 (afternoon, Al Mughraqa, Al Bureij, An Nuseirat (video3))
part 4
May 19 -  May 20 (Khuza'a, Khan Yunis, Rafah (video4))
part 5
May 21 (Beit Hanoun, Al-Karama Street, Rafah, Gaza City, (video5))
part 6
May 22 - May 23
(Islamic University, Rafah crossing, Gaza City harbor (video6))

part 7
May 24 - May 26
(children's camp, boys' school, psychosocial center, bike tour (video7))

content of supplemental videos